Homoeopathy and Allopathic systems of medicines; the incomparable paradox.

Key words: Principles- Poles apart, different Planes, Materialistic versus Dynamic, incongruent comparison.


“We must admit that we have never fought the homeopath on matters of principle. We  Fought them because they came into our community and got the business.”

Dr. J.N. McCormack, AMA, 1903(1)

“It has never occurred to us that the very mode of reasoning which we have taken for granted may itself be a barrier toward a real understanding of the Phenomena of life.”

These are the words of renowned Edward .C.Whitmont an Allopathically trained Psychotherapist who was contemporary and student of Carl.G.Jung. “The Concept of Causality namely linear association of cause and effect….. has always been an unquestioned logical category in scientific work(2).

Causality is the relationship between causes and effects. It is considered to be fundamental to all natural science, especially physics. Confusion of causality and determinism (exactness) is particularly acute in quantum mechanics, this theory being Acausal in the sense that it is unable in many cases to identify the causes of actually observed effects or to predict the effects of identical causes.(3) So, cause is not in line with effect, it varies.

Thus, the linearity of his mechanical expectations prohibited Planck from having a mechanical explanation. This is why he had to resort to Boltzmann’s probabilistic arguments. Planck when faced with roadblock in his experimentations upon black bodies, instead of abandoning the theory that it no more comes under classical Physics; he embraced an entirely different thought to accommodate non-linear motions of Electrons. .”(4) It was neither by experiment nor by standards of Physics but only on Observations of natural occurrences which got endorsed by Einstein as well.

In a 1909 article entitled “The Scientific Reasonableness of Homeopathy” by Royal S. Copeland, A.M., M.D.  he states:

“. . a chemical, technically an electrolyte, when dissolved, is dissociated into parts or particles smaller than the atoms and known as ions. The more dilute the solution the greater is the dissociation and consequently the atoms are less in number and the ions increased. In a solution infinitely dilute, the dissociation is absolute and the chemical is present only in a state of ionization.”(5)

If you don’t believe that properties of the solute remain in solvents diluted beyond the presumed limit, make the assays for ionic concentration, i.e. do the tests to identify homeopathic remedies ionic concentration tests as against plain water!

But Homoeopaths are not accepted when they prove it anything but on allopathic standards. As The Washington Post reported that the two most contentious topics in the Western world are Jesus Christ and Homeopathy; (6) Why all Medical Sceptics are still stuck in reductionist view of Galen, who saw Human body as entities related to each other. What stops them from realizing the truth? We are not asking for ‘conversions’ but only acceptance of our work or at least leave us to work in peace.

The truth is even though Allopaths have advanced enormously in dissecting human body into thinnest slices virtually; they still cannot even cure completely a simple Allergic Rhinitis. All true Practioners know that Allergies grow into Bronchial Asthma in their care so few of good intentioned Doctors suggest to try Alternative therapies off the record to their Patients.

Scientific Laws: Scientists postulate that the basic laws of the universe are unchangeable, and through observation and experimentation, humans determine the validity of their beliefs to better understand the nature of reality. (7)

The four steps of the scientific method are,

  1. Observation of a phenomenon:

In Homoeopathy, that is ‘Likes cure likes’ or Nature’s Law of Cure,’ Similia Similibus Curantur’.

  1. Formulation of a hypothesis:

Let the like substances for each disease picture found in nature be explored and applied to cure those maladies.

  1. Prediction of future outcomes or other phenomena:

This was accomplished by Dr. Hahnemann by carefully evaluating all olden medical Data and compiling which circumstances lead to cure. For example if a stronger dissimilar force meets natural disease it suspends natural disease until its strength wanes off, again natural disease progresses as before. This is the way Allopathic prescriptions work. Anti-pyretic for fever, Analgesics for Pains, so on and so forth.

Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1798. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox. This could be the best example of Nature’s Law of Cure. (Wiki) Edward Jenner was contemporary of Dr.Hahnemann and he endorsed Jenner’s cow pox vaccine. (Organon 6th edition.page.no.130/131 f.note 47)

Unfortunately, Contrary to this Polio Vaccine did not work like wise, though its prepared from diluted Polio Virus; not similar but same substance, it has lots of side effects and a link has been found between the vaccine and increase in the number of cases of ‘Acute Flaccid Paralysis’ (AFP)as the report dated Dec 4th 2015, suggests in National daily ‘The Hindu.’ (8) It has been clearly demonstrated in the above mentioned study that Polio is swapped by AFP.

