Tobacco Detoxification and Homoeopathy

Today is World No Tobacco day created by WHO in 1987 to spread awareness about ill effects of Smoking and taking Tobacco in any form. Homoeopathy cures diseases that are natural no doubt but little known fact is it also helps our Immune system to clear the long term effects of poisons and occupational hazards. Let us see what can be done through Homoeopathic remedies to control this Menace.
This includes damages done by Tobacco on the Health It could sleeplessness, reduced appetite, snuffles or dry nose\throat symptoms, also Heart conditions and finally cancer. No tall claims, but regular usage after quitting smoking or Tobacco will make one’s life better even Health may return to normalcy if damage is not severe. So, make sure you tell your Homoeopath about this Habit as a fact without hiding details.
Again severity depends on amount used; duration of intake as well as individual’s general Health condition and Family History.
Homoeopathy has a range of drugs and mother tinctures dedicated to this purpose, of these Passiflora Q or 6th potency will help to get sleep. Plantago Q can be taken for long term with reduced craving and improved Health in general along with Teeth related troubles if any. Even Proprietary Medicines for detoxification have served the purpose. To reduce craving Ignitia 6c or Clematis erecta Q will be helpful. Also Iberis 30 has helped in cases of heart diseases due to smoking so as strontia carb 6 and Tabacam 30 for bloating of abdomen, Heart conditions and other related issues.
So, if you are Smoking or taking tobacco in any form, first steer clear of that habit. If it is tough to do so try these tips;
1. Increase the gap between smokes by busying yourself in some interesting thing. Researchers suggest even chewing gums may alleviate sudden maddening urge.
2. Nullify excuses like” it relieves tension; It keeps my weight gain at check or lame excuse of society symbol.” Instead you can look at celebs who do not smoke, yet revered.
3. Will power along with support from family and friends is the solution. But your own Will power must be invincible.
See a Homoeopath and get treated to reduce craving of tobacco along with all above mentioned solutions. Finally your Health should be your own concern and you must keep it Optimal with efforts in right direction. If you get some severe illness or cancer no one who has glorified smoking will come to your rescue. You must fend for yourself with Physical calamity plus financial burden and at the same time you have ditched your Loved ones.


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