Yoga and more

21089986-man-silhouette-doing-yoga-in-old-temple-at-orange-sunset-sky-backgroundA woman of 30 complained of incessant hair fall. All usual remedies did not help a bit and on further probing I came to know about her tumultuous past with a fever for one month but more importantly taking poison in an unsuccessful bid to end her life. So, that was the clue, I treated the effects of poisoning which was about 5-6 years by now; also it had led to gastric troubles and other innumerable minor sort of issues. With Homoeopathy and good talks normalcy restored. She brought in few of her acquaintances and was cheerful meaning she had figured out the purpose of her existence.

Homoeopathy is a healing art and science of Therapeutics meaning it gives respite in cases of deviations of Health where our core energy is disturbed. But Homoeopaths work does not end with prescribing medicines since it’s an art of regaining not only lost health but also to complete functioning of person mentally, physically and spiritual; meaning purposeful existence. So, Homoeopaths do counseling let he patient heal themselves with channelizing grief. On Physical level we prescribe good Hygiene, moderate exercise and good nutritious as well as balanced food. 

   Even it helps to regain problems arising due to falls mechanical injuries so much so that removes small foreign objects accidentally stuck inside the body. But if it is due to bites of Poison snake or other poisons introduced into one’s body its effects must be antidoted first; then Homoeopathic medicines will nullify the residual symptoms due to poisoning.

Wondering, what the connection with the heading! Walking and Yoga are the two greatest tools to achieve that well being and Optimal Health. It could be as simple as sitting down on floor or stretching to get on the upper case. People are nowadays avoiding circumstances altogether where they have to walk a bit or squat. It is not disease as such but surely will lead to major troubles in near future as flexibility on physical and mental plane matters more than fancy things you do thinking healthy practices. Mentally fit people never are bothered about any uncertain situations and take surprises in their stride be it long walks, climbing or other moderate things done.

Yoga is he only tool which makes you surprisingly flexible on all planes. It just lets you do what you wish to do. Early morning walkers will be aware how much up they feel after walking just half an hour a day .Again only after learning yoga properly and doing it as regularly as possible alone can make you realize what you had missed whole of your life . I will go further to say that not teaching children yoga which is prescribed for that age group will be depriving them of most vital tool to keep them healthy for rest of their lives.

Believe me I also had dozens of reasons not to walk or join Yoga class. Once I joined that group I can feel the before and after yoga difference. Even now if I drift away and feel groggy  I realize, Oh! yoga can fix this feel. If you believe in not letting any chance to provide your child best things of Life; then be kind to yourself as well and gift yourself yoga the power to feel real happiness and well being. But joining group initially is better than tailored classes as one needs time to get the flexibility and motivation. With this note I wish a great week and happy dasara.


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