Homoeopathy and Allopathic systems of medicines; the incomparable paradox.

“We must admit that we have never fought the homeopath on matters of principle. We Fought them because they came into our community and got the business.”

Dr. J.N. McCormack, AMA, 1903(1)

“It has never occurred to us that the very mode of reasoning which we have taken for granted may itself be a barrier toward a real understanding of the Phenomena of life.”

These are the words of renowned Edward .C.Whitmont an Allopathically trained Psychotherapist who was contemporary and student of Carl.G.Jung. “The Concept of Causality namely linear association of cause and effect….. has always been an unquestioned logical category in scientific work(2).


Key words: Principles- Poles apart, different Planes, Materialistic versus Dynamic, incongruent comparison.


“We must admit that we have never fought the homeopath on matters of principle. We  Fought them because they came into our community and got the business.”

Dr. J.N. McCormack, AMA, 1903(1)

“It has never occurred to us that the very mode of reasoning which we have taken for granted may itself be a barrier toward a real understanding of the Phenomena of life.”

These are the words of renowned Edward .C.Whitmont an Allopathically trained Psychotherapist who was contemporary and student of Carl.G.Jung. “The Concept of Causality namely linear association of cause and effect….. has always been an unquestioned logical category in scientific work(2).

Causality is the relationship between causes and effects. It is considered to be fundamental to all natural science, especially physics. Confusion of causality and determinism (exactness) is particularly acute in quantum mechanics, this theory being Acausal in the sense that it is unable in many cases to identify the causes of actually observed effects or to predict the effects of identical causes.(3) So, cause is not in line with effect, it varies.

Thus, the linearity of his mechanical expectations prohibited Planck from having a mechanical explanation. This is why he had to resort to Boltzmann’s probabilistic arguments. Planck when faced with roadblock in his experimentations upon black bodies, instead of abandoning the theory that it no more comes under classical Physics; he embraced an entirely different thought to accommodate non-linear motions of Electrons. .”(4) It was neither by experiment nor by standards of Physics but only on Observations of natural occurrences which got endorsed by Einstein as well.

In a 1909 article entitled “The Scientific Reasonableness of Homeopathy” by Royal S. Copeland, A.M., M.D.  he states:

“. . a chemical, technically an electrolyte, when dissolved, is dissociated into parts or particles smaller than the atoms and known as ions. The more dilute the solution the greater is the dissociation and consequently the atoms are less in number and the ions increased. In a solution infinitely dilute, the dissociation is absolute and the chemical is present only in a state of ionization.”(5)

If you don’t believe that properties of the solute remain in solvents diluted beyond the presumed limit, make the assays for ionic concentration, i.e. do the tests to identify homeopathic remedies ionic concentration tests as against plain water!

But Homoeopaths are not accepted when they prove it anything but on allopathic standards. As The Washington Post reported that the two most contentious topics in the Western world are Jesus Christ and Homeopathy; (6) Why all Medical Sceptics are still stuck in reductionist view of Galen, who saw Human body as entities related to each other. What stops them from realizing the truth? We are not asking for ‘conversions’ but only acceptance of our work or at least leave us to work in peace.

The truth is even though Allopaths have advanced enormously in dissecting human body into thinnest slices virtually; they still cannot even cure completely a simple Allergic Rhinitis. All true Practioners know that Allergies grow into Bronchial Asthma in their care so few of good intentioned Doctors suggest to try Alternative therapies off the record to their Patients.

Scientific Laws: Scientists postulate that the basic laws of the universe are unchangeable, and through observation and experimentation, humans determine the validity of their beliefs to better understand the nature of reality. (7)

The four steps of the scientific method are,

  1. Observation of a phenomenon:

In Homoeopathy, that is ‘Likes cure likes’ or Nature’s Law of Cure,’ Similia Similibus Curantur’.

  1. Formulation of a hypothesis:

Let the like substances for each disease picture found in nature be explored and applied to cure those maladies.

