Lead Poisoning: Reset your system with Homoeopathy


     Recent developments in regard to the ban of noodles brand, did not ring a bell for few “Are you one among them?” They are those families who cook from scratch and eat traditionally made foods.
When one of the panelists in a talk show said we Indians taught the whole world how to eat I was amused; yes we give so much Importance to food. We say ‘Anna’ which nourishes our Body, mind and soul. Even place of growth of food products, the cook, place of eating as well as provider of food, all is accounted for. It’s not just filling one’s stomach, “Bhojana’ is a well Balanced diet with dhal for proteins, carbohydrates in form of sweets, salads, soups all included on daily basis.
Of late our MacAulay mindedness has made people to follow all exotic, alien ways of eating fashionable discarding foods suitable for our climate, digestive systems and our innate natures. This has now raised concerns about Poisons in one’s food because anything out of place is dirt.
There are no short cuts for amazing Health. If you are concerned about toxins through vegetables better try growing them at home. If you are sure about the source; get your produce from Organic super markets.
But above all stop using ready to use pre- cooked or canned foods for easiest management of one’s Health. You can eat as much (a little less than) your satiety, give it to your children without much worrying and weight loss may not be guaranteed but health is.
But Lead is not the only Heavy metal we should be concerned about. It is also more than needed Iron, Magnesium based syrups for Indigestion but most important ingredient causing serious damage to digestive; as well as nervous system is Aluminum. Also in some parts Arsenic compounds are a concern.
A lady of 32 years who works in a factory and deals with soldering (Involves lead) came to me complaining of irregular periods. After detailed history lead poisoning turned out to be the real cause, she had a black patch on the left side of her nose which was spreading and blue lines on her gums. Along with constitutional therapy Lead was phased out with Plumbum Met a medicine prepared out of Lead. Since 2 years she is cleared of her problems, including her hormonal issues.
Now even taking Vitamin pills for very long period of time just thinking they benefit you is also poisoning the system ,shells or fillers present in the tablets get accumulated in one’s Joints causing damage and Inflammation. Except for those who are recovering from long term illness chemical Vitamin supplements are unnecessary. Supplements even for pregnant women should be natural.
One very important reason of poisoning is actual attempts to end one’s life: suicide attempts. People who consume corroding substances like phenyls and Acids may die but milder preparations like house hold pesticides may not take their life but leave their systems scared for rest of their lives. Although Homoeopathy has no role to play during Acute poisonings when the system is ailing due to residual symptoms Homoeopathy can help to get rid of those effects.
A lady aged 34years came to me or some constant knee joint pain. I tried usual course of medicines with little benefit. On further inquiry discovered two attempts on her life with House hold pesticides (rat kills). In her being, each system was penetrated and she had black as well as white patches on skin, all cleared over a period of 6 months of time along with rectifying digestive system which was corroded due the poison. Even her hairs nails became smooth from brittle; now since 4 years she is steered clear of most of her residual troubles. Not to mention her hormonal Imbalance also taken care of with Constitutional treatment and her confidence in self-restored, alongside suicidal tendency got removed.
In toddlers severe constipation is reported more often than one can notice. They try hard at removing the dry crumbling stools with great agony. Aluminum in so many forms penetrates in our systems through cans, foils, wraps; through baby foods which are contained in aluminum tins. Cases have been treated with phasing out the imperceptible poisons from system with Homoeopathic drugs.Usually Alumina a potentized form of Aluminum compound works wonders.
Poisons could be due to Bee stings or wasps bite or even other poisonous insects and Animals. This is also managed with Homoeopathy, but big topic in itself. So, explore the huge potential of Homoeopathy to help yourself no matter how enormous the task seems to be. Unless you try solution will not surface is it not.
Wish you a Happy noodles free weekend, take care.


2 thoughts on “Lead Poisoning: Reset your system with Homoeopathy

    1. Yes, people are not aware of things since its routine,even there is a habit in few households to use Lead vessels for rasam which is dangerous since it is enters directly into our system as well as heated.


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