Tobacco Detoxification and Homoeopathy

Today is World No Tobacco day created by WHO in 1987 to spread awareness about ill effects of Smoking and taking Tobacco in any form. Homoeopathy cures diseases that are natural no doubt but little known fact is it also helps our Immune system to clear the long term effects of poisons and occupational hazards. Let us see what can be done through Homoeopathic remedies to control this Menace.
This includes damages done by Tobacco on the Health It could sleeplessness, reduced appetite, snuffles or dry nose\throat symptoms, also Heart conditions and finally cancer. No tall claims, but regular usage after quitting smoking or Tobacco will make one’s life better even Health may return to normalcy if damage is not severe. So, make sure you tell your Homoeopath about this Habit as a fact without hiding details.
Again severity depends on amount used; duration of intake as well as individual’s general Health condition and Family History.
Homoeopathy has a range of drugs and mother tinctures dedicated to this purpose, of these Passiflora Q or 6th potency will help to get sleep. Plantago Q can be taken for long term with reduced craving and improved Health in general along with Teeth related troubles if any. Even Proprietary Medicines for detoxification have served the purpose. To reduce craving Ignitia 6c or Clematis erecta Q will be helpful. Also Iberis 30 has helped in cases of heart diseases due to smoking so as strontia carb 6 and Tabacam 30 for bloating of abdomen, Heart conditions and other related issues.
So, if you are Smoking or taking tobacco in any form, first steer clear of that habit. If it is tough to do so try these tips;
1. Increase the gap between smokes by busying yourself in some interesting thing. Researchers suggest even chewing gums may alleviate sudden maddening urge.
2. Nullify excuses like” it relieves tension; It keeps my weight gain at check or lame excuse of society symbol.” Instead you can look at celebs who do not smoke, yet revered.
3. Will power along with support from family and friends is the solution. But your own Will power must be invincible.
See a Homoeopath and get treated to reduce craving of tobacco along with all above mentioned solutions. Finally your Health should be your own concern and you must keep it Optimal with efforts in right direction. If you get some severe illness or cancer no one who has glorified smoking will come to your rescue. You must fend for yourself with Physical calamity plus financial burden and at the same time you have ditched your Loved ones.


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What’s your description of Health

Health is most talked about: yet not understood by all. Each person has his own set of views about his health maybe compensated according to his constrains or outrageous in a few, especially teens but not confined to them alone. I feel amused when a set of people are so much giving importance to trivia’s like running nose or an inconspicuous rash and people who cannot afford Ignore major life threatening signals and carry on day to day activity!
My intention here is to make one aware of one’s priorities in Life and essential Health status achieved accordingly. One girl will say,” if I reduce ten kilos my Health will be optimal”, is it so? If you are getting into some sort of Show biz, then your weight and looks will be most essential. Otherwise it will be absurd to keep unachievable targets just to feel good, instead you can gradually work towards being healthy and’ feel good’ will come automatically.
If we have Headache we tend to avoid work, noise and People and to avoid someone we may say so. Usually we use health to get what we want in any given situation. But base line for all is our own attitude towards Health, if we are very interested in certain thing we will accomplish it at any cost is it not? Again keep your perspectives open and get best out of any given condition. Instead of Health a concern it should be a journey towards betterment Physically, Mentally as well as spiritually. You shouldn’t age without evolving as a person, is it not?
Now let us explore Homoeopathy’s role in achieving and maintaining Health. As Dr. Rajan Sankaran renowned Homoeopath and Academician puts it, “Disease sets several conditions for feeling okay…our ability to react to the situation becomes restricted. Health is unconditional okayness. It allows Man to be in the moment and react appropriately. It signifies freedom, spontaneity and being in the present.”
So, Homoeopathy is there to bring about absolute Okayness in most of cases especially those who have a balanced Life and in case of Children. And in incurable cases like Old age troubles, cases pertaining to Hormone disorders due to surgical removal of Organs, if not total; almost nearest to cure can be achieved. For example, cases of Hormonal imbalances causing severe Menopausal symptoms; post Hysterectomy (Removal of Uterus) have been treated regularly with Homoeopathic equivalent of Hormone replacement therapy without those undue side effects of an Allopathic treatment, plus these ladies are relatively healthier than their counterparts of normal Menopause. It could be Hot flushes, Hypertension or sleeplessness and mood swings.
If you are healthy maintain it with Homoeopathy which only rectifies troubles due to weather changes or not so severe illnesses. Bonus is you can be happy you are not assaulting your system with unnecessary chemicals and antibiotics. One step further of Home remedies that’s it.
Yes! come on take charge of your own destiny, win back your health with the help of Homoeopathy and find that overall outlook towards the same problem situations have paved way to smooth sailing without a second thought: Ah ! This means Wellbeing is it not?

