Nature Calling

My bit to mark world environment day


487749_458464190893989_87225494_nNow Information is bombarded about Natural living with products and therapies.On  looking closely we realize that they may not be sincere enough and at times it may seem being close to nature will be a costly affair; which is not. It’s a way of life which could be achieved over a period of time and People hailing from rural area will already living that way without much fanfare.

To me nature’s ways are very simple and stripped of extravagance. It is wholesome and fulfilling; ‘no time;excuse’ is no good. It’s a conscious choice and sticking to it persistently, yet simple does not necessarily mean convenient and that’s the trick.

Let me explain, preparing Noodles is very convenient than preparing Idli or traditional breakfasts is it not. Taking shampoo hair wash is very convenient to using traditional Soap nut powder. Do you have the conviction to…

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