Anti-drug Abuse Day

June 26th is marked as Anti-drug abuse day. Drug abuse is a serious threat to personal Health as well as that of society . Young People who took to drugs usually will be finding all sorts of ways to procure it, its common know how. But the after effects of drugs are very disabling and its effects cannot be removed even after rehab has been provided. When we read the drug addicts account which still more common in west, survivors lead a very pitiable life; maybe publishing such stories in one’s school curriculum may discourage young adults to try it, I suppose.
Homoeopathically also this task is quite challenging; at times youngsters are still searching reasons to go back to their original exhilarating moment. The most frightening side effects are not withstanding they may go back to their habits for a moment of ecstasy. Since drug abuse is not dynamic disease except that craving part of it. It can be modified to some extent if the person is willing to quit the habit; yet Homoeopathy has to fight a tough battle to overcome the effects of this poison.
Few cases have been treated with success in this clinic but the unwillingness of youngsters to quit the Habit was tough to handle. One boy of nineteen years with cannabis habit came to me to treat his nerve wrecking nightmares. He took treatment with an oath that he will not take drugs again. After few months his symptoms started recurring, but he simply stated to me, “Doc, it’s even not an addiction like smoking; I can leave it whenever I want”. I have heard this lame excuse very often. But smoking kills the person, drugs and alcohol destroy the very strata of our society is it not. Why you should get into such an issue which is unproductive, which kills your life sap as well as health resources. For that adrenaline rush you can join some adventure sports isn’t it?
Also some say it’s easily available in corner shops just like other tobacco products and I suggest Peer pressure should only be considered for positive things. Not to blame others for our weaknesses and timely help should be sought with commitment. After all it’s your life.
A man of about 30 years got treatment for his sleeplessness and acidity after few weeks he narrated to me that he used to take drugs in his young age, but now he is completely out of it. Ah! That provided the cliche, treated on this basis it got settled; but treatment for Infertility was not continued due to his personal reasons.
In another case patient had severe Asthma which got better only after I got to know that he uses drugs. But there is that sleeplessness and nightmares running through the aftermath of drug abuse which devastates the person and cannot be treated traditionally. Even infertility or sterility, excess tiredness, lack of interest in day today affairs amounting to depression apart from worsening of existing troubles is caution for all young Turks to steer away from this devastating habit, I guess. Two swords cannot be in one Anvil so as; bad habit as well as Focus on achievements cannot go hand in hand. So Choose Life and get that, ‘FEEL UP’ by achieving something unattainable. It is both delightful as well as makes your Mark in the society isn’t it? Have a joyous week ahead
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Hair Care Naturally

5984582-portrait-of-beautiful-woman-with-beauty-and-creative-straight-long-hairs-on-a-white-backgroundHair care
In my previous blog about hair care I did not cover many aspects as not to make it very lengthy. On specific requests of my patients here I want to provide an insight about this; Head lice or parasitic infestations, very common in school kids. If you think it’s due to unhygienic conditions it’s a partial truth. Usually boys are not infested because they do not have such tendency altogether. So, unhygienic conditions added up to the real tendency or weakness so to say of the child.
I read somewhere that the reason for kids in UK for lack of attendance is mainly because of Lice Infestation you will astonished, right? So do I. This is proof that cleanliness or nutrition alone cannot treat the problem its cause lies much deeper. Children with tubercular tendencies or diagnosed for primary complex in childhood are more prone to severe infections. So, treating the root cause by Homoeopathy constitutionally is first step in eradicating the menace. Also children with Psychological troubles or who are depressed may need good care and attention. Even you may have observed bed wetting in such cases.
But practically no external medicine can clean heads. Home remedies like Neem, camphor may give temporary relief but also may cause red irritated eyes, feverishness etc. Be careful to note these if not can carry on these treatments. Usually proprietary medicines are very strong chemicals and may damage hairs or even suppress with some other manifestation like lack of appetite or unattributed weight gain. So, constitutional therapy is the best solution.
To remove nits it’s another big ordeal and experts suggest thick oils like castor oil, Til oil or Neem oil along with Badam oil and or olive oil; together or singly massaging after warming it up to bubbles appear and combing with lice combs may help. But combing with lice removal comb; of the wet dripping hair is best bet. Don’t do all on single day phase it out.
Abhyangana’ or oil head bath is a refreshing, rejuvenating which can be included once a week with above said oils warmed and massaged on hair roots along with whole body .
Dandruff is another big issue of teenagers. You will be aware of the causes like pollution excess oiliness of hairs so on and so forth. Yet you may not know it could be due to some constitutional conditions as well. Even if very severe it may be some sort of skin problem. Instead of using anti dandruff shampoos which are very strong chemicals which will lead to hair fall as well as whitening of hairs get treatment for base cause.
It is also major reason for pimples but hygiene is also crucial in battling it out. To wash hairs at least twice in a week maybe once with mild herbal shampoo and once with shikakai or soap nut powder: again washing all hair related objects like brush, comb, bands and pillow covers is very important. As stated in my previous blog Nat Mur 6x and or kali mur 6x will help to reduce dandruff and hair fall.
Thinning or hair is due to some constitutional issue or due to usage of chemical based harsh shampoos. Using conditioners is also essential or else home-made green tea based conditioner or Amla boiled water can be used. Hairs should be combed softly with broad teethed comb its common know how but if you use wooden comb (not sharp edged) much better. Mehendi mixed with shikakai will not impart any color but conditions hair and has cooling effect.
Going natural or non-chemical way for perming and other fashioning of hair may not be convenient but surely healthy. Losing one’s health for fads is not prudent but achieving it in a healthy way is really cool, is it not?
So, don’t go for natural seeming marketing gimmicks which claim to have essence (‘Guna’ in Hindi) of herbs which may actually synthetic look alike better check reality; use home- made or from reliable sources and use it. Have a smart week ahead.


