Will be Estranged or empowered?

When new avenues opened up as part of IHMA activities , life seems no longer the same inside ones own world.


There’s a nest high in the tree
birdie in green shade blissful n free
unaware of life outside and the sun
variety of opportunities and the fun

Perched on the tree top near its nest
birdie could think only of meal next
Gentle wind blew that’s always cool
In swirls which took away all the blues
destiny stoked a breeze of new wave
filled the avian with hope a path it gave

Flock of winged friends flying high and far away
Are exploring new Meadows and green-way
singing merrily are the birds thinking now
Should we go back to the cozy nest or how
Should be with happiness and cozy wanna stay
or have to vulnerabilities and for possibilities to sway

going round and round
making chirpy sound
should I fly up above high in the sun
or to go back to my Mellowing den ,
The bird is drowned in deepest thought
Back to home and get happiness it sought?

Acne is not just a Skin trouble

Acne is a inflammatory condition of skin due to blockage of oil secreting glands upon the skin. It can be super added with infection which leads to pus formation and in the end to scar formation.

Although Teens are more prone to Pimples, it can be seen in any age group undergoing turmoil in their Hormones. As everyone is aware it can be due to Pollution, dandruff,(vide:Hair care and homoeopathy.) lack o3, eating too much of Junk food so on and so forth. Yet few people without much contribution from their side may have Acne. Severe at times and not clearing off with all the creams or medicines they receive.

Acne is not just skin issue and applying any amount of costly creams is of little use. Sometimes this strong chemical based creams or still worse steroidal preparations may suppress Acne and lead to menstrual irregularities, weight gain, dullness or memory issues. So beware, if your treatment gets costlier or vigorous more likely that you are landing in overall health problem.

Mr.M, aged 21, medical student, had severe pimples, spreading down to his back since 3-4 years not yielding to any sort of treatment.Also, black marks remained after it subsided. He is a very shy type of person and did not make constant eye contact. After thorough case taking it I came to know that he had chicken pox recently and Acne got triggered after this. It’s a common knowledge that chicken pox in teens is a bit of worrisome and it usually leave behind scars or some sort of skin issues. After treatment for the same his skin became normal and respiratory problem got solved. Actually his confidence levels improved and he was able to conduct according his profession.

It’s true that due to Acne, young Adults become low self-esteemed; it’s a constant burden on their mind that they are Ugly. It is fuelled by Ad makers who promise quick fix solutions. Little known Psycho dynamics is Teens may feel very shy and ill-fit among their friends which can actually cause Pimples. It is a Stress->Acne->stress; vicious cycle.

To break the cycle conscious efforts should be taken to build upon their strengths if no other health issues are present. That way Homoeopathy can help in rectifying health problems, help them to prevent recurrent pimples and to improve self-confidence as well.

Apart from clean hands and washing face to remove accumulated dust or soon after getting up in morning with Plain water yes I repeat plain water or mild  soaps can help, not touching or handling the pimple is very Important. Surprisingly applying coconut or Til oil to face with gentle massaging and removing oil with towel soaked in hot water gently is a very effective way to get rid of excess oil and hydrating the skin.

Calendula Q one to two drops in one litre of water and rinse the face before going to bed and pat dry it helps o clear off the scars and black marks. The same can be tried with Berberis aquafolium Q, Echinacea Q also. Calcarea sulph 6x, Kali Sulph 6x or Kali brom 6x daily one pill for one week can reduce pimples. Yet visit to a Homoeopath first is more appropriate.