  1. Experimentation to test the validity of the predictions:

The Famous experiment where Hahnemann himself took the decoction of cinchona bark and got all the characteristics of Malarial fever. It’s an open challenge anyone can redo this experiment and check the results.  An example of this Natural Law is China’s alkaloid quinine; which cures Malaria even today.

Interestingly I read an article by a sceptic claiming Hippocrates did not suggest ‘Law of Similars ’. Yet that critique clearly showed how Hippocrates operated in the lines of ‘Similia’…Some people think that ‘homoios’ and ‘autos’ merely means ‘fitting’, ‘of the same kind’.so the first quote above merely says that cause and remedy belong to the same class. If the cause is ‘too hot or too cold’, the remedy must be of the same kind; wounds however need surgical treatment and the result of wrong food should be solved by diet.”(Skepsis)  (9)Hippocrates was not a Homeopath _ Stichting Skepsis.html)

Indeed this is what Homoeopathy is all about, it is of ‘same kind’ or similar, not ‘same thing’ like a vaccine. This skeptic still provides good examples of Hippocrates applying Homoeopathic principles based on his own experiences, it’s just a tread of knowledge; but could not develop it into a Medical thought, which later Dr.Hahnemann did. It also led to the discovery of Homoeopathic ‘Operacy’ by him meaning that natural Law tamed to work for Humanity unlike accidental happy go lucky cures.

Dr Hahnemann has set clear cut Premise for Homoeopathic principles application. It is for naturally occurring diseases or ‘Dynamic’ in nature, in new age terminology “Genetic”, as well as Immunological Issues. Other problems have to be treated accordingly like Diet and regime, Hygiene or Physiotherapy.

“Only in the most Urgent cases, where danger of life and imminent death allow no time for the action of a Homoeopathic remedy-….scarcely minutes-…..in sudden accident occurring to previously healthy individuals, for example Asphyxia,…it is admissible and judicious at all events…to stimulate irritability and sensibility….for there is no natural diseases to be removed…..to this category belongs antidotes to poisonings, alkalis to mineral acids….pg.152,. Organon of Medicine., by Dr.Hahnemann.

Dr.Hahnemann’s good old friend Dr.Hufeland one of the best critique as well as earliest Sceptic whose contribution to Homoeopathy is enormous; mockingly said that it only removes symptoms and not disease. This alone prompted Hahnemann to search for “cure model”, for the genetically oriented disorders or so called Soil/Miasma the base Nature of the Individual. This led to the disease classification as

 Acute diseases: caused by external elements infectious in nature like Fevers and other life threatening diseases, usually self-limiting ones. Infections can be overcome by increased Immunity due to Homoeopathy, but each case is decided on its merits.

Chronic diseases which have a long course; no imminent threat to life except in acute flare ups, but will neither subside nor rectified on their own and are carried over to their off springs. Homoeopathy is most suitable for diseases of this nature where Allopathy usually removes symptoms but diseases are progressive.

Though our newest  Sceptic , Dr.Venkaraman Ramakrishnan a man of repute, unfortunately is ill informed and has based his allegations on hearsay which itself is against scientific spirit. (10)Whether our Nobel Laureate is proving what Edward De bono suggests,”You can be a thinker without being an intellectual. Indeed many intellectuals are not particularly good thinkers.” He did not compare within  two Medical  thoughts like Homoeopathy and Herbal therapies , he took a safe bet like Astrology and Homoeopathy both which  are not on a fight back mode.

Do not jump to the conclusion that these new skeptics who call themselves “TAM-Truth about Alternative Medicines” are well armoured with knowledge, before rubbishing Homoeopathy unlike their older counterparts. They haven’t done any Homework they just sit on the panels use cheap tactics like ridiculing, rejecting evidence provided without examining and hate speech. They are worried of immense popularity about which they themselves unswervingly supply data and think millions of people who take Homoeopathy are fools and are beyond salvaged.

They just argue that, “….. it’s unfortunate; that millions are using it; say even Medical as well as University Students are catching up with it.”(11)  A good Thinker will be aghast to note, so much of venom spilled against a Medical Therapeutic system which has survived only due to patronage of Common Man for centuries; why is it so?  Is it a terrorist outfit? There is lot more to it than just cynicism.

