Tobocco in all forms is injurious

DSC02514Today is anti-Tobacco day and we speak about this for a day or two and forget about it. Still Film stars glorify it for their own cause and we find excuses to smoke or take tobacco in any form. But the fact remains it is most hazardous to ones health and also major reason for Sterility or infertility in both male as well as females. If a would be mother smokes chances of baby born with deformities is manifold and alas our misconceptions about  liberty of womanhood-  a much hyped topic; can lead to injustice to future of our mankind.

I do not want to elaborate on known facts but Homoeopathic treatment for few months can help to reduce the effects of Tobacco and help to beget children. But no short cuts treatment should be complete with abstinence of tobacco, correct usage of medicines after case taking by a qualified Homoeopath and healthy life style.

Tobacco -Heart has been successfully treated for symptoms and even blocks in the arteries, were reduced but it takes months to years. Moreover in cases that need immediate operation Homoeopathy helps for smooth pre and Post operative care. Easy healing of the wound early recovery post surgery are few benefits of allowing Homoeopathic medicines to be used before and after shifting to the wards post-Surgery.

In a case of a Man of 65 years with 70-80% blocks in three of major vessels who is a chronic smoker, Diabetic for more than two decades Hypertensive, developed Hypothyroidism of late; had Bypass surgery but recovered in record time. His wounds healed even earlier to another non-diabetic patient  in his ward; with Calendula 6 before he got admitted also continued after returning home, helped him.Even his Sodium deficiency kept under control by potentized Sodium Chloride that is Natrum Muriaticum 6x. 

In another case of Multiple disorders due to chronic smoking in a Man of 57 years, I had to prescribe multiple drugs for each trouble. After two years he came back to me complaining of  severe Nose bleed. Hospitalization did relieve for a while but it petrified him,  he was helped in most of complaints along side of  severe (220\110 mm of hg) Hypertension and nose bleed. His Hyperthyroidism was alleviated, his bloatedness was taken care of and mood stabilized but his varicose and inflammation of Arteries of leg(SIA) could not be reversed.

Homoeopathy surely will help at all levels will not do any harm if it is not helping. Asthmatic breathing or wheezing, frequent colds and snuffles or nose block will be relieved.  There are specific remedies for smokers cough which will be dry, consistent and Irritant cough.  Even Proprietary medicines to detoxify available in Homoeopathic shops will help to reduce cravings.

To achieve health one has to have strong will power and strive towards the goal in all possible ways without lame excuses. In old age if we becom dependents it is our own fault mostly and repenting at that time will not yield any results.

So, folks get up take, things into your own charge ; get rid of bad habits and its effects as well with Homoeopathy.




Tobacco Detoxification and Homoeopathy


Today is World No Tobacco day created by WHO in 1987 to spread awareness about ill effects of Smoking and taking Tobacco in any form. Homoeopathy cures diseases that are natural no doubt but little known fact is it also helps our Immune system to clear the long term effects of poisons and occupational hazards. Let us see what can be done through Homoeopathic remedies to control this Menace.
This includes damages done by Tobacco on the Health It could sleeplessness, reduced appetite, snuffles or dry nosethroat symptoms, also Heart conditions and finally cancer. No tall claims, but regular usage after quitting smoking or Tobacco will make one’s life better even Health may return to normalcy if damage is not severe. So, make sure you tell your Homoeopath about this Habit as a fact without hiding details.
Again severity depends on amount used; duration of intake as well as individual’s…

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