Patients whom I dislike

Type of Patients I dislike?
Well, it’s a tricky question! Or is it?
Patients or Clients as they are termed in Western countries come to Doctors for varied reasons. Clients can be
 Open type who give required information on inquiry or
 closed types who never want to reveal any facts or
 talkative, never ending chit chatters or
 methodical tell me each detail about treatments taken until now with all minutest details of dosage , or
 denying type who want to show their own knowledge or
 Too fussy asking too many questions without waiting for answers; even after clearing all of their doubts still doubtful.
 Some are hypochondriac or imagine they could have each of the disease they hear about
 but most recent addition is of cyperchondriacs-who search details on internet and treatment provided for it and experiment on their own. These patients could be fussy as well as endanger their own prospects of getting cured by too much of medication, I must warn here.
In my practice I see those who just want clarification but no medicines.
Those who need only medicines and magical cure but no advice!
Those need only a friendly adviser who is non-judgemental third party.
Those really need to improve their health as a whole as well as cement a lasting bonding with their Doctor.
I usually figure out in one or two sittings what’s their need and conduct myself accordingly. Yet few Patients do not realize that being friendly does not allow them to take me for granted or talk incessantly at busy hours. Though their purpose is just to confirm what they have already decided and not to change their minds, they still carry on.
Few are too concerned about me and will not say they are not feeling any better. They think it may offend me; but it won’t. My job is to fix the problem and being honest and telling that medicine did not work will lead to a more suitable medicine, that’s all. All Homoeopaths will appreciate it I guess. It’s better than start searching for a new Doctor both for the patient and for the Doctor is it not?
Few have something else on their minds. Their important complaint which usually will be cosmetic one which is cured mostly in the end of the whole treatment course, may not be that important issue for their Health. For example few worry incessantly about a dark spot on face but not so worried about Thyroid issue. If Doctor says it will fade away after 1-2 months, not convinced but ignore to take Thyroid medicines as prescribed.
They should understand as well as trust the Doctor and stop interfering in the on-going treatment with other Doctor’s prescriptions or over the counter drugs. Patient should be ‘Patient’ is it not? Mostly they hide facts which are still more dangerous.
Few patient’s forget that Doctor had asked for follow-up to solve the Problem completely which cannot be done when acute symptoms were present like wheezing with fever, loose motions so on and so forth. They remember again when real problem arises and sometimes it may become very tough to treat at that point of time. So, following Doctors advice is very important, and should not think of money or time.
Honestly; tell me, is curing abdomen pain due to kidney stones with three months medicines worth it or going for surgery saying no time to see the Doctor, will be better? Is it not like that adage ”using axe to cut which needed a finger nail” You may have to shell thousands of rupees plus pain and other troubles for a life time inclusive, is it not?
Last but not the least Doctors have their own importance in their life’s so judging Doctors on their Ideals is as bad as getting judged by them in turn. It’s a relationship of trust, mutual respect and includes service mindedness. Thinking that since I pay him, Doctor should attend me at my own timings or convenience does not suit is it not? It’s true that few Doctors nowadays do not seem to sense the feelings or urgency of their Patients; yet they are also humans.
Now the let me come to the Heading of this article. Honestly, why I should dislike any of them? In reality I like each one my of Patients. I like all of them because they have trusted me to mend their problems and given me an opportunity to serve them. Closest friend or a kin may be having very good personal relationship with me, but may not trust me in health issues is it not? So, all of them are adorable.
Especially those Cute little tots are my favorite. They just pull me out of sadness or regular weariness. Few of my Patients will tell me about new trends or just share random information. During psychotherapy my emotional burdens will be reduced and will discover so many shades of life; will be filled with gratitude about Life.
Moreover I Judge none of them. They share their personal things with me just for getting help to solve their problems, Doctors are only allowed to help not to judge or comment on somebody’s personal choices, is it not? This is the most respected profession even today not only because it requires high levels of perseverance and skills but also in that process we touch so many life’s and its very tough to carry on without our benefactors who have given us huge responsibility. Let me strive to fulfill it. Have a happy week ahead.


