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A girl of seventeen has very irregular periods. Another Girl was on Insulin while writing her Plus two Exams which got normalised after that. This girl always gets severe Wheeze which cripples her during her exams that is from tenth standard onwards. This boy has severe wheezing and takes leave often which makes him academically a non-achiever. This boy of thirteen has severe abdomen pain before going to school especially before exams.
Do these real, yet regular teenage problems ring a bell? Is this only case specific as Doctors may suggest or something else is the underlying cause?
Believe it or not all teens who seek Medical help have very high, performance oriented stress and are not able to cope with them. This is because of their Parents and Peer pressure as well. It is not the stress, that good one you experience before a stage show or participating in a sport. It just squeezes life sap from them. It makes them seem invalid.
Recently I visited a sponsored exhibition where 108 Karanas of Bharata muni’s Natyashastra as depicted in Brihadeeswara temple carvings were documented by veteran Dancer smt.Padma Subramanyam. If you see her dancing you can make out why she is a living legend. The effort which has been put into each piece of Dance is so astounding. We had been to a Carnatic Music recital and the Vocalist is an IIM grad. Rendition was so amazing, which reflected  Sadhana  since his childhood and after that academics can be said as only Icing on the cake.
In the same beat when I first saw that young carpenter working I could admire his eye for detail and precision in his work. Now he has diversified with big clientele base as well as a website and at this point his academics does not matter much I guess.
One boy in his second year of Engineering has had problems and his worried father asked me to talk to him. He entered engineering due to peer pressure and now unable to decide whether to continue studies or to pursue his dreams. I suggested him to go ahead with his plans; but in future only a four letters could have fetched a lucrative job, besides his superlative credentials it could be too late. Now I came to know from his father that he is going to college besides shaping up his dreams.
I told one of my client not to take up CA if she does not have an absolute passion towards it. She tried to clear the CPT twice but in vain which reduced her self-confidence. Not clearing entrance exam do necessarily mean that she is not good enough?
I think we can figure out the need of this generation by all above statistics. They need guidance and removal of obstacles in their path of choice. If utterly confused our duty is to clear the confusion and help them in need of hour. But it’s quite essential for us to decipher all available Paths and resources for them and again make them recognise that there is only one royal road for accomplishment; hard work and diligence.
Making them strong Mentally to meet life’s challenges is more important than taking up fancy courses. Courses are not end to achieve but a beginning to an end and that everyone knows. Let them not suffer physically and mentally due to the perennial stress. Instead let them be prepared to welcome their bright future with a smile and tools to get where they want to be.


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