Depression and Homoeopathic Intervention

Change the view

A Lady in her thirties feels unworthy and what is the purpose of living albeit she has an affectionate family, has professional satisfaction as well as no major financial troubles. When people appreciate her abilities  it has negative effect on her.  She thinks people are lying, still she is not worthy. She wanted to lie down always because she had a peculiar tiredness.  There is no relish in really happy situations for her now and seems a bad taste in one’s mouth or bland feel. This is not just Post traumatic (shock) stress but sub clinical Depression. It is not rectified by talks, Positive enforcement, Auto (self) suggestions or scolding’s. She has realized how painful it is for her family members,’ to see your loved one in such condition’ but helpless to come out of it on her own.

Since we talked about Robin William, Hollywood actor’s suicide I thought it’s time to discuss about depression and its consequences. Everyone could have undergone those moments more than just sadness; due to major life conflicts but usually in most patients until it is leading to some major breakdown it is not noticed. I have taken the not much talked about perspective since depression has common features in all age groups but Children receive very less attention.

Even small children are not spared and we may be trying to mend them or accuse them of dullness and sleeping excessively. In reality they may be depressed and know not how to communicate their troubles. Weight gain is common and we may accuse children of excess eating or slowness and laziness. So, if your child is sleeping all time do not accuse or scold but try to figure out actual problem.

Suicidal Depression is altogether different and very severe. Few people show signs of suicide; few say (but they never attempt or even if they attempt adopt very mild forms; not fatal ones) usually if they survive those peak moments it will be alright ; it’s common knowledge but we fail to recognize future threats and severe pain they are still going through again  that they cannot be better by sleeping pills, anti-depressants or Counselling. They need rectifying their mental disorder which is nudging them to kill themselves.Here Homoeopathy not only soothes the pain brings on good sleep but also heals the wound. In this clinic many cases of Suicidal as well as sub clinical Depression has been treated with success and future threats have been mitigated.(see my article on Psychoanalysis and Homoeopathy Psycho analysis)

Even school children have been treated especially those in high school, who undergo severe stress due to peer pressure; of getting unrealistic marks and shaping exceptional careers. These children usually come with complaints of vague Physical problems,  hair fall, pimples, dullness and excess sleep. But on further inquiry actual cause comes out. They may forget at the nick of the moment, have brain fag or blank outs or fall ill with cold, fever frequently. In a case  treated ;a school girl  used to suffer from severe wheeze during exams and will not be able to write it. After treatment she regained her confidence as well as health and scored very well in her Pre- university exams.

Parents set very high standards not recognizing their children’s capabilities and it surely leads to stress and teenage problems. Yet telling your child to do whatever he wants without setting any limits, leads to slackness and substandard performance which is more injurious. At some point of their disastrous careers your children may ask,’ why  you did not guide me properly when I was still immature ’.

To strike balance proper communication along with good rapport with child and occasional scolding and rectifying faults is essential. Again recognizing problems of our children and providing solution is all needed. This includes Homoeopathic treatment to set problems of memory, comprehension and other problems along with addressing hormonal issues of teenage is necessary.  Have a great week ahead


Robin Williams and Me: The Killer Among Us.

These words exactly reflect m mood when I heard of Robin’s suicide

Psych Circus

Robin Williams  Person    Giant BombWhy Robin Williams?

I’m not a fan of celebrity worship, nor do I feel especially comfortable perhaps taking advantage of human suffering and loss by writing about a total stranger’s suicide.  That said, Robin’s suicide disturbs me. It touches a sore nerve, it hurts. He seemed a safe, reliable positive out there in the world, a source of joy and humor and, well, life. He was fine as far as I knew, just fine, then BAM!: dead. It’s shocking, saddening, makes the world seem less safe, less reliable.

Why me?

Clearly there is no “Robin Williams and me”, no relationship beyond talented performer and fan. I use the phrase in another sense. Why does his death hit me harder than most? What does it mean?

Events’ meaning partially come from our reactions to them, our responses. Like so many, I have thought over Robin’s many fine performances, the incredible eruption…

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Teen Talk

Boy of seventeen came inside my consulting room with his mother. Just you can understand on seeing him how much he is bored about coming to a Doctor.  On enquiry he will just stare; only his mother answers. I usually try to talk to them those subjects they will be fond of. All boys think Doctors are boring and will be advising relentlessly, only one girl behaved likewise. But they warm up to subjects they may like to talk about. Usually it is Career for boys and beauty tips ;hair related issues for both of them.

Prejudice or fixed mind-set is innate to teens and it’s a tough nail. That air/attitude about them angers adults and will puncture their egos. But considering Teens as equal to Adults is dangerous mistake. It’s tough but after all he/she is our child is it not. We cannot be ruthless. So, being matter of fact with compassion is most essential on our part.

So, Prejudice=compassion.

Teenagers give so much of importance to trivia (or silly matters) that we feel sick of getting them off it. But sometimes travelling in time machine to our own teenage may settle the thinks. Even if we were not like that at least we can gather such references of close friends behaving so, right? Being extremely tolerant on our part is needed. Better if we could steer them out of those habits with

big talk child at heart
big talk child at heart

and agreeing on few issues mutually. For example you say that dress is awesome but teen holds on to age old notion that either too thin/fat for that dress and keeps changing the outfits  for the Nth time, disgusting  is it not;as  time is running out. Even bribing or just hugging your child may all that is needed to fix the matter.

So Trivia=Tolerance.