Hair Care Naturally

5984582-portrait-of-beautiful-woman-with-beauty-and-creative-straight-long-hairs-on-a-white-backgroundHair care
In my previous blog about hair care I did not cover many aspects as not to make it very lengthy. On specific requests of my patients here I want to provide an insight about this; Head lice or parasitic infestations, very common in school kids. If you think it’s due to unhygienic conditions it’s a partial truth. Usually boys are not infested because they do not have such tendency altogether. So, unhygienic conditions added up to the real tendency or weakness so to say of the child.
I read somewhere that the reason for kids in UK for lack of attendance is mainly because of Lice Infestation you will astonished, right? So do I. This is proof that cleanliness or nutrition alone cannot treat the problem its cause lies much deeper. Children with tubercular tendencies or diagnosed for primary complex in childhood are more prone to severe infections. So, treating the root cause by Homoeopathy constitutionally is first step in eradicating the menace. Also children with Psychological troubles or who are depressed may need good care and attention. Even you may have observed bed wetting in such cases.
But practically no external medicine can clean heads. Home remedies like Neem, camphor may give temporary relief but also may cause red irritated eyes, feverishness etc. Be careful to note these if not can carry on these treatments. Usually proprietary medicines are very strong chemicals and may damage hairs or even suppress with some other manifestation like lack of appetite or unattributed weight gain. So, constitutional therapy is the best solution.
To remove nits it’s another big ordeal and experts suggest thick oils like castor oil, Til oil or Neem oil along with Badam oil and or olive oil; together or singly massaging after warming it up to bubbles appear and combing with lice combs may help. But combing with lice removal comb; of the wet dripping hair is best bet. Don’t do all on single day phase it out.
Abhyangana’ or oil head bath is a refreshing, rejuvenating which can be included once a week with above said oils warmed and massaged on hair roots along with whole body .
Dandruff is another big issue of teenagers. You will be aware of the causes like pollution excess oiliness of hairs so on and so forth. Yet you may not know it could be due to some constitutional conditions as well. Even if very severe it may be some sort of skin problem. Instead of using anti dandruff shampoos which are very strong chemicals which will lead to hair fall as well as whitening of hairs get treatment for base cause.
It is also major reason for pimples but hygiene is also crucial in battling it out. To wash hairs at least twice in a week maybe once with mild herbal shampoo and once with shikakai or soap nut powder: again washing all hair related objects like brush, comb, bands and pillow covers is very important. As stated in my previous blog Nat Mur 6x and or kali mur 6x will help to reduce dandruff and hair fall.
Thinning or hair is due to some constitutional issue or due to usage of chemical based harsh shampoos. Using conditioners is also essential or else home-made green tea based conditioner or Amla boiled water can be used. Hairs should be combed softly with broad teethed comb its common know how but if you use wooden comb (not sharp edged) much better. Mehendi mixed with shikakai will not impart any color but conditions hair and has cooling effect.
Going natural or non-chemical way for perming and other fashioning of hair may not be convenient but surely healthy. Losing one’s health for fads is not prudent but achieving it in a healthy way is really cool, is it not?
So, don’t go for natural seeming marketing gimmicks which claim to have essence (‘Guna’ in Hindi) of herbs which may actually synthetic look alike better check reality; use home- made or from reliable sources and use it. Have a smart week ahead.


Hair Care and Homoeopathy

Hairs are called crowning glory by cliché and they are; since it really matters a lot in ones persona besides its significance as Health indicator. Since Adolescents are obsessed with the fact that looks are most important and it assumes running behind a mirage of sorts, for them.
Ask your grandma does her hair turned grey in her thirties? Whether she started using shampoos to clean her hairs as young as 6 months of age? I think the answer will be in negative for both questions. She mostly used homemade Shikakai whole of her life. Then is it that tough to use Shikakai \soapnut powder in this era of so many Herbal\Organic shops? That’s what it sounds very simple yet you may have to spend one hour to get that powder done once in 6 months or so and need 10 minutes extra to wash your hairs with that powder\paste.
Time again it has been proved clinically that shampoos are no good of any brand or how much ever costly. Even baby shampoos are no different and herbals are little milder can be used occasionally, but Anti-Dandruff shampoos are worst enemy of your hairs. You need only few washes to obtain grey strands. And surely greying of hair as early as 16 years is not genetic nowadays but chemically acquired.
Plain unrefined coconut oil is best for your hairs but warming with curry leaves, mixing Amlaki and Henna powder or along with Shikakai is also very good, indeed you can make these home remedies freshly each time you need a hair wash, else can apply overnight and wash hairs in the morning. If you could spend some time on FB or WhatSapp; surely you can make some time for this most important aspect of ones looks, agree? Please do not buy any brand hair oils they surely are waste of money. When Hair problems are hormonally influenced what can any external thing do to modify that? Treatment must be internal as well is it not?
Homoeopathy helps in all aspects of Hair problems be it easily tangled as in remedy Borax or frizzy hairs of Graphites. Usually Nat Mur 6X or Kali Mur 6X can help to reduce hair fall due to external factors such as pollution, besides no health issues noticed. Few People are benefitted by Arnica Hair oils but it may not be a rule. This is also true for Jaborandi Q and Mentha piperatum Q other medicines which helps to get abundant hair growth. If they are not suited for you, side effects will be Headaches or mild giddiness or some new symptom you had never noticed before. But discontinuing the oil is enough to get rid of additional symptoms, they are not lasting ones.
But the truth is it needs simple yet not so convenient solutions to keep hairs in whatever way you want. As you know general health improving, intake of fresh fruits and veggies etc.is essential for good hairs by now since you may have gone through hundreds of beauty magazines. Still you may not be aware that hair fall is a serious issue and an indicator of some deep Imbalance usually hormonal, may be Anaemia or even Tubercular tendencies. If left untreated those not so perceptible troubles may turn into severe illnesses. Taking Homoeopathic treatment is very essential to prevent bigger issues like 1. In nut shell to have bouncy beautiful hairs switch back to natural ways of treating your hair instead of costly or fancy ones.
2. Take medicines or supplements as suggested for a brief period if it works well and good.
3. Still hair fall should never be ignored get treatment from a Qualified Homoeopath; only individualised treatment and prevent futuristic health Setbacks.
Even though this is not an exhaustive list, still it will serve purpose of regaining the old charm in your face I hope. Take care have a great week ahead