Even when Dr. Bellare of IIT.,Mumbai, said Homoeopathic dilutions have Nano particles it was ridiculed citing  it may be due to contamination since dilutions were procured from Local Shop as against manufactured under stringent conditions. (12)

Thanks for the Sceptics; attacks on Homoeopathy have trigged a chain reaction in Homoeopathic fraternity which has produced enormous Data about Scientifics of Homoeopathy by Non Homoeopathic Scientists which is good for us as well as our Patrons.

“It is not… That some people do not know what to do with truth when it is offered to them,

But the tragic fate is to reach, after patient search, a condition of mind-blindness, in which

The truth is not recognized, though it stares you in the face.” Sir William Osler, physician,



The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ― Hippocrates.

So, our exponentially growing Client base as well as Homoeopaths should carry on our commendable work for the betterment of All of us.

“I’m a science journalist. I don’t celebrate science; I criticize it, because science needs critics more than cheerleaders. I point out gaps between scientific hype and reality. That keeps me busy, because, as you know, most peer-reviewed scientific claims are wrong”, says John Horgan(13) in Scientific American journal. So he himself claims he treats the skeptics skeptically. But as he suggests let the world be harsher on mammograms and Wars but don’t be soft on Homoeopathy we need our critiques to push us to move forward.And dialogues and healthy debates are always welcome.

One of my Patient reacted “Allopaths says don’t go to Homoeopathy and you say don’t go to Allopathy….”. I said “We never ever ask an emergency case to stop allopathic or come to us alone as we are here to help our Patients to get maximum health benefits. We  are not in a cat fight with any system because our Plane of action is totally unparalleled.


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Patients whom I dislike

Type of Patients I dislike?
Well, it’s a tricky question! Or is it?
Patients or Clients as they are termed in Western countries come to Doctors for varied reasons. Clients can be
 Open type who give required information on inquiry or
 closed types who never want to reveal any facts or
 talkative, never ending chit chatters or
 methodical tell me each detail about treatments taken until now with all minutest details of dosage , or
 denying type who want to show their own knowledge or
 Too fussy asking too many questions without waiting for answers; even after clearing all of their doubts still doubtful.
 Some are hypochondriac or imagine they could have each of the disease they hear about
 but most recent addition is of cyperchondriacs-who search details on internet and treatment provided for it and experiment on their own. These patients could be fussy as well as endanger their own prospects of getting cured by too much of medication, I must warn here.
In my practice I see those who just want clarification but no medicines.
Those who need only medicines and magical cure but no advice!
Those need only a friendly adviser who is non-judgemental third party.
Those really need to improve their health as a whole as well as cement a lasting bonding with their Doctor.
I usually figure out in one or two sittings what’s their need and conduct myself accordingly. Yet few Patients do not realize that being friendly does not allow them to take me for granted or talk incessantly at busy hours. Though their purpose is just to confirm what they have already decided and not to change their minds, they still carry on.
Few are too concerned about me and will not say they are not feeling any better. They think it may offend me; but it won’t. My job is to fix the problem and being honest and telling that medicine did not work will lead to a more suitable medicine, that’s all. All Homoeopaths will appreciate it I guess. It’s better than start searching for a new Doctor both for the patient and for the Doctor is it not?
Few have something else on their minds. Their important complaint which usually will be cosmetic one which is cured mostly in the end of the whole treatment course, may not be that important issue for their Health. For example few worry incessantly about a dark spot on face but not so worried about Thyroid issue. If Doctor says it will fade away after 1-2 months, not convinced but ignore to take Thyroid medicines as prescribed.
They should understand as well as trust the Doctor and stop interfering in the on-going treatment with other Doctor’s prescriptions or over the counter drugs. Patient should be ‘Patient’ is it not? Mostly they hide facts which are still more dangerous.
Few patient’s forget that Doctor had asked for follow-up to solve the Problem completely which cannot be done when acute symptoms were present like wheezing with fever, loose motions so on and so forth. They remember again when real problem arises and sometimes it may become very tough to treat at that point of time. So, following Doctors advice is very important, and should not think of money or time.
Honestly; tell me, is curing abdomen pain due to kidney stones with three months medicines worth it or going for surgery saying no time to see the Doctor, will be better? Is it not like that adage ”using axe to cut which needed a finger nail” You may have to shell thousands of rupees plus pain and other troubles for a life time inclusive, is it not?
Last but not the least Doctors have their own importance in their life’s so judging Doctors on their Ideals is as bad as getting judged by them in turn. It’s a relationship of trust, mutual respect and includes service mindedness. Thinking that since I pay him, Doctor should attend me at my own timings or convenience does not suit is it not? It’s true that few Doctors nowadays do not seem to sense the feelings or urgency of their Patients; yet they are also humans.
Now the let me come to the Heading of this article. Honestly, why I should dislike any of them? In reality I like each one my of Patients. I like all of them because they have trusted me to mend their problems and given me an opportunity to serve them. Closest friend or a kin may be having very good personal relationship with me, but may not trust me in health issues is it not? So, all of them are adorable.
Especially those Cute little tots are my favorite. They just pull me out of sadness or regular weariness. Few of my Patients will tell me about new trends or just share random information. During psychotherapy my emotional burdens will be reduced and will discover so many shades of life; will be filled with gratitude about Life.
Moreover I Judge none of them. They share their personal things with me just for getting help to solve their problems, Doctors are only allowed to help not to judge or comment on somebody’s personal choices, is it not? This is the most respected profession even today not only because it requires high levels of perseverance and skills but also in that process we touch so many life’s and its very tough to carry on without our benefactors who have given us huge responsibility. Let me strive to fulfill it. Have a happy week ahead.

