Will we join muggles?

Will we join muggles?

Let me confess, I am a Harry potter Fan not just as it’s a craze but I like those fascinating tales, interpolated plots as well as its semblance with our own Homoeo world. Yes the muggles have no Idea where we all flock together- learn and stick our heads into, they just imagine a small ‘well full’ of weird creatures but if they enter our world which is quite difficult; may not be able to comprehend our fascinating tales, exaltedness and how we can discuss about a legends lecture for months to come or a book of a legend celebrated for centuries after centuries relentlessly. Our groups are brainstorms and intricately detailed sessions only we can relish.

For example if I say I helped a lady to come out of clairvoyant dreams which scared her; what a sceptic will think? He has no opinion on clairvoyance altogether and on the top of it medicines curing it? It will be as good as Harry potter fighting black spirit in his city right? But now the whole scientific community is waking up to facts mentioned in Homoeopathic literature discovered from pure experience; most popular example could be psychosomatic illnesses and Psychologists are aware of mental apparatus; functioning of abstracts, hope it can be easier to understand in future.

They cannot comprehend how much we get excited while narrating our unique case histories and challenges we face like in a quidditch sport, surprises encountered and how a single mistake or over zeal can bring us to the ground with a thud or to say spoil our cases. But unpredictability and failures make us level headed, right?

Few muggles not just Allopaths but Scientists as well as intellectuals from different streams -who have entered accidentally could not move out of our world and stayed in and propagating it with full zeal. Their numbers are growing manifold in recent years. Few of our benefactors will be so enthusiastic it will be difficult to convince them for worldly procedures. They are delight and make us squirm at the same time. In fact if Allopaths in general stop backdoor prescriptions of ’Thuja for warts’ without realizing its potential and come down to accept that their regressive mindset of joining MBBS is an achievement (yes it was in student life and we acknowledged; it alone pushed us to study hard and answer questions of professors in Government Hospitals where we were posted together) and being stuck there. If they start referring patients to Homoeopaths, just like we do in difficult cases it will be great for all of us.

Now if NMC bill is allowed to be executed we will enter common households of millions right? Don’t know each time Homoeopaths should be telling we have studied for six years, we study allied subjects like anatomy; surgery, we also can do MD, yes we understand Laboratory reports and how to use them in our treatment prognosis, Still better (worse) Homoeopaths should not be forced to tell each passerby that they are allowed to use BP apparatus or other paraphernalia needed in treatment. But if Homoeopathic dispensaries are opened instead it will be lot more progressive and let referral Hospitals receive  cases referred by a trained Doctor from a PHC rather than horribly messed up non referral cases.

But we are closed group and are not pursuing conversions frantically. As our history of Homoeopathy in America suggests,” the overall state of public information, respecting the principles and practice of Homoeopathy, was becoming so defective that it was easy for mere pretenders to pass themselves off as qualified practitioners.  These “pretenders” to the art of Homoeopathy took advantage of the increasing popularity of homoeopathy and the concern was that they would discredit the Homoeopathic profession with their malpractice.” (1) Which is true even after nearly 150 years .

“As a way of coping with new guidelines (of saving Homoeopathic colleges in 1900 from Flexnor report in the USA) and in order to pass the new licensing exams that stressed the basic sciences, homeopathic colleges decided to offer more education on pathology, chemistry, physiology, and other medical sciences. Although they offered better education on these subjects, their homeopathic training suffered greatly.”(2)

But we Homoeopaths fear of, our own ‘not to be named’ or Voldemort types of adversaries more. External threats can be tackled what about inner enemies like; who do not execute an accurate observation of nature, are not careful in their experimentations and utilize pure experience unbiased or unprejudiced. As Hahnemann puts it ‘Mongrel sect or cross breed’, that are indolent, love for ease and obstinate are real threats.(3)

For true blue Homoeopaths who are living in the fantastic world of Homoeopathy, it’s not just a means to bread winning or a mere profession, it is purpose of their lives and time again they have borne torch of it and not just the patronage or popularity showered by the public which breathes life onto us. These people on an mission set to help fellow humans from diseases within their own restrains and limitations strive relentless for more knowledge, undertake laborious efforts to help in each individual (case) they handle , burn midnight oil for the curing prescriptions and accept their own shortcomings gracefully as they know what Homoeopathy is. If I say few of our pioneers died early due to worn out states it can give the outlook of efforts needed for Homoeopathy’s practice.(4)

Yes, who have discovered strengths of Homoeopathy know it’s like god for believers; mental resilience of non-believers, a force to reckon with which helps to push boundaries, which throws challenges in diverse ways; as ruthless as life; yet as gentle as mother(nature).

Homoeopaths who are qualified in colleges are ruling the roost today but we must never forget the contributions of ‘Hagrid’ like non-university qualified yet finest Homoeopaths who uplifted it to newer dimensions in the bygone century.

Welcome to our blissful world of saving lives and adding life to lives. If one understands the true essence of joy of smile with tears or value of satisfaction after great toil they will never stray away from principles. Do we need a Harry potter to save us or each true Homoeopath should turn one to save our legacy?

Hail Homoeopathy.




2.A Condensed History of Homeopathy By Dana Ullman MPH

3.Mongrel sect across breed dogs.

  1. Carol Dunham



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