You or Me

11046485_1541147246167691_3603445001390996486_nWhen the call finally came to tell me that I am ‘in’ for the ‘Neeya Naana’ debate show on Star Vijay, I felt excited. Still, they were in need of People who provide counselling and not a medical doctor; had a doubt whether I am a bit out of place for the show. Logically I am ‘in’ because they needed people who took up ‘counselling’ out of interest  and not studied Psychology basically but later added to their actual profession ; those ‘others’ on the bandwagon.

Mine is a different story, being a Homoeopath my job requires counselling at all levels. So, I studied all available texts on Psychology and practiced it, sometimes exclusively as well, at my Clinic, I fit the bill is it not?

The studio and sets didn’t seem surreal but the Man behind the show is really congenial and gained our appreciation instantly. The host seemed to have an ‘Air’ around him which is admissible considering his Pan global presence wherever Tamilians are found.

Atmosphere being exuberant and after a Pleasant intro; the debate went awry being lenient towards Public. They shot weird questions but the gist being the very Necessity of this Profession. For me it seemed they all are from Utopian world and forgetting the ground realities. It is also true that professionals in general are engrossed in their own so much so that they lack co-ordination and are ill equipped to face direct questions. Few of us are not good presenters or orators, mostly we could not figure out what our Host wants from us.

But few areas were our comfort zones and Public gave a verdict on our side. When it was my turn it went upbeat; surprisingly I gave apt answers to the queries of public and got appreciation from my colleagues as well as the host. But my joy of presenting our sided views comprehensively did not last long as one of the guest from Public arena bombarded us with all varieties’ of accusations like being corporate puppets and pushing counselling for monetary gains. Their main concern was targeting small kids and disciplining in the name of counselling. It could be detrimental for the kids and may segregate them from their peers, being the main argument. Although it appears correct, Psychologists alone cannot be blamed for this, it should be taken case to case, since over generalization does not help, right?

Again it seemed too much for all of us since to my knowledge all on our side had taken to this Counselling for personal fulfilments rather than monetary gains. People who organise seminars for corporates or for kids with big promises weren’t  seemed to be there on our side and it was like bashing the pupils who are present in the class in the name of pupils, the actual culprits who are absent; yet are let off!

After this cyclone seemed subsiding and we started to gain our lost ground the second blasting begun by a so called Psychologist himself from other side. In fact I did not get what’s on his mind but he got emotional and scored points over us. At the end we were left bruised not able to figure out what he really meant.

One of our colleagues came up with splendid explanation about Psychology and the profession and it helped I think. Somehow after angry exchanges and fire flies reconciliation by our host who oft repeated ‘Public are likewise, you have to answer them anyway’. Still we were aghast how our host allowed so much of emotional hostility towards us besides asking all of us to be calm.

The summative assessment on the part of Psychiatrist was pleasing as it was balanced. Yet I kept wondering how come a Psychiatrist, whose profession alone based on uncertainty which is also termed as ‘Abnormal Psychology’ can take stand on a profession whose scientific nature, is in question. Even in Psychology or Psychiatry and other non- exact Sciences where mind and abstract forms are involved Materialistic theories does not hold ground.

Yet their contribution to human health is profound. They all talked about Freud but not equally important Jung was amusing for me.

When our host asked us which books you read to keep abreast with the present times most of us shied away. The only soul pinching memory of this whole thing is I missed my opportunity to tell my host that I read pub-Med, Elsevier as well as Psych central articles and scientific research papers online which connect Psychology and neurology. I delved too much upon books and blame it on my exhausted state due to long shoot.

All is well that ends well and am happy of be part of this sort of eye opening debate if you take it so. But wait has to see the true colors on screen to know what is left after cuts, fingers crossed.