“Vaagarthaviva samprukthau vaagartha prathipattaye
jagataha pitarau vande parvathi parameshwarau”
This verse from’ Kumarasambhava’ comes to my mind when I think of Vasantalakshmi madam and master Narasimhachari. I never had an opportunity of brushing with Living Legends before I came to Mylapore and I discovered the truth behind those Cliché’s after meeting these dancing duo. And when It comes to revered Sri.Narasimhachari , whom I could meet in close quarters because of my Daughter’s Bharatanatyam classes, is Excellence personified. He may not be in Person now, but legacy left behind by him in training his exemplary students is not Past but future of Bharatanatyam.
I always admired his Child like smile and witty remarks; he’s a very pleasant and down to earth type of person. But My daughter says he is very strict and disciplinary when it comes to Dance lessons. When my daughter was part of a dance program during rehearsals I could see how upset he was about a missing minute detail. He saw to it, that that one was rectified. Ah! That’s what a 100% performance is in need of isn’t it.
I never missed Master and Akka’s performance; that’s how they are called by their awed students fondly. You don’t know whom you should follow because both are incredible performers with
Perfect sync and radiate wonderful Chemistry. In that ‘Narasimhavatara’ dance you see real Narasimha’s rage on stage and audience will be enthralled. It always overwhelmed me to watch their act of navarasas. In each of his performance, he will be getting into the skin of the character; that sanskrit word ‘Taddhyatma’ fits to explain his involvement. His enactments never justified his chronological age.
When his Sangeet Kutchery was on a day of our journey we rushed to the venue directly, as we cannot afford to miss his vocal recital. His recital keeping up to all of his norms, was one of its kind; displaying the gold standards of Manodharma sangeetham.
He is a true gentleman, like that subhashit, ‘vajradaapi kathoraani mruduni kusumaadapi’: Good people are harder than diamond for their own difficulties and softer than a flower for people who are in difficulty. I knew he was great sympathiser of Homoeopathy .
It again warms my heart to know such a person who lived for his Art form who rendered ‘seva’ to almighty through his art. One thing pains us all is the fact that he should have lived for many more years to train many more budding Dancers. He may have shined through his calibre unto his departure, just like Abdul Kalaamji; but we are at loss.


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