  1. Prediction of future outcomes or other phenomena:

This was accomplished by Dr. Hahnemann by carefully evaluating all olden medical Data and compiling which circumstances lead to cure. For example if a stronger dissimilar force meets natural disease it suspends natural disease until its strength wanes off, again natural disease progresses as before. This is the way Allopathic prescriptions work. Anti-pyretic for fever, Analgesics for Pains, so on and so forth.

Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1798. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox. This could be the best example of Nature’s Law of Cure. (Wiki) Edward Jenner was contemporary of Dr.Hahnemann and he endorsed Jenner’s cow pox vaccine. (Organon 6th edition.page.no.130/131 f.note 47)

Unfortunately, Contrary to this Polio Vaccine did not work like wise, though its prepared from diluted Polio Virus; not similar but same substance, it has lots of side effects and a link has been found between the vaccine and increase in the number of cases of ‘Acute Flaccid Paralysis’ (AFP)as the report dated Dec 4th 2015, suggests in National daily ‘The Hindu.’ (8) It has been clearly demonstrated in the above mentioned study that Polio is swapped by AFP.

  1. Experimentation to test the validity of the predictions:

The Famous experiment where Hahnemann himself took the decoction of cinchona bark and got all the characteristics of Malarial fever. It’s an open challenge anyone can redo this experiment and check the results.  An example of this Natural Law is China’s alkaloid quinine; which cures Malaria even today.

Interestingly I read an article by a sceptic claiming Hippocrates did not suggest ‘Law of Similars ’. Yet that critique clearly showed how Hippocrates operated in the lines of ‘Similia’…Some people think that ‘homoios’ and ‘autos’ merely means ‘fitting’, ‘of the same kind’.so the first quote above merely says that cause and remedy belong to the same class. If the cause is ‘too hot or too cold’, the remedy must be of the same kind; wounds however need surgical treatment and the result of wrong food should be solved by diet.”(Skepsis)  (9)Hippocrates was not a Homeopath _ Stichting Skepsis.html)

Indeed this is what Homoeopathy is all about, it is of ‘same kind’ or similar, not ‘same thing’ like a vaccine. This skeptic still provides good examples of Hippocrates applying Homoeopathic principles based on his own experiences, it’s just a tread of knowledge; but could not develop it into a Medical thought, which later Dr.Hahnemann did. It also led to the discovery of Homoeopathic ‘Operacy’ by him meaning that natural Law tamed to work for Humanity unlike accidental happy go lucky cures.

Dr Hahnemann has set clear cut Premise for Homoeopathic principles application. It is for naturally occurring diseases or ‘Dynamic’ in nature, in new age terminology “Genetic”, as well as Immunological Issues. Other problems have to be treated accordingly like Diet and regime, Hygiene or Physiotherapy.

“Only in the most Urgent cases, where danger of life and imminent death allow no time for the action of a Homoeopathic remedy-….scarcely minutes-…..in sudden accident occurring to previously healthy individuals, for example Asphyxia,…it is admissible and judicious at all events…to stimulate irritability and sensibility….for there is no natural diseases to be removed…..to this category belongs antidotes to poisonings, alkalis to mineral acids….pg.152,. Organon of Medicine., by Dr.Hahnemann.

Dr.Hahnemann’s good old friend Dr.Hufeland one of the best critique as well as earliest Sceptic whose contribution to Homoeopathy is enormous; mockingly said that it only removes symptoms and not disease. This alone prompted Hahnemann to search for “cure model”, for the genetically oriented disorders or so called Soil/Miasma the base Nature of the Individual. This led to the disease classification as

 Acute diseases: caused by external elements infectious in nature like Fevers and other life threatening diseases, usually self-limiting ones. Infections can be overcome by increased Immunity due to Homoeopathy, but each case is decided on its merits.

Chronic diseases which have a long course; no imminent threat to life except in acute flare ups, but will neither subside nor rectified on their own and are carried over to their off springs. Homoeopathy is most suitable for diseases of this nature where Allopathy usually removes symptoms but diseases are progressive.

