Prescription Drug Overdoses Part I


A report published in The Hindu may seem shocking that Prescription drug overdose is largest killer in US, ahead of Motor vehicle accidents. Drug overdose may not be your Physicians mistake alone. It could be overzealous patients who fail to get the cues their body provides that something is wrong. Though as a Homoeopath we are not trained to prescribe allopathic drugs we are trained to see discrepancies’ and whether symptoms are caused due to natural diseases or drugs side effects or over doses.
When you check websites of Authority like CDC of US variety of drug overdoses noted top among them being pain-killers. Even we have a tendency to pop painkillers for Headaches and Knee pains is it not? Few of my patients say they carry on daily routine just because of Pain killers. It saddens me to hear this even up to 3 tablets per day though their Physicians does not approve it, there seems to be no other option. In these cases Headache has to be treated thoroughly like clearing the cause and nature of headache. It could be Sinus; Sun headaches, migraine, menopausal or tension headaches. In most of cases within two sittings headache becomes bearable and pain killers could be stopped, yet treatment may have to be continued to complete the course.
Most over prescribed drugs seen in daily practice are of Hypertension, sleeplessness and for Diabetes. Previously General physicians guided their patients to do diet changes and to exercise in order to control Type II diabetes ; HTN was confirmed only after repeated checks showing high pressure. Now experts tend to put on drugs for the results which tend to be slight above normalcy; even for digitally checked cases. Few of my patients were prudent enough to notice this and they stoped the medicines when they felt dizzy, sinking like feeling or excessive sweating. But I suggest you consult your Physician and discuss this.
Other abused drugs are Vitamins and Doctors are also partially responsible for this one. They use Vitamins as Placebos. Patients carry it forward and make a habit of taking Vitamin pills indiscriminately. One of my client said he takes vitamin tablets for ten years daily by now, it was shocking for me. He had joint pains no other trouble, I asked him to stop it for at least three months to flush out excesses from his system which he was reluctant to do. Convincing Patients about the unnecessary burden on our system due to drugs is the toughest part I guess since they think Vitamins and Iron alongside Calcium are ‘Good’ and need not to be stopped. They do not realize after all they are also proprietary drugs and not food.
Recently I had a case of melena, blackish watery stools or motions, along with vomiting and loss of appetite. It’s a serious issue meaning internal gut bleeding. When routines in my list did not yield results I reviewed her, asked what she recently did? She had been to her Physician and her Hypertension tablets were changed. I asked her to go back to her physician and report about this drug overdose, meanwhile I gave medicines to reduce impact of all drugs like Aloes Sorcotina 200 and Nux vomica 200. She felt better (imagine she was almost bed ridden by now), her appetite improved and when she reported to her Physician he changed her dosage admitting it was excesses of dosage.
Another lady of 45 took clopidegrol or clopilet a blood thinner to prevent- clots inside blood vessels and to strokes\heart attacks. She took the dosage double for more than three months ended up in melena, when she consulted her doctor he rectified it, but the effects are not that easy to go away. Just imagine she could have any bleeding disorder or life threatening episodes.


Century strike

Chennai as it’s called now, had been called as Chenna(i) patnam, Madrasu patnam. It has always been unique in its Cultural as well as geographical typology. But this time something very different happened, it shattered its own records of more than a century; in down pouring rains, of course. Yes, Chennai gradually upgraded its rainfall from better than previous years to ten year’s best and stopping the third innings after its own century records broken.
Being here for fifteen years now, I have been part of praying for sufficient rains every year; wait with anguish will this year be better! so that summer and extended summer will be little trouble free. This was cumulative effect of all the years, provably. But what it left behind was insurmountable. Lives were shattered, households have to rebuilt from the scratch, luxury cars which never received any respect from battered roads and chaotic traffic suffered much more shame in hands of rain god. They kept floating everywhere and owners had difficulty in catching their own cars.
Did it wash out everything? No, not everything, as in every case of disaster trails, humanity prevailed and reality emerged. It may leave behind a lesson or two for our future. So as a Spirit to help others gained priority, lifesaving again became foremost one. Everything reduced to basic needs.
The youth who instantly jumped into rescue operations few losing their precious lives in saving other as much precious ones, emerged as heroes.Kudos to youngsters whose names are not heard or faces not seen who are penultimate of selflessness and bravery. They surpassed their movie Idols , of whom with few exceptions mostly remained in cosy rooms and were shying away from living up to their reel life personas.
When nothing was misplaced at and around our areas we started feeling guilty as we heard on Social media about ravages of Rain. In fact as we came to know most of old city was unhurt in this process and it’s not that Mylapore alone was saved. So, people plunged into helping others who weren’t as lucky as themselves. It’s a way to be part of the big process and feeling blessed by” Kereya neeranu kerege chelli”, (giving back the water given by the lake to it) giving back to the eternal cosmos.
The LOVE and AFFECTION poured on to us by our friends and relatives just blew us all. Whether it’s known people or unknown they just showed solidarity and it boosted our morale amazingly. Actually our friends in other cities knew more about the happenings here than most of us, which again is heart-warming. It kept us afloat.
It was a flooding of volunteers as well and we could help in some ways like pack food packets for distribution. Since am a Homoeopath, medicines were dispensed to prevent Leptospirosis and dengue and being part of camps while delivering what was in our hands was really fulfilling. It gave us an opportunity to talk directly to victims and in the process put liniment on their wounds. When a young lean woman says she is not lactating properly to feed her 52 days old baby, I wonder, is she in need of medicines or simply is she hungry? I curse myself for not able to help her, to get food for herself.
But looking at them we can understand the amazing grit and mental strength; while helping each other as and when required, they take all difficulties into their stride; find solutions and move on. As one can guess, there resides the wisdom and spirit of our country.
The best part being forwarding messages to get help for people in trouble and connecting victims to their helping hands as our network and phone were functioning. When we hear that pregnant woman got help and delivered safely our joy knew no bounds. There were so many heart touching stories which made us cry, each passing day that we lost count of it. For the first time we took to social media without guilt of wasting time, but to get help for others or at least we believed so!
Practically Chennai is back in full zoom by now, but these memories will linger for many years to come. We can say to our grandchildren about the happenings and feel proud that ‘during Chennai floods, volunteers out- numbered victims at times’. It’s a way to say thanks to all of our Friends who stood by us, prayed for us and helped Chennai to be back as before.