Patients whom I dislike

Type of Patients I dislike? Well, it’s a tricky question! Or is it? Patients or Clients as they are termed in Western countries come to Doctors for varied reasons. Clients can be  Open type who gi…

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Patients whom I dislike

Type of Patients I dislike?
Well, it’s a tricky question! Or is it?
Patients or Clients as they are termed in Western countries come to Doctors for varied reasons. Clients can be
 Open type who give required information on inquiry or
 closed types who never want to reveal any facts or
 talkative, never ending chit chatters or
 methodical tell me each detail about treatments taken until now with all minutest details of dosage , or
 denying type who want to show their own knowledge or
 Too fussy asking too many questions without waiting for answers; even after clearing all of their doubts still doubtful.
 Some are hypochondriac or imagine they could have each of the disease they hear about
 but most recent addition is of cyperchondriacs-who search details on internet and treatment provided for it and experiment on their own. These patients could be fussy as well as endanger their own prospects of getting cured by too much of medication, I must warn here.
In my practice I see those who just want clarification but no medicines.
Those who need only medicines and magical cure but no advice!
Those need only a friendly adviser who is non-judgemental third party.
Those really need to improve their health as a whole as well as cement a lasting bonding with their Doctor.
I usually figure out in one or two sittings what’s their need and conduct myself accordingly. Yet few Patients do not realize that being friendly does not allow them to take me for granted or talk incessantly at busy hours. Though their purpose is just to confirm what they have already decided and not to change their minds, they still carry on.
Few are too concerned about me and will not say they are not feeling any better. They think it may offend me; but it won’t. My job is to fix the problem and being honest and telling that medicine did not work will lead to a more suitable medicine, that’s all. All Homoeopaths will appreciate it I guess. It’s better than start searching for a new Doctor both for the patient and for the Doctor is it not?
Few have something else on their minds. Their important complaint which usually will be cosmetic one which is cured mostly in the end of the whole treatment course, may not be that important issue for their Health. For example few worry incessantly about a dark spot on face but not so worried about Thyroid issue. If Doctor says it will fade away after 1-2 months, not convinced but ignore to take Thyroid medicines as prescribed.
They should understand as well as trust the Doctor and stop interfering in the on-going treatment with other Doctor’s prescriptions or over the counter drugs. Patient should be ‘Patient’ is it not? Mostly they hide facts which are still more dangerous.
Few patient’s forget that Doctor had asked for follow-up to solve the Problem completely which cannot be done when acute symptoms were present like wheezing with fever, loose motions so on and so forth. They remember again when real problem arises and sometimes it may become very tough to treat at that point of time. So, following Doctors advice is very important, and should not think of money or time.
Honestly; tell me, is curing abdomen pain due to kidney stones with three months medicines worth it or going for surgery saying no time to see the Doctor, will be better? Is it not like that adage ”using axe to cut which needed a finger nail” You may have to shell thousands of rupees plus pain and other troubles for a life time inclusive, is it not?
Last but not the least Doctors have their own importance in their life’s so judging Doctors on their Ideals is as bad as getting judged by them in turn. It’s a relationship of trust, mutual respect and includes service mindedness. Thinking that since I pay him, Doctor should attend me at my own timings or convenience does not suit is it not? It’s true that few Doctors nowadays do not seem to sense the feelings or urgency of their Patients; yet they are also humans.
Now the let me come to the Heading of this article. Honestly, why I should dislike any of them? In reality I like each one my of Patients. I like all of them because they have trusted me to mend their problems and given me an opportunity to serve them. Closest friend or a kin may be having very good personal relationship with me, but may not trust me in health issues is it not? So, all of them are adorable.
Especially those Cute little tots are my favorite. They just pull me out of sadness or regular weariness. Few of my Patients will tell me about new trends or just share random information. During psychotherapy my emotional burdens will be reduced and will discover so many shades of life; will be filled with gratitude about Life.
Moreover I Judge none of them. They share their personal things with me just for getting help to solve their problems, Doctors are only allowed to help not to judge or comment on somebody’s personal choices, is it not? This is the most respected profession even today not only because it requires high levels of perseverance and skills but also in that process we touch so many life’s and its very tough to carry on without our benefactors who have given us huge responsibility. Let me strive to fulfill it. Have a happy week ahead.