Hair Care and Homoeopathy

Hairs are called crowning glory by cliché and they are; since it really matters a lot in ones persona besides its significance as Health indicator. Since Adolescents are obsessed with the fact that looks are most important and it assumes running behind a mirage of sorts, for them.
Ask your grandma does her hair turned grey in her thirties? Whether she started using shampoos to clean her hairs as young as 6 months of age? I think the answer will be in negative for both questions. She mostly used homemade Shikakai whole of her life. Then is it that tough to use Shikakai \soapnut powder in this era of so many Herbal\Organic shops? That’s what it sounds very simple yet you may have to spend one hour to get that powder done once in 6 months or so and need 10 minutes extra to wash your hairs with that powder\paste.
Time again it has been proved clinically that shampoos are no good of any brand or how much ever costly. Even baby shampoos are no different and herbals are little milder can be used occasionally, but Anti-Dandruff shampoos are worst enemy of your hairs. You need only few washes to obtain grey strands. And surely greying of hair as early as 16 years is not genetic nowadays but chemically acquired.
Plain unrefined coconut oil is best for your hairs but warming with curry leaves, mixing Amlaki and Henna powder or along with Shikakai is also very good, indeed you can make these home remedies freshly each time you need a hair wash, else can apply overnight and wash hairs in the morning. If you could spend some time on FB or WhatSapp; surely you can make some time for this most important aspect of ones looks, agree? Please do not buy any brand hair oils they surely are waste of money. When Hair problems are hormonally influenced what can any external thing do to modify that? Treatment must be internal as well is it not?
Homoeopathy helps in all aspects of Hair problems be it easily tangled as in remedy Borax or frizzy hairs of Graphites. Usually Nat Mur 6X or Kali Mur 6X can help to reduce hair fall due to external factors such as pollution, besides no health issues noticed. Few People are benefitted by Arnica Hair oils but it may not be a rule. This is also true for Jaborandi Q and Mentha piperatum Q other medicines which helps to get abundant hair growth. If they are not suited for you, side effects will be Headaches or mild giddiness or some new symptom you had never noticed before. But discontinuing the oil is enough to get rid of additional symptoms, they are not lasting ones.
But the truth is it needs simple yet not so convenient solutions to keep hairs in whatever way you want. As you know general health improving, intake of fresh fruits and veggies essential for good hairs by now since you may have gone through hundreds of beauty magazines. Still you may not be aware that hair fall is a serious issue and an indicator of some deep Imbalance usually hormonal, may be Anaemia or even Tubercular tendencies. If left untreated those not so perceptible troubles may turn into severe illnesses. Taking Homoeopathic treatment is very essential to prevent bigger issues like 1. In nut shell to have bouncy beautiful hairs switch back to natural ways of treating your hair instead of costly or fancy ones.
2. Take medicines or supplements as suggested for a brief period if it works well and good.
3. Still hair fall should never be ignored get treatment from a Qualified Homoeopath; only individualised treatment and prevent futuristic health Setbacks.
Even though this is not an exhaustive list, still it will serve purpose of regaining the old charm in your face I hope. Take care have a great week ahead