Acne is not just a Skin trouble

Acne is a inflammatory condition of skin due to blockage of oil secreting glands upon the skin. It can be super added with infection which leads to pus formation and in the end to scar formation.

Although Teens are more prone to Pimples, it can be seen in any age group undergoing turmoil in their Hormones. As everyone is aware it can be due to Pollution, dandruff,(vide:Hair care and homoeopathy.) lack o3, eating too much of Junk food so on and so forth. Yet few people without much contribution from their side may have Acne. Severe at times and not clearing off with all the creams or medicines they receive.

Acne is not just skin issue and applying any amount of costly creams is of little use. Sometimes this strong chemical based creams or still worse steroidal preparations may suppress Acne and lead to menstrual irregularities, weight gain, dullness or memory issues. So beware, if your treatment gets costlier or vigorous more likely that you are landing in overall health problem.

Mr.M, aged 21, medical student, had severe pimples, spreading down to his back since 3-4 years not yielding to any sort of treatment.Also, black marks remained after it subsided. He is a very shy type of person and did not make constant eye contact. After thorough case taking it I came to know that he had chicken pox recently and Acne got triggered after this. It’s a common knowledge that chicken pox in teens is a bit of worrisome and it usually leave behind scars or some sort of skin issues. After treatment for the same his skin became normal and respiratory problem got solved. Actually his confidence levels improved and he was able to conduct according his profession.

It’s true that due to Acne, young Adults become low self-esteemed; it’s a constant burden on their mind that they are Ugly. It is fuelled by Ad makers who promise quick fix solutions. Little known Psycho dynamics is Teens may feel very shy and ill-fit among their friends which can actually cause Pimples. It is a Stress->Acne->stress; vicious cycle.

To break the cycle conscious efforts should be taken to build upon their strengths if no other health issues are present. That way Homoeopathy can help in rectifying health problems, help them to prevent recurrent pimples and to improve self-confidence as well.

Apart from clean hands and washing face to remove accumulated dust or soon after getting up in morning with Plain water yes I repeat plain water or mild  soaps can help, not touching or handling the pimple is very Important. Surprisingly applying coconut or Til oil to face with gentle massaging and removing oil with towel soaked in hot water gently is a very effective way to get rid of excess oil and hydrating the skin.

Calendula Q one to two drops in one litre of water and rinse the face before going to bed and pat dry it helps o clear off the scars and black marks. The same can be tried with Berberis aquafolium Q, Echinacea Q also. Calcarea sulph 6x, Kali Sulph 6x or Kali brom 6x daily one pill for one week can reduce pimples. Yet visit to a Homoeopath first is more appropriate.

