Treatment Procedures Classical Homoeopathy approach versus symptom oriented approach

   When it comes to treatments now sought for a condition unlike in olden days People are more open minded and seek all available help to treat it. This is very true in case of ASD considering not much interventions or improvement strategies are available naturally Onus falls on Alternative therapies.

But when we examine such procedures even not so well researched or documented ways also find a spot in those therapy courses.

     Nonetheless when it comes to Homoeopathic Intervention unless the Parents follow Homoeopathy for a long period of time most of them treat it symptomatically, which is not very much encouraging as it may not provide long term benefits for Health.

Symptom based Homoeopathy drugs are obtained:

      Over the counter drugs.

      Patented products

      Online search engines delivered drugs

      Another person passing on his prescription which has same diagnostic name.

      Friends with homoeopathy know how or

      Prescribed by a Homoeopath residing in another place; who is unable to take complete case.


Through such prescriptions one can reduce symptoms immediately for which treatment is taken. For example sleepless is treated sleep will improve, if restlessness is addressed that will be reduced; likewise. Symptoms may come back after few months; then if the same medicine is repeated it may not be as effective as for the first time.


Classical Homoeopathy is the one which can bring about total cure on all levels that is Physical, Mental and spiritual;

Immunity is increased and it helps to fight diseases from within. For example if treated for frequent Cold and cough apart from improvement in catching cold person will not have frequent sinus Headaches also allergy to certain foods may be rectified along with it.


Just like in case of symptomatic treatment immediate relief is noticed but it takes time to achieve all desired results.

Moreover cold cough fever are short term acute troubles will go away even if not treated, whereas ASD, Thyroid, PCOD, Asthma, Joint pains are long term chronic diseases and will not improve over time but in turn get worse.

People do not realize this and those who go to same Allopathic doctor to treat Typhoid fever for a month or even bear with relapses cannot wait for a Homoeopathic course to complete. They expect miracles in short time.


Advantages of classical method are treatments are available for following unusual causes:

ü  Vaccination related damages.

ü  High fever related convulsions which may have led to ASD symptoms with regression in normal milestones.

ü  Heavy metal poisoning back log can be cleared like lead, Aluminium or due to

ü  Medicinal overdoses of allopathic antibiotics Emotional issues of Mothers during Pregnancy of the affected child.

ü  Hormonal treatments undergone if any for conceiving by the Mother of te affected Child.

ü  Genetic orientations and defects are rectified.

ü  Head injury effects are treated and if possible cured, in case that is the starting point of the regress.


These are achieved by gradual flush outs of the system but reaction of the person determines outcome.


           Also Bio-medical treatments of dietary changes and restrictions like stoppage of proprietary foods; foods with additives as well as restricting sugary, dairy or gluten foods are positive input for the Homoeopathic treatment but Chelation ; other chemical or medication (like Antibiotics) oriented treatments will hinder or even nullify Homoeopathic therapy. So, Homoeopath needs to know all therapies under gone and Parents are expected to stop few medications as per Homoeopaths advice.


However medications for Seizures (epilepsy) or other Psychiatric drugs must be reduced or stopped by concerned Psychiatrist alone and none other.


Homoeopathic treatment in Classical way is by far beneficial than many non-invasive therapies however Symptomatic treatment with Homoeopathy is comparatively safe to random treatments and beneficial for short terms.

   According to one’s interest, efforts and intention to achieve progress in their child’s health results will be dependent upon.

Though practically Parents especially Mother’s fight a fierce battle against day today troubles, concerns about other family members; prioritizing this child over whole world it is a uphill task to sustain.

   So it has to be dealt with calm mind and put in all possible resources  like involving all good intentioned friends and relatives in taking care of the child”s welfare and with patience. Over zeal or Urgency is damaging just as much as laziness and complacence.

Provided Homoeopathy is by far safest, most helpful as well as result oriented and fulfilling journey (as narrated by Parents of children who are under Homoeopathic care) so, give a try after learning about it a bit.









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