Nature Calling

487749_458464190893989_87225494_nNow Information is bombarded about Natural living with products and therapies.On  looking closely we realize that they may not be sincere enough and at times it may seem being close to nature will be a costly affair; which is not. It’s a way of life which could be achieved over a period of time and People hailing from rural area will already living that way without much fanfare.

To me nature’s ways are very simple and stripped of extravagance. It is wholesome and fulfilling; ‘no time; excuse’ is no good. It’s a conscious choice and sticking to it persistently, yet simple does not necessarily mean convenient and that’s the trick.

Let me explain, preparing Noodles is very convenient than preparing Idli or traditional breakfasts is it not. Taking shampoo hair wash is very convenient to using traditional Soap nut powder. Do you have the conviction to be a nature’s flag bearer? Try these, which I have already inculcated in my household with occasional violations and indulgences.

First of all discarding self-medication to day to day troubles is sure way begin this journey. If you have severe cough, cold and slight fever (below 102F) you opt for home remedies and rest, after figuring out actual cause of this flare up correct that cause.For example it could be due to over strain, some nagging problem which can be sorted out on giving a thought about it or getting drenched in rains.

For Children you can be Cautious and ensure for quick recovery without being over indulgent in Antibiotics. Homoeopathy comes in here and removes all tags attached to being sick. In fact children can be as happy as ever even when termed sick. So, before popping up a pill for Headache think twice is it helping you to have optimal health?

Eating dry fruits raw is beneficial whereas fried ones are no good. Peanuts dry roasted or boiled are good not the oil fried ones.

I do not have a Juicer and Fruit juice is a Luxury at our homes. My children eat a Whole fruit for snacks or when want something to nibble on. Peeling off the skin of Fruits and veggies may seem sophisticated but are in turn injudicious you lose vital nutrients in the process, washing thoroughly is all needed. Do not yield for tall claims that juices are Health saviours, in fact it can be adding sugars, deprive of fibre in the fruit and no one knows how much nutrients you actually get after it  emerges out of juicer. Fresh Fruit Juices should be for Sick, to push in for kids who dislike fruits or as substitutes for Colas.

Cost effectiveness and sustenance should also to be considered while choosing Oils and cold pressed regular ones are preferred to Olive oil; the AD man’s darling. Preferably  snacks like fryums can be prepared with unrefined oils at home instead of buying from unknown sources. If you can afford Organic fruits and vegetables well and good or else with some effort you can have your own Kitchen garden in your back yard.

Processed, Tinned: Canned food must be avoided with vengeance since it’s convenient and if allowed occasionally can be over powering. Making choices with clear conscience and conviction will steer you and your family towards Wellness although it demands your valuable time and efforts. Much more to come! Have a happy n healthy weekend.