Hair Care Naturally

5984582-portrait-of-beautiful-woman-with-beauty-and-creative-straight-long-hairs-on-a-white-backgroundHair care
In my previous blog about hair care I did not cover many aspects as not to make it very lengthy. On specific requests of my patients here I want to provide an insight about this; Head lice or parasitic infestations, very common in school kids. If you think it’s due to unhygienic conditions it’s a partial truth. Usually boys are not infested because they do not have such tendency altogether. So, unhygienic conditions added up to the real tendency or weakness so to say of the child.
I read somewhere that the reason for kids in UK for lack of attendance is mainly because of Lice Infestation you will astonished, right? So do I. This is proof that cleanliness or nutrition alone cannot treat the problem its cause lies much deeper. Children with tubercular tendencies or diagnosed for primary complex in childhood are more prone to severe infections. So, treating the root cause by Homoeopathy constitutionally is first step in eradicating the menace. Also children with Psychological troubles or who are depressed may need good care and attention. Even you may have observed bed wetting in such cases.
But practically no external medicine can clean heads. Home remedies like Neem, camphor may give temporary relief but also may cause red irritated eyes, feverishness etc. Be careful to note these if not can carry on these treatments. Usually proprietary medicines are very strong chemicals and may damage hairs or even suppress with some other manifestation like lack of appetite or unattributed weight gain. So, constitutional therapy is the best solution.
To remove nits it’s another big ordeal and experts suggest thick oils like castor oil, Til oil or Neem oil along with Badam oil and or olive oil; together or singly massaging after warming it up to bubbles appear and combing with lice combs may help. But combing with lice removal comb; of the wet dripping hair is best bet. Don’t do all on single day phase it out.
Abhyangana’ or oil head bath is a refreshing, rejuvenating which can be included once a week with above said oils warmed and massaged on hair roots along with whole body .
Dandruff is another big issue of teenagers. You will be aware of the causes like pollution excess oiliness of hairs so on and so forth. Yet you may not know it could be due to some constitutional conditions as well. Even if very severe it may be some sort of skin problem. Instead of using anti dandruff shampoos which are very strong chemicals which will lead to hair fall as well as whitening of hairs get treatment for base cause.
It is also major reason for pimples but hygiene is also crucial in battling it out. To wash hairs at least twice in a week maybe once with mild herbal shampoo and once with shikakai or soap nut powder: again washing all hair related objects like brush, comb, bands and pillow covers is very important. As stated in my previous blog Nat Mur 6x and or kali mur 6x will help to reduce dandruff and hair fall.
Thinning or hair is due to some constitutional issue or due to usage of chemical based harsh shampoos. Using conditioners is also essential or else home-made green tea based conditioner or Amla boiled water can be used. Hairs should be combed softly with broad teethed comb its common know how but if you use wooden comb (not sharp edged) much better. Mehendi mixed with shikakai will not impart any color but conditions hair and has cooling effect.
Going natural or non-chemical way for perming and other fashioning of hair may not be convenient but surely healthy. Losing one’s health for fads is not prudent but achieving it in a healthy way is really cool, is it not?
So, don’t go for natural seeming marketing gimmicks which claim to have essence (‘Guna’ in Hindi) of herbs which may actually synthetic look alike better check reality; use home- made or from reliable sources and use it. Have a smart week ahead.


Tobocco in all forms is injurious

DSC02514Today is anti-Tobacco day and we speak about this for a day or two and forget about it. Still Film stars glorify it for their own cause and we find excuses to smoke or take tobacco in any form. But the fact remains it is most hazardous to ones health and also major reason for Sterility or infertility in both male as well as females. If a would be mother smokes chances of baby born with deformities is manifold and alas our misconceptions about  liberty of womanhood-  a much hyped topic; can lead to injustice to future of our mankind.

I do not want to elaborate on known facts but Homoeopathic treatment for few months can help to reduce the effects of Tobacco and help to beget children. But no short cuts treatment should be complete with abstinence of tobacco, correct usage of medicines after case taking by a qualified Homoeopath and healthy life style.

Tobacco -Heart has been successfully treated for symptoms and even blocks in the arteries, were reduced but it takes months to years. Moreover in cases that need immediate operation Homoeopathy helps for smooth pre and Post operative care. Easy healing of the wound early recovery post surgery are few benefits of allowing Homoeopathic medicines to be used before and after shifting to the wards post-Surgery.

In a case of a Man of 65 years with 70-80% blocks in three of major vessels who is a chronic smoker, Diabetic for more than two decades Hypertensive, developed Hypothyroidism of late; had Bypass surgery but recovered in record time. His wounds healed even earlier to another non-diabetic patient  in his ward; with Calendula 6 before he got admitted also continued after returning home, helped him.Even his Sodium deficiency kept under control by potentized Sodium Chloride that is Natrum Muriaticum 6x. 

