Love your Life


And be grateful to it, always. And show your gratitude by not staying away from its challenges …. Live a bit beyond your capacities.
I like to live life with full zeal, not cake walk through it but to get a bit adventurous and meet its challenges. I Cherish’ The Life’ with all of its shades and offerings. Yes, loving one’s life as it is; accepting reality yet pushing boundaries inch by inch to make what you want to be a reality is the purpose is it not?.
I love everything, people around me, those chirping birds, serene sky and silvery clouds, line of parrots perching on a telephone line wire, temple bells, my mobile’s message twinkle tone, a cuckoo’s song and my younger daughter scaring me off daily after her school with a Boo.
Being a teen is one’s Life’s best part isn’t it, well may be. If you ask a teen, she will roll her eyes ask you in turn” is it?” At least it was a great time for me. Instead of longing for those days and lamenting we cannot get it back I started a teen’s life again.
With my bubbly Teen daughter and younger one still of age in single digit but who thinks she’s a teen already; we have energy in our house hold as well as Masti (but no teeny dressing, it’s not my cup of tea anymore) . From listening to funny stories of my daughters and mine added to them; to dissecting Movies and their stars with full zeal; we talk endlessly. I text my not so teeny friends, Sing songs at the top of my lungs, laugh with my daughter watching comedy shows and Chota Bheem. We all love to get soaked in Rains and when it starts raining my elder daughter will look at me with a twinkle in her eyes and a broad smile. (In fact I and my husband will get scared whenever she smiles broadly with that twinkle; its petition time, you know) Three of us will rush to our terrace to get drenched. We three fight over a piece of Chocolate usually his share which he never eats! We have Ice creams together party with daughters’ friends as  we all are friends now. This is my way of connecting with my children but is not his way. You cannot make a Lion eat grass I mean Ice creams and Chocolates okay!
Have you ever gazed at people moving around you without judging them? Each face will tell a story at a glance. Have you listened to wit of Auto rickshaw drivers or wisdom of street vendors? You can catch nuances of life if not self-obsessed or have a ‘so what’ attitude. You can never get bored anywhere and anytime. This a sort of Anthropology without frills. If you could look at the Life without getting personal or being attached it is next level of being, as Sri Krishna says’ Padma patramivaambhasaa’(lotus leaf in water which is holding pearls of water, but not soaked). You start loving your life much more by getting involved yet detached.
Now let me get into advice mode which I am best at and teens despise most. Did you know that Depression is very common and can be triggered by as simple as a Flu and need not be due to a major unpleasant event of life. It can be subclinical and medication will have very bad consequences even Antibiotics are detrimental. Of course Homoeopathy  is best suited for mild to moderate as well as cases not needing institutional care. Lots of love towards life, along with Homoeopathy and Music will help you to come out of mood swings and to get relieved of vague Physical symptoms which you never knew are due to mild depressive state. Kali Phos 6x and Mag Phos 6X can relieve stress and bring on good sleep. But Homoeopath alone can treat you, provide counseling if necessary and can cure it.
A simple thought, “The most difficult task is to make everybody happy, the simplest task is to be happy with everyone. Purpose is the same.” Bye for another busy weekend be happy.


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