Yoga and more

On the occasion of World Yoga day


21089986-man-silhouette-doing-yoga-in-old-temple-at-orange-sunset-sky-backgroundA woman of 30 complained of incessant hair fall. All usual remedies did not help a bit and on further probing I came to know about her tumultuous past with a fever for one month but more importantly taking poison in an unsuccessful bid to end her life. So, that was the clue, I treated the effects of poisoning which was about 5-6 years by now; also it had led to gastric troubles and other innumerable minor sort of issues. With Homoeopathy and good talks normalcy restored. She brought in few of her acquaintances and was cheerful meaning she had figured out the purpose of her existence.

Homoeopathy is a healing art and science of Therapeutics meaning it gives respite in cases of deviations of Health where our core energy is disturbed. But Homoeopaths work does not end with prescribing medicines since it’s an art of regaining not only lost…

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