Though our newest  Sceptic , Dr.Venkaraman Ramakrishnan a man of repute, unfortunately is ill informed and has based his allegations on hearsay which itself is against scientific spirit. (10)Whether our Nobel Laureate is proving what Edward De bono suggests,”You can be a thinker without being an intellectual. Indeed many intellectuals are not particularly good thinkers.” He did not compare within  two Medical  thoughts like Homoeopathy and Herbal therapies , he took a safe bet like Astrology and Homoeopathy both which  are not on a fight back mode.

Do not jump to the conclusion that these new skeptics who call themselves “TAM-Truth about Alternative Medicines” are well armoured with knowledge, before rubbishing Homoeopathy unlike their older counterparts. They haven’t done any Homework they just sit on the panels use cheap tactics like ridiculing, rejecting evidence provided without examining and hate speech. They are worried of immense popularity about which they themselves unswervingly supply data and think millions of people who take Homoeopathy are fools and are beyond salvaged.

They just argue that, “….. it’s unfortunate; that millions are using it; say even Medical as well as University Students are catching up with it.”(11)  A good Thinker will be aghast to note, so much of venom spilled against a Medical Therapeutic system which has survived only due to patronage of Common Man for centuries; why is it so?  Is it a terrorist outfit? There is lot more to it than just cynicism.

Even when Dr. Bellare of IIT.,Mumbai, said Homoeopathic dilutions have Nano particles it was ridiculed citing  it may be due to contamination since dilutions were procured from Local Shop as against manufactured under stringent conditions. (12)

Thanks for the Sceptics; attacks on Homoeopathy have trigged a chain reaction in Homoeopathic fraternity which has produced enormous Data about Scientifics of Homoeopathy by Non Homoeopathic Scientists which is good for us as well as our Patrons.

“It is not… That some people do not know what to do with truth when it is offered to them,

But the tragic fate is to reach, after patient search, a condition of mind-blindness, in which

The truth is not recognized, though it stares you in the face.” Sir William Osler, physician,



The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ― Hippocrates.

So, our exponentially growing Client base as well as Homoeopaths should carry on our commendable work for the betterment of All of us.

“I’m a science journalist. I don’t celebrate science; I criticize it, because science needs critics more than cheerleaders. I point out gaps between scientific hype and reality. That keeps me busy, because, as you know, most peer-reviewed scientific claims are wrong”, says John Horgan(13) in Scientific American journal. So he himself claims he treats the skeptics skeptically. But as he suggests let the world be harsher on mammograms and Wars but don’t be soft on Homoeopathy we need our critiques to push us to move forward.And dialogues and healthy debates are always welcome.

One of my Patient reacted “Allopaths says don’t go to Homoeopathy and you say don’t go to Allopathy….”. I said “We never ever ask an emergency case to stop allopathic or come to us alone as we are here to help our Patients to get maximum health benefits. We  are not in a cat fight with any system because our Plane of action is totally unparalleled.


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ASD Causes and Treatments in a nut shell

Autism occurred in about 5 children per 10,000 live births. However, since the early 1990’s, the rate of autism has increased enormously throughout the world, so that figures as high as 60 per 10,000 are being reported. According recent figure estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network about 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), affects all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.
The reasons for the increase are being debated, but the most likely cause appears to be
 over vaccinations of infants,
 Lyme Disease,
 Leaky Gut Syndrome,
 Chronic Inflammation Of Brain cells Neurons ,
 Genetic Traits,
 Poor Immunity
 Heavy metal Toxins.
 Fungal infections,
 Environmental Pollution can also to be blamed.
 Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the leading cause of disability in children

Even though the majority of these are defined as “mild” TBI (mTBI), there is evidence that between 15-50% of children with mTBI will have poor functional outcomes.
Especially MMR vaccines blamed for this but experts claim it’s not vaccine but Thimerosal in the vaccine causing the damage. Though it is evident that Children with weak constitution or make-up cannot take up vaccination adverse reactions and one size fits all policy is not beneficial so many factors are playing their part in continuation of Governmental Vaccination drives as before.(Read related articles.)