Child Psychology

I heard an interesting terminology’ child centric’ meaning the child’s well being at the center-fold and to make your child get prepared to face this world. Actually children thrive in a guided framework pattern instead of unpredictable patterns. They usually abide by rules and mostly stick to it and expect you not to change rules at a drop of hat, at your convenience.
In his beautiful comprehensive article, Dr.Steve Korner., Psychologist says listening is virtually impossible unless parents are able to constructively regulate their own emotions. Parents and children reciprocally exchange or catch emotions like cold or contagion (i.e. frustration, anger, sadness).  How Parents and Children can function as a Successful Team, Psychology information online.
For example Father is down with some illness Child’s scores in Exam may dip even though every possible help has been provided. If Mother is always on the verge of some Psychological turmoil and child may come up with destructive tendencies. So, not scolding or penalising children does not mean full care provided. Their emotional needs has to be taken care of as well as they have to be involved as an individual in all activities of one’s household. Proper attention matters, more than toys or gifts.
Not only toys are child driven things in our household, we cram our houses with things just demanded by our child or we saw in an attractive ad in a Shopping Mall. Wafers, noodles, pastas, soya products, pastries, cupcakes ……the list goes on for the sake of show off that our household is modern (like the one in TV Ad) refrigerators; cupboards will be filled with all available goodies (?).
One of tiny tot’s Mother was complaining of fussy eating. I asked what he takes in the morning. She elaborated he takes a big glass of milk at 7.15 am and skips his breakfast at 8- 8.15 am. I asked her to prioritize he cannot have both in one hour gap if he drinks milk without fuss then shift it to 10.30 am break snacks, but moderate breakfast is essential and milk alone cannot hold on till 12 noon lunch hour. You cannot just push through all things just because they are healthy into your child’s mouth is it not? They ask for so many things but actually take which is really essential for them only very few children gobble every eatable is it not?
Simple hints to trap your clever child:
1. Keep decisions what and when to buy in your own hands be firm and prioritize, once I bought some health drink since my second daughter asked daily for a month and she had half spoon on the very first day and it went to moths and fungi.
2. Fix adorable yet unhealthy foods for specific time, Noodles or pasta every month once in my household, Pizza done at home from scratch once a month or so, chips chocolates for celebrations or in birthday parties only, hotel food while travelling or occasionally, rest homemade foods and occasional indulgences. They quickly learn and adapt to this and will be looking forward to these occasions. No restriction for Ice-creams and biscuits they are fill-ups or as and when needed.
3. Chats can be prepared at home with some effort, again monthly once or so. Even Spicy Sweet corn or soups can be prepared easily at home.
4. Healthy breakfast is not bread and butter or cornflakes 7 days a week. Bread should not be included in diet, more than twice in a week, instead make habit of traditional breakfasts initially with force; perks or gifts then they will adapt to it, bread or corn flakes should be for emergency purposes only not regulars.
5. Wafers seem to be healthy but are too sweetened and should be kept as a bribe or reward, Cookies is better.
6. Adding variety and new food should start at 10- 12 months of age initially just to taste then teaspoonfuls they gag do all dramas feel hot/spicy but efforts must continue till they come to your terms. They say at least ten tastings are needed for a baby to accept new taste, so keep trying; this is true for older children as well.
To summarize Children are not individuals’ but part of family in all respects; functioning as a unit. They must be respected provided specific role as well as consulted in decisions should be aware of troubles parents are going through yet kept away from difficulties. They need cozy home with caring, attentive parents and material things will come in the last of the list. Take care have a happy weekend.

What’s your description of Health

Health is most talked about: yet not understood by all. Each person has his own set of views about his health maybe compensated according to his constrains or outrageous in a few, especially teens but not confined to them alone. I feel amused when a set of people are so much giving importance to trivia’s like running nose or an inconspicuous rash and people who cannot afford Ignore major life threatening signals and carry on day to day activity!
My intention here is to make one aware of one’s priorities in Life and essential Health status achieved accordingly. One girl will say,” if I reduce ten kilos my Health will be optimal”, is it so? If you are getting into some sort of Show biz, then your weight and looks will be most essential. Otherwise it will be absurd to keep unachievable targets just to feel good, instead you can gradually work towards being healthy and’ feel good’ will come automatically.
If we have Headache we tend to avoid work, noise and People and to avoid someone we may say so. Usually we use health to get what we want in any given situation. But base line for all is our own attitude towards Health, if we are very interested in certain thing we will accomplish it at any cost is it not? Again keep your perspectives open and get best out of any given condition. Instead of Health a concern it should be a journey towards betterment Physically, Mentally as well as spiritually. You shouldn’t age without evolving as a person, is it not?
Now let us explore Homoeopathy’s role in achieving and maintaining Health. As Dr. Rajan Sankaran renowned Homoeopath and Academician puts it, “Disease sets several conditions for feeling okay…our ability to react to the situation becomes restricted. Health is unconditional okayness. It allows Man to be in the moment and react appropriately. It signifies freedom, spontaneity and being in the present.”
So, Homoeopathy is there to bring about absolute Okayness in most of cases especially those who have a balanced Life and in case of Children. And in incurable cases like Old age troubles, cases pertaining to Hormone disorders due to surgical removal of Organs, if not total; almost nearest to cure can be achieved. For example, cases of Hormonal imbalances causing severe Menopausal symptoms; post Hysterectomy (Removal of Uterus) have been treated regularly with Homoeopathic equivalent of Hormone replacement therapy without those undue side effects of an Allopathic treatment, plus these ladies are relatively healthier than their counterparts of normal Menopause. It could be Hot flushes, Hypertension or sleeplessness and mood swings.
If you are healthy maintain it with Homoeopathy which only rectifies troubles due to weather changes or not so severe illnesses. Bonus is you can be happy you are not assaulting your system with unnecessary chemicals and antibiotics. One step further of Home remedies that’s it.
Yes! come on take charge of your own destiny, win back your health with the help of Homoeopathy and find that overall outlook towards the same problem situations have paved way to smooth sailing without a second thought: Ah ! This means Wellbeing is it not?