Careers and More

A girl of seventeen has very irregular periods. Another Girl was on Insulin while writing her Plus two Exams which got normalised after that. This girl always gets severe Wheeze which cripples her during her exams that is from tenth standard onwards. This boy has severe wheezing and takes leave often which makes him academically a non-achiever. This boy of thirteen has severe abdomen pain before going to school especially before exams.
Do these real, yet regular teenage problems ring a bell? Is this only case specific as Doctors may suggest or something else is the underlying cause?
Believe it or not all teens who seek Medical help have very high, performance oriented stress and are not able to cope with them. This is because of their Parents and Peer pressure as well. It is not the stress, that good one you experience before a stage show or participating in a sport. It just squeezes life sap from them. It makes them seem invalid.
Recently I visited a sponsored exhibition where 108 Karanas of Bharata muni’s Natyashastra as depicted in Brihadeeswara temple carvings were documented by veteran Dancer smt.Padma Subramanyam. If you see her dancing you can make out why she is a living legend. The effort which has been put into each piece of Dance is so astounding. We had been to a Carnatic Music recital and the Vocalist is an IIM grad. Rendition was so amazing, which reflected  Sadhana  since his childhood and after that academics can be said as only Icing on the cake.
In the same beat when I first saw that young carpenter working I could admire his eye for detail and precision in his work. Now he has diversified with big clientele base as well as a website and at this point his academics does not matter much I guess.
One boy in his second year of Engineering has had problems and his worried father asked me to talk to him. He entered engineering due to peer pressure and now unable to decide whether to continue studies or to pursue his dreams. I suggested him to go ahead with his plans; but in future only a four letters could have fetched a lucrative job, besides his superlative credentials it could be too late. Now I came to know from his father that he is going to college besides shaping up his dreams.
I told one of my client not to take up CA if she does not have an absolute passion towards it. She tried to clear the CPT twice but in vain which reduced her self-confidence. Not clearing entrance exam do necessarily mean that she is not good enough?
I think we can figure out the need of this generation by all above statistics. They need guidance and removal of obstacles in their path of choice. If utterly confused our duty is to clear the confusion and help them in need of hour. But it’s quite essential for us to decipher all available Paths and resources for them and again make them recognise that there is only one royal road for accomplishment; hard work and diligence.
Making them strong Mentally to meet life’s challenges is more important than taking up fancy courses. Courses are not end to achieve but a beginning to an end and that everyone knows. Let them not suffer physically and mentally due to the perennial stress. Instead let them be prepared to welcome their bright future with a smile and tools to get where they want to be.

Summer Sequel

Boy aged 10 years otherwise Healthy, complained of Abdomen pain especially in afternoons. Lady has severe headache which increases as day progresses. Lady history of, Diabetes complains of severe tender feet. Her other lab values are within normal range. 72 year old man complains of severe giddiness and feels disoriented. Girl aged thirteen years is very dull and lies down soon after her school and has no interest in studies of late.
Summer brings in on array of consequences and I will not talk about all common knowledge. Still few things should be brushed up before we face another scorching summer. Do you see any connection in all the above cases yes, you are right! It is due to effects of summer.
As Dr. Hahnemann says indispositions or small changes in health state, should be rectified accordingly. If it is severe then medication should be used. Simple steps have rectified these complaints. That is what this write- up is all about.
To fight dehydration people think it’s enough to drink tonnes of water but contrary to it, drinking lots of water makes you feel bloated and does not give you essential salts which are lost through sweating, visibly or otherwise. Staying indoors also does not give complete protection against sun stroke as you may have observed. Few people have a Fad of putting Drips as they call it, in hospitals when they feel tired. If only when your system faces depleting of electrolytes- due to sudden severe loss, just like in Sun stroke or diarrohea; Intra Venous salination will lead to congestion of lungs and wheezing. It must not be by choice but only based on Doctors advice and not otherwise.
Drink spoonful’s every one hour or so, liquids like glucose\sugar 1 teaspoon with a pinch of salt in one litre of water or ORS. This is as good as ‘Drips’! Keep a jug filled with freshly made lemon juice or ORS or buttermilk, in the most accessible area of your home let everyone passing by have few mouthfuls. This is the best way to be rehydrated.
Tender coconut is great but avoid at nights as its cooling effect may bring on snuffles. You can have Jal jeera or jeera water as you can prepare it at home. Not to mention Lassi, butter milk, eat watery fruits, and cucumbers, watermelons etc. along with all the seasonal offerings. Consciously reduce intake of Colas and fizzy drinks especially on an empty stomach. It will have corroding effect on your stomach and may lead to Ulcers. Even eat a whole tomato, carrot or a fruit, along with your favourite snacks.
Medicines like Kali mur 6X and Ferr Phos 6X or Nat Phos 6X can help to overcome effects of summer heat and prevent Diarrhoea. Kali Phos 6X, Mag Phos 6x and Calc Phos 6x along with above can be mixed with ORS and had every one hour once. Nat Mur 6X will help to alleviate prickly heat. Powders should not be used upon prickly heat as it blocks sweat pores and may lead to increase in temperature / feverishness as we say.
Keep it cool this summer; as much near to nature as possible avoiding icy cold drinks, health will not be a major concern and you can enjoy to the fullest!!