ASD Causes and Treatments in a nut shell

Autism occurred in about 5 children per 10,000 live births. However, since the early 1990’s, the rate of autism has increased enormously throughout the world, so that figures as high as 60 per 10,000 are being reported. According recent figure estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network about 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), affects all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.
The reasons for the increase are being debated, but the most likely cause appears to be
 over vaccinations of infants,
 Lyme Disease,
 Leaky Gut Syndrome,
 Chronic Inflammation Of Brain cells Neurons ,
 Genetic Traits,
 Poor Immunity
 Heavy metal Toxins.
 Fungal infections,
 Environmental Pollution can also to be blamed.
 Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the leading cause of disability in children

Even though the majority of these are defined as “mild” TBI (mTBI), there is evidence that between 15-50% of children with mTBI will have poor functional outcomes.
Especially MMR vaccines blamed for this but experts claim it’s not vaccine but Thimerosal in the vaccine causing the damage. Though it is evident that Children with weak constitution or make-up cannot take up vaccination adverse reactions and one size fits all policy is not beneficial so many factors are playing their part in continuation of Governmental Vaccination drives as before.(Read related articles.)

Some experts feel that screening may alleviate parents’ uncertainties by obtaining an earlier diagnosis when parents already know that their child is “just not right.”
But others, such as University of Maryland’s Shubin, are concerned that it may instil unnecessary fear due to incorrect diagnoses. Screening could also offer relief for other families who feel that something is not quite right with their child, only to discover that they do not have any form of ASD.
“Screening that shows their kids do not have autism should be a relief,” says Dr. Mark Groshek, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Littleton, Colorado

Role of Mother’s Mental Health.
In a study they compared mothers of 20 autistic, 20 Down syndrome, and 20 developmentally normal children matched on several pertinent demographic variables. Results revealed that mothers of autistic children reported.
 less parenting competence,
 less marital satisfaction,
 more family cohesion, and
 Less family adaptability than mothers in the other two groups.
 Mothers of both autistic and Down syndrome children reported more disrupted planning,
 caretaker burden, family burden, and
 Frequent use of self-blame as a coping strategy than did mothers of developmentally normal children.
The practical implications of these findings are discussed, particularly those pertaining to low parenting competence and the use of self-blame as a coping strategy.
So, it’s evident that Mother’s state of mind and Health has direct effect on Children’s health even after birth at times.

Also, because many ASDs are still not completely understood, there exists no “cure” per se, only treatment.
“Better treatment options need to be studied,” says Dr. Steven Pavlakis, professor of neurology and pediatrics at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. But, Johnson says, this does not mean that early treatment cannot have significant benefits.
“There are medicines that may improve — although not cure — their behaviour,” she adds. .
We hear reports by parents and professionals regarding recovery in some individuals on the spectrum based on many of the interventions mentioned earlier.
There are many ways to interpret the word “recovery,” and we view recovery in the same way as the medical community—that is, as a managed state, similar to recovery from addiction or cancer. Individuals receiving appropriate treatment and support will retain their unique and wonderful personality, but they will be better able to manage life and feel physically well.
Although there may still be some residual “autistic” traits, some adults on the spectrum state that it is not necessary to provide them with help or assistance—that they do not need to be “treated.” They embrace the diagnosis and are pleased with their overall sense of being. These individuals very much want to be accepted for who they are.
These treatments may be neurologically based (e.g., to stop seizure activity), medically based (e.g., to reduce gastro-esophageal reflux or severe constipation), nutritionally based (e.g., to normalize a nutritional deficiency), or sensory based (e.g., to reduce hyper-sensitivities). Medical approaches augment educational and behavioural approaches that are often needed and can also be helpful.
Compiled from resources such as: CDC, National Autistic society, Autism Research Institute …

Am sorry..but you are UNATTRACTIVE..!!

Be Inspired..!!

Ok, so before you get your knickers in a twist by the baffling tagline, please stay with me because the word UNATTRACTIVE has nothing to do with looks or appearances.

Still there?

Great! Thank you.

Everyone wants to be a likeable person. Even the most introvert of people who like to quietly watch the crowd from a dark corner and be amused or jealous want to be known as  “not a bad person”. But then sometimes, even without knowing, we tend to do things that make us unattractive as a person so much so that people won’t even want to be near us. So lets look at such unattractive characteristics:

  1. You are Rude – Plain & simple. Now you might be working hard to save the world which is giving you unwanted anxiety and keeping you at edge or you might be frustrated with your life (Yea life is sad…