In another case of Multiple disorders due to chronic smoking in a Man of 57 years, I had to prescribe multiple drugs for each trouble. After two years he came back to me complaining of  severe Nose bleed. Hospitalization did relieve for a while but it petrified him,  he was helped in most of complaints along side of  severe (220\110 mm of hg) Hypertension and nose bleed. His Hyperthyroidism was alleviated, his bloatedness was taken care of and mood stabilized but his varicose and inflammation of Arteries of leg(SIA) could not be reversed.

Homoeopathy surely will help at all levels will not do any harm if it is not helping. Asthmatic breathing or wheezing, frequent colds and snuffles or nose block will be relieved.  There are specific remedies for smokers cough which will be dry, consistent and Irritant cough.  Even Proprietary medicines to detoxify available in Homoeopathic shops will help to reduce cravings.

To achieve health one has to have strong will power and strive towards the goal in all possible ways without lame excuses. In old age if we becom dependents it is our own fault mostly and repenting at that time will not yield any results.

So, folks get up take, things into your own charge ; get rid of bad habits and its effects as well with Homoeopathy.



Depression and Homoeopathic Intervention

Change the view

A Lady in her thirties feels unworthy and what is the purpose of living albeit she has an affectionate family, has professional satisfaction as well as no major financial troubles. When people appreciate her abilities  it has negative effect on her.  She thinks people are lying, still she is not worthy. She wanted to lie down always because she had a peculiar tiredness.  There is no relish in really happy situations for her now and seems a bad taste in one’s mouth or bland feel. This is not just Post traumatic (shock) stress but sub clinical Depression. It is not rectified by talks, Positive enforcement, Auto (self) suggestions or scolding’s. She has realized how painful it is for her family members,’ to see your loved one in such condition’ but helpless to come out of it on her own.

Since we talked about Robin William, Hollywood actor’s suicide I thought it’s time to discuss about depression and its consequences. Everyone could have undergone those moments more than just sadness; due to major life conflicts but usually in most patients until it is leading to some major breakdown it is not noticed. I have taken the not much talked about perspective since depression has common features in all age groups but Children receive very less attention.

Even small children are not spared and we may be trying to mend them or accuse them of dullness and sleeping excessively. In reality they may be depressed and know not how to communicate their troubles. Weight gain is common and we may accuse children of excess eating or slowness and laziness. So, if your child is sleeping all time do not accuse or scold but try to figure out actual problem.

Suicidal Depression is altogether different and very severe. Few people show signs of suicide; few say (but they never attempt or even if they attempt adopt very mild forms; not fatal ones) usually if they survive those peak moments it will be alright ; it’s common knowledge but we fail to recognize future threats and severe pain they are still going through again  that they cannot be better by sleeping pills, anti-depressants or Counselling. They need rectifying their mental disorder which is nudging them to kill themselves.Here Homoeopathy not only soothes the pain brings on good sleep but also heals the wound. In this clinic many cases of Suicidal as well as sub clinical Depression has been treated with success and future threats have been mitigated.(see my article on Psychoanalysis and Homoeopathy Psycho analysis)

Even school children have been treated especially those in high school, who undergo severe stress due to peer pressure; of getting unrealistic marks and shaping exceptional careers. These children usually come with complaints of vague Physical problems,  hair fall, pimples, dullness and excess sleep. But on further inquiry actual cause comes out. They may forget at the nick of the moment, have brain fag or blank outs or fall ill with cold, fever frequently. In a case  treated ;a school girl  used to suffer from severe wheeze during exams and will not be able to write it. After treatment she regained her confidence as well as health and scored very well in her Pre- university exams.

Parents set very high standards not recognizing their children’s capabilities and it surely leads to stress and teenage problems. Yet telling your child to do whatever he wants without setting any limits, leads to slackness and substandard performance which is more injurious. At some point of their disastrous careers your children may ask,’ why  you did not guide me properly when I was still immature ’.

To strike balance proper communication along with good rapport with child and occasional scolding and rectifying faults is essential. Again recognizing problems of our children and providing solution is all needed. This includes Homoeopathic treatment to set problems of memory, comprehension and other problems along with addressing hormonal issues of teenage is necessary.  Have a great week ahead

Yoga and more

21089986-man-silhouette-doing-yoga-in-old-temple-at-orange-sunset-sky-backgroundA woman of 30 complained of incessant hair fall. All usual remedies did not help a bit and on further probing I came to know about her tumultuous past with a fever for one month but more importantly taking poison in an unsuccessful bid to end her life. So, that was the clue, I treated the effects of poisoning which was about 5-6 years by now; also it had led to gastric troubles and other innumerable minor sort of issues. With Homoeopathy and good talks normalcy restored. She brought in few of her acquaintances and was cheerful meaning she had figured out the purpose of her existence.