Age related Hormonal change brings on much of alterations in their feelings that are quite natural. But at the same time they are vulnerable to dangers of getting into the company of wrong people as well. So, Teens should be handled as if they are one year olds. You tie a rope around the baby’s waist let him walk on his own he will falter but we will behave as if we are not aware still remove all blocks and dangers for the baby. Likewise we should be get associatedly dissociated. Just as our Prime Minister said on Independence day speech tracking their activity is very important. Educate them about our familial, Cultural and our own personal preferences as well as our vision for their future. For example you are not for some cultural deviations but your teen will be willing to move with hi-fi society. It is better to talk about those delicate matters; rather than letting them to do whatever they want and suddenly one fine day yelling at them.

So, Immaturity= to educate

Again not only teens but also young adults like to be noticed always. Either they shut themselves up due to shyness or overdo aping some worthless role model and do out of way things just for doing sake.  Both undesired; so, comparisons are useless. We can set a bench mark usually not from our surroundings and remind them time again to emulate their own role models. So, comparing, nagging or insulting Teenagers is in turn detrimental to them and parent child relationship.

So, Getting Noticed=role model

Talking about money and how much is wasted on their activities may not help to win teens heart, (actually it hurts) still it is essential to let your child know how much expenditure is consolidated to meet their needs and wants. Again they must be aware of difficulties in the household, but it must be in an adult to adult manner. They must be aware of all happenings of their home and forcibly (otherwise they will not care) involved in all happenings. Once they get engaged they will be happy to help their parents in household chores but little pushing each time is needed.

So, Values=communication.

Handling Teens is tough no doubt but do our parents felt so when we were teens? Taking things as it comes and simple solutions to day to day happenings is all needed. Thinking dramatically and giving undue importance to minor problems is not helping. But not caring for the child’s emotional needs is also not good. Good communication is basic thing to have a great future of your child. Yet communication gap, occasional yelling on parent’s part all will add zing to our life is it not. Have a great week ahead.




How to Prevent or Control Hypertension


   A man of about thirty years narrated his woes of getting frequent Headaches due to sleep deprivation. Further he told me he has Hypertension and is on drugs to alleviate it. His sleep pattern and Headache were first rectified then in a span of three to five months he came off of his Anti-hypertensive drugs. It is almost 5 years by now and except for few occasions his BP has been within normal range that too without those drugs.

 Hypertension or BP (blood Pressure) in common context is becoming very common not only in aged but also in thirties is worrisome. Still Doctors mostly prescribe Medicines without discretion which is much more concerning. They usually say ‘for lifetime’ giving no chance for our body to get rid of this imbalance is irreparable for our system.

Prudence is to prevent HBP if you are having

  1. Family History of Hypertension
  2. High tension work area with deadlines to meet.
  3. Sleep deprived because of Night shifts or sleepless due to worrying habit.
  4. Has any associated Hormonal imbalances like Thyroid, Diabetes, Kidney related issues and or any serious illnesses.
  5. Obesity is a major concern.
  6. Eating high calorie especially processed foods having Salt, sugar or even vinegar as preservative is major threat.

In this clinic alone many early Hypertensive cases have been cured with Homoeopathy. So early switching over to Homoeopathy is what all needed to not only prevent HTN but also to stop other Diseases like Stroke, Heart diseases, which are in making.

Apart from life style changes like Balanced and Nutritious food, timely intake of food one has to watch out amount of salt; of course its common knowledge. But cutting down salt completely does not help you either. It is a double-edged sword; you start despising saltless food and even cannot substitute with sugary stuff. Also nutrition intake will surely get reduced, many will face sodium deficiency which threatens heart function and whose medications are costly as well. Rather avoid processed food completely, take salt in moderation; by default donot add salt while taking your meal.

Proper sleep with all prescribed sleep Hygiene is necessary. Quitting Bad habits like Tobacco smoking as well as Consumption of Alcohol.

One has to have habit of walking at least half an hour a day 5-6 days per week. Instead of same routine of activity adding variety to your exercise will help to be agile and healthy .Just playing tennis or any sport with kids or otherwise, trekking hiking etc. Add zing to life. But reducing stress with yoga and Pranayama is also essential.

More importantly reducing popping up pills to get rid of minor ailments like Headaches, Constipation, and sleeplessness is very essential.

Homoeopathically remedies to reduce stress like Kali Phos 6x Mag Phos 6x and Nat Phos 6x will help to get sound sleep, relieve of minor gastric troubles. But Consulting a Homoeopath is must for

  1. Rectifying familial tendencies,
  2. To detox effects of bad habits if any,
  3. De stress and to rectify Hormonal imbalances.
  4. Even low blood pressure which is much more dangerous due to lack of warnings and suddenness can be treated effectively with Homoeopathy.

Even though HTN is symptom-less and symptoms appear after person is labelled as HTN and will be detected by Conventional checking of blood pressure with Sphygmomanometer; digital versions are too accurate for that moment and are only indicators, not helpful for diagnosis. So specifically get tested with conventional tools before being labelled HBP or otherwise.

Watch out for low or high BP.

  1. Giddiness or mild wavy feel.
  2. Excessive tiredness and sweating.
  3. Fainting
  4. Severe Headaches.
  5. Prolonged disturbed Sleep.
  6. Severe anxiety.
  7. Shortness of breath.
  8. Nosebleed

Hypertensive Crisis is where blood pressure is above 180 and above of systole and 110 and above of diastole. It’s an emergency and should be treated immediately.

    No need of Panic if diagnosed with HTN since it is not a disease but a disorder, you can reclaim normalcy and if not possible HBP can be kept under check to have a normal life.Have a (hyper)tension free weekend Take care.