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Death shall come only once

Teenage woes
Hey, I want talk to you teeny-weeny. Not to worry I will not advice, nor I ask you to procure more marks. It’s just a dialogue and talk back if it helped!
I know teen girls are easy to talk to; but boys never give a heed. Does it hurt us the elders, when in company of attitude or misdemeanour of a person age of their experience? Yes, of course it does, for parents it hurts. But I love to talk to you all coz you are sweet and your actions are age justified. Even you are not able to figure out what’s going on your ever full, crumpled brains. Since you hate to talk to your seemingly rigid Parents, this talk could be a let out. Trust me I won’t talk about careers and other serious stuff with my own kids I shall ask my well-wishers to do that.
Usually Teenagers want to get noticed, yet know not what to do. But by common sense I can say people talk about achievers or toppers in studies. Even being good at any sport or a guy coming up in local newspaper are always talked about. In friends circle, humorous guy is an instant hit. Or else just throw away that Idea of getting noticed; be yourself. Even superstars are forgotten after their films dwindle, right. So, why bother,” Haste Haste kat jaaye raste”( Just move on in your life with a smile). Yet as far as my knowledge goes peers like a strong person a role model sort of a guy rather than those ape film stars or always show off their Parents money. Being yourself and developing a skill of your own can be the best bet, whatsoever.
Getting inspired from TV shows and Movies is favourable, yet their main motive is not educating people but to draw audience should be borne in mind. When they dramatize normal happenings it’s attractive but life is harsh and not that surreal or idealistic, is it not? Life will not act in a pre-determined way it’s very unpredictable right. Doing something out of the way just to get noticed or to impress someone, can have serious damage on one’s future; right?
Before doing anything which can endanger your life you must ask yourself, is it worth the risk? Is it really a life and death question for me? After five years does this really matter as much as of now? Is this friend (accomplice) who is instigating me will stay with me and go through hell if things won’t work out as planned? Why should one get into such an odd thing in the very first place? Most of the time curious onlookers or just once offenders pay a heavy price is it not? So, any unethical, secretive anti-social, work for the sake of quick money or getting noticed or even for a (?) loved one should be totally ruled out.
Nothing is life and death question but LIFE CARVING is.
I read this somewhere,’ Friends support good habits Accomplices support bad habits’. Sometimes in pursuit of or to project oneself, ‘COOL’ teenagers may get into certain groups. Yet few friends are like Dhuryodhan; who gave lots of goodies to Karna but was it really good for him? If you work for a crook how much ever friendly he is; it is regressive, agree?
Not listening to elders and doing things pleases you is okay fine it’s forgivable, can you forgive yourself after say ten years when you are stranded in your life aimlessly? Not studying when you should have may make you regret whole of your life, so balance between your own dreams and expectations of the society.
Friends do have a very crucial and important part in everyone’s life. They alone are not everything in life and cannot guide always since they are equally naïve, is it not? Something good for your close friend may not be as good to you since both are different individuals, is it not? In fact teens should engage in talks with friendly elders apart from parents to have a non-judgemental point of view on life defining aspects.
In studies most Teenagers want quick money or choose courses which may not be their dream defined ones. Just because one of the friends recommended it or en masse all friends are in that group they also tend to go by the flock. Again few people think getting into prestigious institutions by hook or crook will ensure good future. If you dig it a bit you can see, only royal road to better future is college which suits one’s needs, smart (hard) work, improving skills with all possible avenues and focus.
Now it’s time to shape one’s future, instead of following beaten path and hoping for miracles to happen ,take things into your stride, listen to well-wisher’s advice who happens to be in the profession you aspire to be in and then decide what’s best for you.
A Boy of age 20years was clinically depressed and came to me for an informal talk upon persuasion of his worried father. He has entered engineering due to peer pressure and now unable to decide whether to continue studies or to pursue his dreams. I suggested him to go ahead with his plans; but in future only a degree- four letters could have fetched a much more lucrative job he may feel, though he has a superlative skills in his job, but by then it will be too late to get a degree is it not? Recently, I came to know from his father that he is going to college besides shaping up his dreams.
I told one of my benefactor to not to take up CA if she does not have an absolute passion towards it. She tried to clear the CPT twice but in vain which reduced her self-confidence. Not clearing entrance exam do necessarily mean that she is not good enough? In reality you must be smart enough to figure out what you need and what you are good at right?
Teens who seek Medical help have very high, performance oriented stress and are not able to cope with them. This is because of their Parents and Peer pressure as well. It is not the stress, that good one you experience before a stage show or participating in a sport. It just squeezes life sap from them. It makes them seem invalid. Is it sounds like your own story?
So, I guess you need guidance and removal of obstacles in your path of choice but not advice or spoon feeding. Yet its very essential that you talk to elders without negative emotions buddy,life is very precious and no easy ways to achieve in life.
If utterly confused elders duty is to clear the confusion and help you in need of hour. But it’s quite essential for us Parents to read all available Paths and resources for them and again make them recognize that there is only one royal road for accomplishment; hard work and Diligence.
Be strong mentally to meet life’s challenges buddy rather than counting each mark you were supposed to score; work hard with no excuses till exams are over then relax, accept the results and move on. See what best could be done, that’s it.
Courses are not end to achieve but a beginning to an end and that everyone knows. Let you not suffer physically and mentally due to the constant stress. Instead you should be prepared to welcome your bright future with a smile and tools to get where you want to be.