Some experts feel that screening may alleviate parents’ uncertainties by obtaining an earlier diagnosis when parents already know that their child is “just not right.”
But others, such as University of Maryland’s Shubin, are concerned that it may instil unnecessary fear due to incorrect diagnoses. Screening could also offer relief for other families who feel that something is not quite right with their child, only to discover that they do not have any form of ASD.
“Screening that shows their kids do not have autism should be a relief,” says Dr. Mark Groshek, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Littleton, Colorado

Role of Mother’s Mental Health.
In a study they compared mothers of 20 autistic, 20 Down syndrome, and 20 developmentally normal children matched on several pertinent demographic variables. Results revealed that mothers of autistic children reported.
 less parenting competence,
 less marital satisfaction,
 more family cohesion, and
 Less family adaptability than mothers in the other two groups.
 Mothers of both autistic and Down syndrome children reported more disrupted planning,
 caretaker burden, family burden, and
 Frequent use of self-blame as a coping strategy than did mothers of developmentally normal children.
The practical implications of these findings are discussed, particularly those pertaining to low parenting competence and the use of self-blame as a coping strategy.
So, it’s evident that Mother’s state of mind and Health has direct effect on Children’s health even after birth at times.

Also, because many ASDs are still not completely understood, there exists no “cure” per se, only treatment.
“Better treatment options need to be studied,” says Dr. Steven Pavlakis, professor of neurology and pediatrics at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. But, Johnson says, this does not mean that early treatment cannot have significant benefits.
“There are medicines that may improve — although not cure — their behaviour,” she adds. .
We hear reports by parents and professionals regarding recovery in some individuals on the spectrum based on many of the interventions mentioned earlier.
There are many ways to interpret the word “recovery,” and we view recovery in the same way as the medical community—that is, as a managed state, similar to recovery from addiction or cancer. Individuals receiving appropriate treatment and support will retain their unique and wonderful personality, but they will be better able to manage life and feel physically well.
Although there may still be some residual “autistic” traits, some adults on the spectrum state that it is not necessary to provide them with help or assistance—that they do not need to be “treated.” They embrace the diagnosis and are pleased with their overall sense of being. These individuals very much want to be accepted for who they are.
These treatments may be neurologically based (e.g., to stop seizure activity), medically based (e.g., to reduce gastro-esophageal reflux or severe constipation), nutritionally based (e.g., to normalize a nutritional deficiency), or sensory based (e.g., to reduce hyper-sensitivities). Medical approaches augment educational and behavioural approaches that are often needed and can also be helpful.
Compiled from resources such as: CDC, National Autistic society, Autism Research Institute …

Will be Estranged or empowered?

When new avenues opened up as part of IHMA activities , life seems no longer the same inside ones own world.

There’s a nest high in the tree
birdie in green shade blissful n free
unaware of life outside and the sun
variety of opportunities and the fun

Perched on the tree top near its nest
birdie could think only of meal next
Gentle wind blew that’s always cool
In swirls which took away all the blues
destiny stoked a breeze of new wave
filled the avian with hope a path it gave

Flock of winged friends flying high and far away
Are exploring new Meadows and green-way
singing merrily are the birds thinking now
Should we go back to the cozy nest or how
Should be with happiness and cozy wanna stay
or have to vulnerabilities and for possibilities to sway

going round and round
making chirpy sound
should I fly up above high in the sun
or to go back to my Mellowing den ,
The bird is drowned in deepest thought
Back to home and get happiness it sought?

Will we join muggles?

Will we join muggles?

Let me confess, I am a Harry potter Fan not just as it’s a craze but I like those fascinating tales, interpolated plots as well as its semblance with our own Homoeo world. Yes the muggles have no Idea where we all flock together- learn and stick our heads into, they just imagine a small ‘well full’ of weird creatures but if they enter our world which is quite difficult; may not be able to comprehend our fascinating tales, exaltedness and how we can discuss about a legends lecture for months to come or a book of a legend celebrated for centuries after centuries relentlessly. Our groups are brainstorms and intricately detailed sessions only we can relish.

