G – Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

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No money for a gym membership? Can’t get to the gym in time before it closes? Can’t afford a babysitter to look after the kids while you go look after yourself?

Walking may be the best answer!

There are many parks where walking paths post the mileage so you can set challenges for yourself… Some even have stationary equipment where you can do sit-ups, modified push-ups etc.

Not having money myself for long stretches of time forced me to take walks…and now I’m grateful for that, because it gives me something no gym can: FRESH AIR!

Another bonus? My grand-kids now want to come with me on walks, giving us special time together!

This is the exercise I’ve turned to after having had a heart “incident” recently, which helps me rehabilitate my body!

Even after having been accustomed to walking…

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