Love your Life


And be grateful to it, always. And show your gratitude by not staying away from its challenges …. Live a bit beyond your capacities.
I like to live life with full zeal, not cake walk through it but to get a bit adventurous and meet its challenges. I Cherish’ The Life’ with all of its shades and offerings. Yes, loving one’s life as it is; accepting reality yet pushing boundaries inch by inch to make what you want to be a reality is the purpose is it not?.
I love everything, people around me, those chirping birds, serene sky and silvery clouds, line of parrots perching on a telephone line wire, temple bells, my mobile’s message twinkle tone, a cuckoo’s song and my younger daughter scaring me off daily after her school with a Boo.
Being a teen is one’s Life’s best part isn’t it, well may be. If you ask a teen, she will roll her eyes ask you in turn” is it?” At least it was a great time for me. Instead of longing for those days and lamenting we cannot get it back I started a teen’s life again.
With my bubbly Teen daughter and younger one still of age in single digit but who thinks she’s a teen already; we have energy in our house hold as well as Masti (but no teeny dressing, it’s not my cup of tea anymore) . From listening to funny stories of my daughters and mine added to them; to dissecting Movies and their stars with full zeal; we talk endlessly. I text my not so teeny friends, Sing songs at the top of my lungs, laugh with my daughter watching comedy shows and Chota Bheem. We all love to get soaked in Rains and when it starts raining my elder daughter will look at me with a twinkle in her eyes and a broad smile. (In fact I and my husband will get scared whenever she smiles broadly with that twinkle; its petition time, you know) Three of us will rush to our terrace to get drenched. We three fight over a piece of Chocolate usually his share which he never eats! We have Ice creams together party with daughters’ friends as  we all are friends now. This is my way of connecting with my children but is not his way. You cannot make a Lion eat grass I mean Ice creams and Chocolates okay!
Have you ever gazed at people moving around you without judging them? Each face will tell a story at a glance. Have you listened to wit of Auto rickshaw drivers or wisdom of street vendors? You can catch nuances of life if not self-obsessed or have a ‘so what’ attitude. You can never get bored anywhere and anytime. This a sort of Anthropology without frills. If you could look at the Life without getting personal or being attached it is next level of being, as Sri Krishna says’ Padma patramivaambhasaa’(lotus leaf in water which is holding pearls of water, but not soaked). You start loving your life much more by getting involved yet detached.
Now let me get into advice mode which I am best at and teens despise most. Did you know that Depression is very common and can be triggered by as simple as a Flu and need not be due to a major unpleasant event of life. It can be subclinical and medication will have very bad consequences even Antibiotics are detrimental. Of course Homoeopathy  is best suited for mild to moderate as well as cases not needing institutional care. Lots of love towards life, along with Homoeopathy and Music will help you to come out of mood swings and to get relieved of vague Physical symptoms which you never knew are due to mild depressive state. Kali Phos 6x and Mag Phos 6X can relieve stress and bring on good sleep. But Homoeopath alone can treat you, provide counseling if necessary and can cure it.
A simple thought, “The most difficult task is to make everybody happy, the simplest task is to be happy with everyone. Purpose is the same.” Bye for another busy weekend be happy.