For example if I say I helped a lady to come out of clairvoyant dreams which scared her; what a sceptic will think? He has no opinion on clairvoyance altogether and on the top of it medicines curing it? It will be as good as Harry potter fighting black spirit in his city right? But now the whole scientific community is waking up to facts mentioned in Homoeopathic literature discovered from pure experience; most popular example could be psychosomatic illnesses and Psychologists are aware of mental apparatus; functioning of abstracts, hope it can be easier to understand in future.

They cannot comprehend how much we get excited while narrating our unique case histories and challenges we face like in a quidditch sport, surprises encountered and how a single mistake or over zeal can bring us to the ground with a thud or to say spoil our cases. But unpredictability and failures make us level headed, right?

Few muggles not just Allopaths but Scientists as well as intellectuals from different streams -who have entered accidentally could not move out of our world and stayed in and propagating it with full zeal. Their numbers are growing manifold in recent years. Few of our benefactors will be so enthusiastic it will be difficult to convince them for worldly procedures. They are delight and make us squirm at the same time. In fact if Allopaths in general stop backdoor prescriptions of ’Thuja for warts’ without realizing its potential and come down to accept that their regressive mindset of joining MBBS is an achievement (yes it was in student life and we acknowledged; it alone pushed us to study hard and answer questions of professors in Government Hospitals where we were posted together) and being stuck there. If they start referring patients to Homoeopaths, just like we do in difficult cases it will be great for all of us.

Now if NMC bill is allowed to be executed we will enter common households of millions right? Don’t know each time Homoeopaths should be telling we have studied for six years, we study allied subjects like anatomy; surgery, we also can do MD, yes we understand Laboratory reports and how to use them in our treatment prognosis, Still better (worse) Homoeopaths should not be forced to tell each passerby that they are allowed to use BP apparatus or other paraphernalia needed in treatment. But if Homoeopathic dispensaries are opened instead it will be lot more progressive and let referral Hospitals receive  cases referred by a trained Doctor from a PHC rather than horribly messed up non referral cases.

But we are closed group and are not pursuing conversions frantically. As our history of Homoeopathy in America suggests,” the overall state of public information, respecting the principles and practice of Homoeopathy, was becoming so defective that it was easy for mere pretenders to pass themselves off as qualified practitioners.  These “pretenders” to the art of Homoeopathy took advantage of the increasing popularity of homoeopathy and the concern was that they would discredit the Homoeopathic profession with their malpractice.” (1) Which is true even after nearly 150 years .

“As a way of coping with new guidelines (of saving Homoeopathic colleges in 1900 from Flexnor report in the USA) and in order to pass the new licensing exams that stressed the basic sciences, homeopathic colleges decided to offer more education on pathology, chemistry, physiology, and other medical sciences. Although they offered better education on these subjects, their homeopathic training suffered greatly.”(2)

But we Homoeopaths fear of, our own ‘not to be named’ or Voldemort types of adversaries more. External threats can be tackled what about inner enemies like; who do not execute an accurate observation of nature, are not careful in their experimentations and utilize pure experience unbiased or unprejudiced. As Hahnemann puts it ‘Mongrel sect or cross breed’, that are indolent, love for ease and obstinate are real threats.(3)

For true blue Homoeopaths who are living in the fantastic world of Homoeopathy, it’s not just a means to bread winning or a mere profession, it is purpose of their lives and time again they have borne torch of it and not just the patronage or popularity showered by the public which breathes life onto us. These people on an mission set to help fellow humans from diseases within their own restrains and limitations strive relentless for more knowledge, undertake laborious efforts to help in each individual (case) they handle , burn midnight oil for the curing prescriptions and accept their own shortcomings gracefully as they know what Homoeopathy is. If I say few of our pioneers died early due to worn out states it can give the outlook of efforts needed for Homoeopathy’s practice.(4)

Yes, who have discovered strengths of Homoeopathy know it’s like god for believers; mental resilience of non-believers, a force to reckon with which helps to push boundaries, which throws challenges in diverse ways; as ruthless as life; yet as gentle as mother(nature).