Beauty is in the Eyes of Beholder

Beauty is frantically sought after asset of our time. Now almost everyone is purchasing beauty products like never before and clever business men are thriving on it. To my dismay my Patient who pleaded every time that she will give those 100 bucks next consultation was lamenting about not getting good care at a parlour after paying Rs. 400/- ! Beauty care is more important than medical care is it not?
My audience could be teens well! Maybe, does age really change our desire to look good and be admired? But is it really that desperately needed virtue? If we care to think of people like Dr. Abdul Kalam or even some veteran film stars we can get to the point I guess. Yes, first time everyone gives importance to your looks but any relationship even that of marriage cannot hold long on that alone. And there’s a cliché that beauties have no brains! It depends more on the same wavelength-literally(NTNU_TRONDHEIM) or as new research suggests brain wavelength that really matters.
In reality whatever celebrities suggest cannot be good guides for our beauty needs, agree? Since those looks are achieved by Make Up, arc lights and Photoshop. So are those pricey products worthy? Instead if your beauty needs are focused like darkening grey hair or fading a mark on face it makes sense is it not? Home-made beauty ingredients are far safer than those animals tested ones. Yes, I have made a promise not to use those labelled,’ clinically tested’ products which are tested on animals like rabbits eyes, guinea pigs and what not. I use homemade, simple (not so convenient) products. You can get them a plenty in the internet sites dedicated to them. Say No Animal Tested and Leather products.
Honestly can you really drink gallons of water as few celebrities suggest? We can make it conscious effort to be hydrated that’s it.
1. Plain Tomato puree (without seeds of course) is an excellent Sun screen and you can very well leave it on your arms while going out!
2. Sooji, sugar and even oats are together or otherwise are excellent scrubs.
3. If fruit is very soft and not feeling like eating it you can mash it and apply generously on your skin. Even freshly removed skins of fruits can be used to give you a “Fruit wash”. No guilt of wasting a fruit, hey wait do not use a rotten fruit!
4. Calendula lotion (1 part of calendula Q and 3 parts of water) is an excellent antiseptic and clears pock marks. Also Berberis aquafolium Q clears acne marks reduces acne. Proprietary creams based on these above mentioned drugs should and if suitable can use them. For lasting relief consult a Homoeopath for wholesome Health which is really makes you beautiful inward and outward.
I will get to this topic again with some more views and tips. But honestly answer me why you want to look good? Is it to make an impression or just to beam at your own good looks? Being dressed suitably for your body type, age, as well as to the occasion, with reasonable eye for details and a pleasant smile is all it takes to get noticed. It is not rocket science and is in your own attitude towards your own self. It is not in beholders eyes but as Aishwarya Rai famously said “If you think you are beautiful, you are!” If you are noticing only your shortcomings others also see them alone, got it? Have a beautiful Weekend.