487749_458464190893989_87225494_nNow Information is bombarded about Natural living with products and therapies.On  looking closely we realize that they may not be sincere enough and at times it may seem being close to nature will be a costly affair; which is not. It’s a way of life which could be achieved over a period of time and People hailing from rural area will already living that way without much fanfare.

To me nature’s ways are very simple and stripped of extravagance. It is wholesome and fulfilling; ‘no time; excuse’ is no good. It’s a conscious choice and sticking to it persistently, yet simple does not necessarily mean convenient and that’s the trick.

Let me explain, preparing Noodles is very convenient than preparing Idli or traditional breakfasts is it not. Taking shampoo hair wash is very convenient to using traditional Soap nut powder. Do you have the conviction to be a nature’s flag bearer? Try these, which I have already inculcated in my household with occasional violations and indulgences.

First of all discarding self-medication to day to day troubles is sure way begin this journey. If you have severe cough, cold and slight fever (below 102F) you opt for home remedies and rest, after figuring out actual cause of this flare up correct that cause.For example it could be due to over strain, some nagging problem which can be sorted out on giving a thought about it or getting drenched in rains.

For Children you can be Cautious and ensure for quick recovery without being over indulgent in Antibiotics. Homoeopathy comes in here and removes all tags attached to being sick. In fact children can be as happy as ever even when termed sick. So, before popping up a pill for Headache think twice is it helping you to have optimal health?

Eating dry fruits raw is beneficial whereas fried ones are no good. Peanuts dry roasted or boiled are good not the oil fried ones.

I do not have a Juicer and Fruit juice is a Luxury at our homes. My children eat a Whole fruit for snacks or when want something to nibble on. Peeling off the skin of Fruits and veggies may seem sophisticated but are in turn injudicious you lose vital nutrients in the process, washing thoroughly is all needed. Do not yield for tall claims that juices are Health saviours, in fact it can be adding sugars, deprive of fibre in the fruit and no one knows how much nutrients you actually get after it  emerges out of juicer. Fresh Fruit Juices should be for Sick, to push in for kids who dislike fruits or as substitutes for Colas.

Cost effectiveness and sustenance should also to be considered while choosing Oils and cold pressed regular ones are preferred to Olive oil; the AD man’s darling. Preferably  snacks like fryums can be prepared with unrefined oils at home instead of buying from unknown sources. If you can afford Organic fruits and vegetables well and good or else with some effort you can have your own Kitchen garden in your back yard.

Processed, Tinned: Canned food must be avoided with vengeance since it’s convenient and if allowed occasionally can be over powering. Making choices with clear conscience and conviction will steer you and your family towards Wellness although it demands your valuable time and efforts. Much more to come! Have a happy n healthy weekend.



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