Homoeopaths who are qualified in colleges are ruling the roost today but we must never forget the contributions of ‘Hagrid’ like non-university qualified yet finest Homoeopaths who uplifted it to newer dimensions in the bygone century.

Welcome to our blissful world of saving lives and adding life to lives. If one understands the true essence of joy of smile with tears or value of satisfaction after great toil they will never stray away from principles. Do we need a Harry potter to save us or each true Homoeopath should turn one to save our legacy?

Hail Homoeopathy.




2.A Condensed History of Homeopathy By Dana Ullman MPH

3.Mongrel sect across breed dogs.

  1. Carol Dunham


Treatment Procedures Classical Homoeopathy approach versus symptom oriented approach


   When it comes to treatments now sought for a condition unlike in olden days People are more open minded and seek all available help to treat it. This is very true in case of ASD considering not much interventions or improvement strategies are available naturally Onus falls on Alternative therapies.

But when we examine such procedures even not so well researched or documented ways also find a spot in those therapy courses.

     Nonetheless when it comes to Homoeopathic Intervention unless the Parents follow Homoeopathy for a long period of time most of them treat it symptomatically, which is not very much encouraging as it may not provide long term benefits for Health.

Symptom based Homoeopathy drugs are obtained:

      Over the counter drugs.

      Patented products

      Online search engines delivered drugs

      Another person passing on his prescription which has same diagnostic name.

      Friends with homoeopathy…

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Autism and Homoeopathic care

Autism is the most frequently confronted topic for Homoeopathic Doctors of our age, yet very little information is available to Parents and care takers of those children.
It is estimated that there are 20 lakh (2 million) individuals in India suffering from Autism/ ASD using the generalized prevalence figures of 1/250 to 1/500. But apart from special Schools little guidance is there for general Public that too for lower income sectors. Caring such children is a huge burden not only emotionally but also financially. Moreover it’s a continuous process and demands lots of time, perseverance and care without guarantee of any light in the end of the tunnel.
Vaccination can be one of the major contributors for Autistic symptoms (about 70% of cases). Homoeopaths will advise to stop further vaccination to prevent damages; if the child is diagnosed or showing features of ASD.
After treating with Homeopathy one can expect:
Improvement in
 General Health and quality of Life.
 Improvement gaining and Sustenance of ongoing treatments.
 Prevention of regressive mode of Health or
 Breaking Statuesque that is helping in achieving next levels early than those inconsistent long term progress.

Homoeopathic therapy started with individually evaluated case registering and personalized treatment established In Homoeopathic context; Diagnosis plays a complimentary role and each case is individually case recorded and treated accordingly.
Note that information provided in this article or not just possibilities but compiled on the facts of results obtained from this clinic as well as other Homoeopathic published research papers.
Though each case is different chances of getting good results is very high.
o ATEC scores recorded to begin with and chronicled regular at intervals.
The factors since inception that is before the birth of that child till date are analyzed in accordance with Physical, mental and circumstances around which problem started and guided, individually tailored treatment for problem areas considered.

I. Like if the child has deficient speech that can be improved alongside speech therapist.
II. If child is slow in understanding or applying mind that can be treated along with other modules.
III. If the child is very restless and inattentive that can be treated.
IV. Child is violent and aggressive that also can be treated.
V. If child’s sleep is not compatible with natural biological clock say it sleeps at 1-3 AM till late noon that also can be regularized.
VI. If the child refuses to eat or has gastric related problems or allergies that also can be treated.