Homoeopathy is a healing art and science of Therapeutics meaning it gives respite in cases of deviations of Health where our core energy is disturbed. But Homoeopaths work does not end with prescribing medicines since it’s an art of regaining not only lost health but also to complete functioning of person mentally, physically and spiritual; meaning purposeful existence. So, Homoeopaths do counseling let he patient heal themselves with channelizing grief. On Physical level we prescribe good Hygiene, moderate exercise and good nutritious as well as balanced food. 

   Even it helps to regain problems arising due to falls mechanical injuries so much so that removes small foreign objects accidentally stuck inside the body. But if it is due to bites of Poison snake or other poisons introduced into one’s body its effects must be antidoted first; then Homoeopathic medicines will nullify the residual symptoms due to poisoning.

Wondering, what the connection with the heading! Walking and Yoga are the two greatest tools to achieve that well being and Optimal Health. It could be as simple as sitting down on floor or stretching to get on the upper case. People are nowadays avoiding circumstances altogether where they have to walk a bit or squat. It is not disease as such but surely will lead to major troubles in near future as flexibility on physical and mental plane matters more than fancy things you do thinking healthy practices. Mentally fit people never are bothered about any uncertain situations and take surprises in their stride be it long walks, climbing or other moderate things done.

Yoga is he only tool which makes you surprisingly flexible on all planes. It just lets you do what you wish to do. Early morning walkers will be aware how much up they feel after walking just half an hour a day .Again only after learning yoga properly and doing it as regularly as possible alone can make you realize what you had missed whole of your life . I will go further to say that not teaching children yoga which is prescribed for that age group will be depriving them of most vital tool to keep them healthy for rest of their lives.

Believe me I also had dozens of reasons not to walk or join Yoga class. Once I joined that group I can feel the before and after yoga difference. Even now if I drift away and feel groggy  I realize, Oh! yoga can fix this feel. If you believe in not letting any chance to provide your child best things of Life; then be kind to yourself as well and gift yourself yoga the power to feel real happiness and well being. But joining group initially is better than tailored classes as one needs time to get the flexibility and motivation. With this note I wish a great week and happy dasara.

Homoeopathic Aid in Sleeplessness


Sleeplessness can be a just  trouble or chronic disorder which is mother of so many potential Ills including Diabetes as well as Hypertension, not to mention Acidity. It could strike as young as new-borns which may result in irritation and crying of baby whole day. Again brain development is hampered so it must be treated immediately for your peace of mind also.

For babies cause of sleeplessness must be discovered; which a tough task in itself is. It could be nose block, ear pain, indigestion, cold or hotness of place of the baby etc. Even strong emotions on part of feeding mother will affect baby like anger, depression, and indigestion of its mother.

For Babies Aconitum Napellus 6c will be enough 1 pill crushed and a small bit touched to babies tongue is enough. So as Kali Phos 6x which again given as stated above will calm babies down even if it’s due to vaccination- with mild fever etc. If problem persists see a Homoeopath. Jalapa 6c for babies crying whole night and sleeps whole day.

For young Children it could be due to over exertion or playing or excitement. Aconite 6c or Kali Phos 6x may help but for straining Arnica 6c will help to get sound sleep. Sometimes drinking a hot cup of plain milk before is sufficient to get good sleep. Tell them to breathe deeply and calm down. Kali mur 6x will help if sleeplessness is due to over indulgence in rich food or heavy stomach with discomfort.

For Pregnant ladies it is biggest trouble in later months.  But shifting burden to others reducing ones stress by concentrating on good issues may be beneficial especially in second and subsequent Pregnancies. Above mentioned remedies again are helpful to alleviate stress and to bring on sleep. Nat Mur 6x also helps for good digestion and for sleep; taken everyday morning.

For Men apart from both Kaliphos 6x and Nat Phos 6X Nux Vom 6 c will help. Usually Arnica 6c is also helpful if overstrained or Aconite for tensed individuals. But sometimes Passiflora Q or 6th c will help in long term problem. This is also helpful for smokers who have quit now, but have sleeplessness and tension. Few get up in mid sleep catching for breathe ; called as sleep apnoea. It is completely curable with Homoeopathic remedies like Grindelia 6c.

