Anti-drug Abuse Day

June 26th is marked as Anti-drug abuse day. Drug abuse is a serious threat to personal Health as well as that of society . Young People who took to drugs usually will be finding all sorts of ways to procure it, its common know how. But the after effects of drugs are very disabling and its effects cannot be removed even after rehab has been provided. When we read the drug addicts account which still more common in west, survivors lead a very pitiable life; maybe publishing such stories in one’s school curriculum may discourage young adults to try it, I suppose.
Homoeopathically also this task is quite challenging; at times youngsters are still searching reasons to go back to their original exhilarating moment. The most frightening side effects are not withstanding they may go back to their habits for a moment of ecstasy. Since drug abuse is not dynamic disease except that craving part of it. It can be modified to some extent if the person is willing to quit the habit; yet Homoeopathy has to fight a tough battle to overcome the effects of this poison.
Few cases have been treated with success in this clinic but the unwillingness of youngsters to quit the Habit was tough to handle. One boy of nineteen years with cannabis habit came to me to treat his nerve wrecking nightmares. He took treatment with an oath that he will not take drugs again. After few months his symptoms started recurring, but he simply stated to me, “Doc, it’s even not an addiction like smoking; I can leave it whenever I want”. I have heard this lame excuse very often. But smoking kills the person, drugs and alcohol destroy the very strata of our society is it not. Why you should get into such an issue which is unproductive, which kills your life sap as well as health resources. For that adrenaline rush you can join some adventure sports isn’t it?
Also some say it’s easily available in corner shops just like other tobacco products and I suggest Peer pressure should only be considered for positive things. Not to blame others for our weaknesses and timely help should be sought with commitment. After all it’s your life.
A man of about 30 years got treatment for his sleeplessness and acidity after few weeks he narrated to me that he used to take drugs in his young age, but now he is completely out of it. Ah! That provided the cliche, treated on this basis it got settled; but treatment for Infertility was not continued due to his personal reasons.
In another case patient had severe Asthma which got better only after I got to know that he uses drugs. But there is that sleeplessness and nightmares running through the aftermath of drug abuse which devastates the person and cannot be treated traditionally. Even infertility or sterility, excess tiredness, lack of interest in day today affairs amounting to depression apart from worsening of existing troubles is caution for all young Turks to steer away from this devastating habit, I guess. Two swords cannot be in one Anvil so as; bad habit as well as Focus on achievements cannot go hand in hand. So Choose Life and get that, ‘FEEL UP’ by achieving something unattainable. It is both delightful as well as makes your Mark in the society isn’t it? Have a joyous week ahead
. Visit for shocking pictures of drug abusers


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