o Yet a structure emerges over a period of time which could help in framing Protocol for treating cases effectively. A set of medicines can be pinned down which helps to get consistent results in lesser time.
o It helps in determining prognosis or progress of other such cases.
Though most of the symptoms can be rectified by consistent Homeopathic treatment and at times cure can be expected individually; people tend to seek help as a last resort. If Homoeopathy is included early especially in the age of 3 years or so along with other therapies will be very helpful and at times curable.
Mostly they give up half way in pursuit of better attractive options and many a times do not care to come back to Homoeopathy even when other treatments are not helping.
Homoeopath can specifically try to treat:
• Vaccination related damages. Medicines to treat specific problems if the trouble has begun after any event.
• High fever related convulsions which may have led to ASD symptoms with regression in normal milestones. This is seen in Brain fevers or constant high fevers; not all high fevers with convulsions can lead to symptoms of Autism.
• Heavy metal poisoning back log. If any relevant history read my blog on Lead poisoning and reset your system with Homoeopathy.
• Emotional issues of Mothers during Pregnancy of the affected child. This is major contributor for the symptoms and it is directly proportionate to mother’s emotional burden. Homoeopathy alone can remove past emotional injuries as far as my knowledge goes.
• Hormonal treatments undergone if any for conceiving by the Mother of the affected Child. This can two faced usually ladies of advanced age most propably seek assisted pregnany treatments, moreover they already would have abused hormonal therapies in the past which can add to the problems.
• Genetic orientations and defects based on Family History. Not very predominant yet in few cases it could be traced.
• Head injury effects in case that is the starting point of the regress. Again very important reason for regress in child’s milestones but most of the times exact link may not be remembered.

They forget that this problem is so huge unlike, cold or fever.
It needs consistency and perseverance;
Loads of patience on parents’ part in providing the treatment which needs time and constant at least monthly once follow up.
As well as handling the child with care and patience.

By evaluating the effectiveness of Homoeopathy in the Neuro-Psychological axis of ASD not only Children improve symptomatically but also will gain Immunity and holistic health.

In India the taboo of “Autistic” label scares parents so much so that they keep it secret, since most surrounding people are insensitive and ask hurting questions, they fail to recognize that the trouble has arrived; no other way out.
Awareness about this enormous problem, very early detection and changing our own views- Perspectives will help to overcome this problem to a great extent.

So it has to be dealt with calm mind and put in all possible resources with patience. Over zeal or Urgency is damaging just as much as laziness and complacence.
Putting it into another perspective the other way round is parents want their child to be as all other children are, and refuse to accept the differences. They are (over) sensitive about what others think and making their own lives very tough. If kin of such children are supporting and helping those who take care of them, they will be more relaxed and face those adversities with a conviction. So, I can say collective change in the way people handle these issues is the need of hour.

When it comes to treatments now sought for a condition unlike in olden days People are more open minded and seek all available help to treat it. This is very true in case of ASD considering not much interventions or improvement strategies are available naturally Onus falls on Alternative therapies.

But when we examine such procedures even not so well researched or documented ways also find a spot in those therapy courses.

Nonetheless when it comes to Homoeopathic Intervention unless the Parents follow Homoeopathy for a long period of time most of them treat it symptomatically, which is not very much encouraging as it may not provide long term benefits for Health.

Symptom based Homoeopathy drugs are obtained:
      Over the counter drugs.
      Patented products
      Online search engines delivered drugs
      Another person passing on his prescription which has same diagnostic name.
      Friends with homoeopathy know how or
      Prescribed by a Homoeopath residing in another place; who is unable to take complete case.

Through such prescriptions one can reduce symptoms immediately for which treatment is taken. For example sleepless is treated sleep will improve, if restlessness is addressed that will be reduced; likewise. Symptoms may come back after few months; then if the same medicine is repeated it may not be as effective as for the first time.

Classical Homoeopathy is the one which can bring about total cure on all levels that is Physical, Mental and spiritual;

Immunity is increased and it helps to fight diseases from within. For example if treated for frequent Cold and cough apart from improvement in catching cold person will not have frequent sinus Headaches also allergy to certain foods may be rectified along with it.

Just like in case of symptomatic treatment immediate relief is noticed but it takes time to achieve all desired results.