Treatment Procedures Classical Homoeopathy approach versus symptom oriented approach

   When it comes to treatments now sought for a condition unlike in olden days People are more open minded and seek all available help to treat it. This is very true in case of ASD considering not much interventions or improvement strategies are available naturally Onus falls on Alternative therapies.

But when we examine such procedures even not so well researched or documented ways also find a spot in those therapy courses.

     Nonetheless when it comes to Homoeopathic Intervention unless the Parents follow Homoeopathy for a long period of time most of them treat it symptomatically, which is not very much encouraging as it may not provide long term benefits for Health.

Symptom based Homoeopathy drugs are obtained:

      Over the counter drugs.

      Patented products

      Online search engines delivered drugs

      Another person passing on his prescription which has same diagnostic name.

      Friends with homoeopathy know how or

      Prescribed by a Homoeopath residing in another place; who is unable to take complete case.


Through such prescriptions one can reduce symptoms immediately for which treatment is taken. For example sleepless is treated sleep will improve, if restlessness is addressed that will be reduced; likewise. Symptoms may come back after few months; then if the same medicine is repeated it may not be as effective as for the first time.


Classical Homoeopathy is the one which can bring about total cure on all levels that is Physical, Mental and spiritual;

Immunity is increased and it helps to fight diseases from within. For example if treated for frequent Cold and cough apart from improvement in catching cold person will not have frequent sinus Headaches also allergy to certain foods may be rectified along with it.


Just like in case of symptomatic treatment immediate relief is noticed but it takes time to achieve all desired results.

Moreover cold cough fever are short term acute troubles will go away even if not treated, whereas ASD, Thyroid, PCOD, Asthma, Joint pains are long term chronic diseases and will not improve over time but in turn get worse.

People do not realize this and those who go to same Allopathic doctor to treat Typhoid fever for a month or even bear with relapses cannot wait for a Homoeopathic course to complete. They expect miracles in short time.


Advantages of classical method are treatments are available for following unusual causes:

ü  Vaccination related damages.

ü  High fever related convulsions which may have led to ASD symptoms with regression in normal milestones.

ü  Heavy metal poisoning back log can be cleared like lead, Aluminium or due to

ü  Medicinal overdoses of allopathic antibiotics Emotional issues of Mothers during Pregnancy of the affected child.

ü  Hormonal treatments undergone if any for conceiving by the Mother of te affected Child.

ü  Genetic orientations and defects are rectified.

ü  Head injury effects are treated and if possible cured, in case that is the starting point of the regress.


These are achieved by gradual flush outs of the system but reaction of the person determines outcome.


           Also Bio-medical treatments of dietary changes and restrictions like stoppage of proprietary foods; foods with additives as well as restricting sugary, dairy or gluten foods are positive input for the Homoeopathic treatment but Chelation ; other chemical or medication (like Antibiotics) oriented treatments will hinder or even nullify Homoeopathic therapy. So, Homoeopath needs to know all therapies under gone and Parents are expected to stop few medications as per Homoeopaths advice.


However medications for Seizures (epilepsy) or other Psychiatric drugs must be reduced or stopped by concerned Psychiatrist alone and none other.


Homoeopathic treatment in Classical way is by far beneficial than many non-invasive therapies however Symptomatic treatment with Homoeopathy is comparatively safe to random treatments and beneficial for short terms.

   According to one’s interest, efforts and intention to achieve progress in their child’s health results will be dependent upon.

Though practically Parents especially Mother’s fight a fierce battle against day today troubles, concerns about other family members; prioritizing this child over whole world it is a uphill task to sustain.

   So it has to be dealt with calm mind and put in all possible resources  like involving all good intentioned friends and relatives in taking care of the child”s welfare and with patience. Over zeal or Urgency is damaging just as much as laziness and complacence.

Provided Homoeopathy is by far safest, most helpful as well as result oriented and fulfilling journey (as narrated by Parents of children who are under Homoeopathic care) so, give a try after learning about it a bit.