For Older Men variety of problems bother them apart from Sleeplessness and increased Urination due to diabetes or Prostrate Hypertrophy. They fall in micro sleeps in daytime and sleepless at nights. Firstly they have to accept that all these changes are related to age and mostly can be controlled but not cured. 5-6 hours of sleep is for elderly and its normal; this has to be accepted by them first. Then they have to do to get sound sleep by maintaining sleep hygiene and go along with the tide ; adjust daily routine accordingly.

Also there is Coffea cruda 6c for over joy and sleeplessness alongside hundreds of medicines. But sleep hygiene that is calm environment, unhurried mind state, recognizing that sound sleep is very essential for ones well being and not to sacrifice it for other works thinking its waste of time is crucial. Switching off any gadget emitting light by 9.00pm is essential. It includes Television, computer, Mobile Phone so on and so forth. If you have difficulty in getting to sleep read a good book or plan next day or think of a poem or a story ;sharpen your artistry which will relax you and just lying in the bed calmly at same hour of every night is often, enough to get much needed rest. Do not run behind sleep it has to descend on your senses like an Angel from Heaven. With this note I wish you happy week ahead and sleep like a baby!! Continue reading “Homoeopathic Aid in Sleeplessness”

Hair Care and Homoeopathy

Hairs are called crowning glory by cliché and they are; since it really matters a lot in ones persona besides its significance as Health indicator. Since Adolescents are obsessed with the fact that looks are most important and it assumes running behind a mirage of sorts, for them.
Ask your grandma does her hair turned grey in her thirties? Whether she started using shampoos to clean her hairs as young as 6 months of age? I think the answer will be in negative for both questions. She mostly used homemade Shikakai whole of her life. Then is it that tough to use Shikakai \soapnut powder in this era of so many Herbal\Organic shops? That’s what it sounds very simple yet you may have to spend one hour to get that powder done once in 6 months or so and need 10 minutes extra to wash your hairs with that powder\paste.
Time again it has been proved clinically that shampoos are no good of any brand or how much ever costly. Even baby shampoos are no different and herbals are little milder can be used occasionally, but Anti-Dandruff shampoos are worst enemy of your hairs. You need only few washes to obtain grey strands. And surely greying of hair as early as 16 years is not genetic nowadays but chemically acquired.
Plain unrefined coconut oil is best for your hairs but warming with curry leaves, mixing Amlaki and Henna powder or along with Shikakai is also very good, indeed you can make these home remedies freshly each time you need a hair wash, else can apply overnight and wash hairs in the morning. If you could spend some time on FB or WhatSapp; surely you can make some time for this most important aspect of ones looks, agree? Please do not buy any brand hair oils they surely are waste of money. When Hair problems are hormonally influenced what can any external thing do to modify that? Treatment must be internal as well is it not?
Homoeopathy helps in all aspects of Hair problems be it easily tangled as in remedy Borax or frizzy hairs of Graphites. Usually Nat Mur 6X or Kali Mur 6X can help to reduce hair fall due to external factors such as pollution, besides no health issues noticed. Few People are benefitted by Arnica Hair oils but it may not be a rule. This is also true for Jaborandi Q and Mentha piperatum Q other medicines which helps to get abundant hair growth. If they are not suited for you, side effects will be Headaches or mild giddiness or some new symptom you had never noticed before. But discontinuing the oil is enough to get rid of additional symptoms, they are not lasting ones.
But the truth is it needs simple yet not so convenient solutions to keep hairs in whatever way you want. As you know general health improving, intake of fresh fruits and veggies etc.is essential for good hairs by now since you may have gone through hundreds of beauty magazines. Still you may not be aware that hair fall is a serious issue and an indicator of some deep Imbalance usually hormonal, may be Anaemia or even Tubercular tendencies. If left untreated those not so perceptible troubles may turn into severe illnesses. Taking Homoeopathic treatment is very essential to prevent bigger issues like 1. In nut shell to have bouncy beautiful hairs switch back to natural ways of treating your hair instead of costly or fancy ones.
2. Take medicines or supplements as suggested for a brief period if it works well and good.
3. Still hair fall should never be ignored get treatment from a Qualified Homoeopath; only individualised treatment and prevent futuristic health Setbacks.
Even though this is not an exhaustive list, still it will serve purpose of regaining the old charm in your face I hope. Take care have a great week ahead