Say Hello to Life

say hello to life
say hello to life

I know why Tamilnadu has so many Nobel laureates or for that matter an Oscar winner .It is more of environmental than of genetic read this ‘Neuroscience of Music-How Music enhances learning through Neuroplasticity; article and you will agree. Yes, Carnatic classical music is in the air and everywhere. Surely it means lot for the brain to develop.
When I think I realise why Homoeopathy is my way of life because I have grown with it. It’s in my blood and it is my life. If someone asks what Homoeopathy has given to me apart from the endearing label, it has given me grit and sense of courage to face life challenges better. If I Imagine my life without Homoeopathy it goes blank, it is so much intertwined; it lifts me from gloom and consoles me when my kids are sick.
And Homoeopathy when part of anyone’s life will redefine how you live. What if your children have no Idea what an injection means? Actually my second daughter was curious up till 3years of age to have an injection since so many people threaten of injections when they hear about me being a Doctor.
And what If you reach out to a co-worker who is down with chickenpox and not to catch it?                                 Or what about a Lady with Chronic asthmatic trouble is able to create kolams (elaborate patterns drawn on the floor in front of their Homes) at the early hours on a day of pongal festival (mid-Winter in this part of state and very cold outside). Before Homoeopathic treatment it was difficult for her to stay inside her house as her wheeze used to get aggravated due to cold weather. It will seem incredible to those who have gone through hell due to so many miserable yet minor troubles.
Homoeopathy works not only that you can have an Ice-cream and not get back your wheeze or eat fish without allergy as well as slowly add all eatables you have avoided after your allergy expert ticked them off after an elaborate tedious check. It’s heartening when my clients declare’ Ah! Doctor this time my son had Ice-cream and Chocolates for the first time without catching a Cold or Wheezing , we are so happy for him!’.
Coming to Preventions through Homoeopathy you can prevent all Viral Fevers and Chickenpox for that matter Chikan Gunya, Dengue malaria, measles, mumps and other Acute conditions.
Prevention through Homoeopathy is in two ways unlike vaccinations which have gross side effects Effectiveness of Homoeo is beneficial alone and with bonus!
1. It enhances total body resistance to diseases.
2. Specific prevention which is prevalent disease at that season or people around you will be suffering.
Viral fevers are usually prevented by a single dose of Rhustox 6 or 30 potencies which are usually safe. Still few may be very sensitive and consulting a Homoeopath is preferable. It also takes care of Chikangunya prevention.
Arsenic Alb 30 will prevent all Flus and Swine flu as well.
Measles; Mumps and Chickenpox can be prevented by Pulsatilla 30 single dose or as advised by your Homeopath.
Initial symptoms of Malaria and Typhoid should be treated with appropriate Homoeopathic remedies as it needs lots of time to get positive in your lab reports and its treatment in Hospital setting can be avoided if treated early ,further lifelong relapses, dormant infection leading to other health problems like Appendicitis can be safely Prevented. A fore mentioned remedies will be sufficient to prevent most of the Fevers and other conditions related to Seasonal changes.
Dosage is according to your need, Lower potencies like 6th or 30th can be repeated weekly once 2-4 pills once a day for one day only.
No need to stop routine Anti-hypertensive (BP, SUGAR, HEART) Diabetic, Heart and other Psychiatric Drugs. Avoid Pain killers, complete course and stop antibiotics before taking these remedies.
For babies below one year one pill or through their mother’s feeding is enough.
Pregnant women should contact their Homoeopaths and not to take Remedies on their own.
Your goal if at all is to champion your own health and do all you intend to with your life then nothing but Homoeopathic way of living will liberate you from all qualms and worries related to health. Did I mention in a Holistic way? And of course Balanced diet, Moderate exercise and other essentials of healthy living should be intact.
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