Moreover cold cough fever are short term acute troubles will go away even if not treated, whereas ASD, Thyroid, PCOD, Asthma, Joint pains are long term chronic diseases and will not improve over time but in turn get worse.

People do not realize this and those who go to same Allopathic doctor to treat Typhoid fever for a month or even bear with relapses cannot wait for a Homoeopathic course to complete. They expect miracles in short time.

Advantages of classical method are treatments are available for following unusual causes:
ü  Vaccination related damages.
ü  High fever related convulsions which may have led to ASD symptoms with regression in normal milestones.
ü  Heavy metal poisoning back log can be cleared like lead, Aluminium or due to
ü  Medicinal overdoses of allopathic antibiotics Emotional issues of Mothers during Pregnancy of the affected child.
ü  Hormonal treatments undergone if any for conceiving by the Mother of te affected Child.
ü  Genetic orientations and defects are rectified.
ü  Head injury effects are treated and if possible cured, in case that is the starting point of the regress.

These are achieved by gradual flush outs of the system but reaction of the person determines outcome.


Also Bio-medical treatments of dietary changes and restrictions like stoppage of proprietary foods; foods with additives as well as restricting sugary, dairy or gluten foods are positive input for the Homoeopathic treatment but Chelation ; other chemical or medication (like Antibiotics) oriented treatments will hinder or even nullify Homoeopathic therapy. So, Homoeopath needs to know all therapies under gone and Parents are expected to stop few medications as per Homoeopaths advice.

However medications for Seizures (epilepsy) or other Psychiatric drugs must be reduced or stopped by concerned Psychiatrist alone and none other.


Homoeopathic treatment in Classical way is by far beneficial than many non-invasive therapies however Symptomatic treatment with Homoeopathy is comparatively safe to random treatments and beneficial for short terms.

According to one’s interest, efforts and intention to achieve progress in their child’s health results will be dependent upon.

Though practically Parents especially Mother’s fight a fierce battle against day today troubles, concerns about other family members; prioritizing this child over whole world it is a uphill task to sustain.

   So it has to be dealt with calm mind and put in all possible resources  like involving all good intentioned friends and relatives in taking care of the child”s welfare and with patience. Over zeal or Urgency is damaging just as much as laziness and complacence.

Provided Homoeopathy is by far safest, most helpful as well as result oriented and fulfilling journey (as narrated by Parents of children who are under Homoeopathic care) so, give a try after learning about it a bit.

To take care of such children few tips have been provided in the websitewww.rajhomoeoclinic.com articles

Death shall come only once


Teenage woes
Hey, I want talk to you teeny-weeny. Not to worry I will not advice, nor I ask you to procure more marks. It’s just a dialogue and talk back if it helped!
I know teen girls are easy to talk to; but boys never give a heed. Does it hurt us the elders, when in company of attitude or misdemeanour of a person age of their experience? Yes, of course it does, for parents it hurts. But I love to talk to you all coz you are sweet and your actions are age justified. Even you are not able to figure out what’s going on your ever full, crumpled brains. Since you hate to talk to your seemingly rigid Parents, this talk could be a let out. Trust me I won’t talk about careers and other serious stuff with my own kids I shall ask my well-wishers to…

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G – Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

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A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib

No Matter How Slow You Go, You Are Still Lapping Everybody On Th Click on image to see it on Fine Art America!

No money for a gym membership? Can’t get to the gym in time before it closes? Can’t afford a babysitter to look after the kids while you go look after yourself?

Walking may be the best answer!

There are many parks where walking paths post the mileage so you can set challenges for yourself… Some even have stationary equipment where you can do sit-ups, modified push-ups etc.

Not having money myself for long stretches of time forced me to take walks…and now I’m grateful for that, because it gives me something no gym can: FRESH AIR!

Another bonus? My grand-kids now want to come with me on walks, giving us special time together!

This is the exercise I’ve turned to after having had a heart “incident” recently, which helps me rehabilitate my body!

Even after having been accustomed to walking…

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