What’s your description of Health


Health is most talked about: yet not understood by all. Each person has his own set of views about his health maybe compensated according to his constrains or outrageous in a few, especially teens but not confined to them alone. I feel amused when a set of people are so much giving importance to trivia’s like running nose or an inconspicuous rash and people who cannot afford Ignore major life threatening signals and carry on day to day activity!
My intention here is to make one aware of one’s priorities in Life and essential Health status achieved accordingly. One girl will say,” if I reduce ten kilos my Health will be optimal”, is it so? If you are getting into some sort of Show biz, then your weight and looks will be most essential. Otherwise it will be absurd to keep unachievable targets just to feel good, instead you can…

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International Yoga Day


 This is just beginning of a celestial path. Yoga practiced in any level  is beneficial; that is to say Just as an exercise as overall Health quotient improvement tool or as a path to salvation it never lets you down. It benefits according to your own efforts put in.

   Deviations in Health are manifold. It could be acute in nature like infectious diseases Chicken pox, Typhoid, Malaria etc or Chronic in nature which are dynamic disorders which cannot be controlled by life style or modification in diet and regimen as well as by strong suppressants. One more type of ‘disorders’ are mechanical in nature that includes foreign bodies inside the body like poisons; injuries, drowning, harsh climatic conditions as well as Life style related problems.

Our times is mostly burdened by life style oriented disorders that’s common knowledge. But Yoga could be  most important rescuer in these conditions that is also every body is in know how of. But what is advantage of yoga is not only regaining old energy, weight loss or general improvement of health it also improves one’s psychological well being. If you are at ease and not dis-eased your temper will be malleable, you are quick and agile automatically it contributes to one’s efficiency and confidence,is it not.

Its not that people who do yoga and meditation never suffer from Acute or chronic diseases. They do suffer from deviations of health but their immunity and threshold of bearing suffering is very high.I have seen people coming to me stating I do yoga ,walk regularly : stress levels are manageable, my lifestyle is as good as it could be what are the chances of myself getting Heart attack? I will say ” Your familial history counts , since your risks are very less you can prevent major Health setbacks with the help of Homoeopathy.” Pain is inevitable but suffering is subjective and can be reduced by one’s mind power. And Yoga can boost that power.

Real Health Insurance can be regular yoga practice and if you just do few counts of SURYANAMASKAR especially in sunlight it could bring on amazing benefits to one’s health. Doctors also will be happy that you are  getting enough Vitamin D, plus Suryanamaskar includes each and every muscle stretch as well as flex which is a concise exercise regimen. Its unfortunate that people judge without knowing the reality.

Even If you desist exercising or too lazy to get into yoga or whatever it will not go down into annals of  history as any achievement,nor it’s a loss for yoga. But if you begin any amount of exercising according to your bodily nature as well as requirements and better do yoga regularly which is most advanced form of exercising with Mind, body:spirit upliftment it surely counts in your future. You will surely be happy for taking this step whatever your age might be.

  Congratulations for celebrations world wide on the World yoga Day. Its surely moment of pride and honor for being an Indian. Bye have a great yogic week ahead.

Yoga and more

On the occasion of World Yoga day


21089986-man-silhouette-doing-yoga-in-old-temple-at-orange-sunset-sky-backgroundA woman of 30 complained of incessant hair fall. All usual remedies did not help a bit and on further probing I came to know about her tumultuous past with a fever for one month but more importantly taking poison in an unsuccessful bid to end her life. So, that was the clue, I treated the effects of poisoning which was about 5-6 years by now; also it had led to gastric troubles and other innumerable minor sort of issues. With Homoeopathy and good talks normalcy restored. She brought in few of her acquaintances and was cheerful meaning she had figured out the purpose of her existence.

Homoeopathy is a healing art and science of Therapeutics meaning it gives respite in cases of deviations of Health where our core energy is disturbed. But Homoeopaths work does not end with prescribing medicines since it’s an art of regaining not only lost…

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Careers and More



A girl of seventeen has very irregular periods. Another Girl was on Insulin while writing her Plus two Exams which got normalised after that. This girl always gets severe Wheeze which cripples her during her exams that is from tenth standard onwards. This boy has severe wheezing and takes leave often which makes him academically a non-achiever. This boy of thirteen has severe abdomen pain before going to school especially before exams.
Do these real, yet regular teenage problems ring a bell? Is this only case specific as Doctors may suggest or something else is the underlying cause?
Believe it or not all teens who seek Medical help have very high, performance oriented stress and are not able to cope with them. This is because of their Parents and Peer pressure as well. It is not the stress, that good one you experience before a stage show or participating…

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Teen Talk

add on to my newpost


Boy of seventeen came inside my consulting room with his mother. Just you can understand on seeing him how much he is bored about coming to a Doctor.  On enquiry he will just stare; only his mother answers. I usually try to talk to them those subjects they will be fond of. All boys think Doctors are boring and will be advising relentlessly, only one girl behaved likewise. But they warm up to subjects they may like to talk about. Usually it is Career for boys and beauty tips ;hair related issues for both of them.

Prejudice or fixed mind-set is innate to teens and it’s a tough nail. That air/attitude about them angers adults and will puncture their egos. But considering Teens as equal to Adults is dangerous mistake. It’s tough but after all he/she is our child is it not. We cannot be ruthless. So, being

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