Dose and repetition of medicines is  much debated subject in Homoeopathic parlance and each Doctor provides his own version. Although Homoeopathy is exacted Science yes you read it correct exact science based on True Laws of Nature like Similar things cure similar symptoms ;Minimum dose maximum effect; as well as Individualization, Art of prescribing remedies differs mainly because of Individualization although experienced doctor’s prescriptions may read the same drugs.

But dosage is entirely different ball game and one size does not fit all like allopathic prescriptions. I have few very very sensitive (Idiosyncratic) patients for whom I prescribe only one drop of the watery solution of that SL or even on their skin!

But in these more than fifteen years of my practice single pill dry on tongue or with half a glass of water early in the morning on empty stomach suits most of them. If severity is more I suggest repetition of the same solution done with half glass of water with 1-2 pills in it stirring well and taking one spoon from that solution every one hour once in cases of pain or high fevers. It helps always and usually patient will forget next dose as soon as he feels better. But for the meticulous ones I instruct to reduce dosage or even stop after 3-4 doses stretched in a day.

These days’ people are taking medicines directly from Pharmacy after searching internet. Even though I cannot vouch for this trait as it is dangerous even to take Homoeopathy which has been termed without side effects, it’s like playing with tamed lion still its lion although tamed.

We saw Inflenzinum 200 prescribed for preventing swine flu. But I insist you take the medicine from a qualified person, dosage should not exceed one to three pills according to age and sensitivity once a day for one day only; Repeat after one week or so. Believe me, my kids got severe cold and cough after preventive medicine because their immunity is strong enough and no need of extra medicines. This is true for all Persons regularly on some Homoeopathic treatment or supplementation for any reason. They can take only a single dose and not to repeat preventive medication.

To conclude I summarize;

Take single dose or as prescribed by your Physician after determining your sensitivity and never gobble more just because you are feeling better or thinking it is harmless.

If you feel that after taking a dose, your pain or symptom has increased stop the medicine contact your doctor.

If unable to contact your doctor due to some reason a strong coffee; will usually antidotes the extra symptoms.

Never take others medicines for similar complaints unless it is Bio-Chemic remedies. Bio- chemics are surely safe and effective and can be repeated without risk of getting new symptoms.

Water doses work better than dry doses.

Food must be taken after about half an hour after the Dose but water and plain milk can be taken along with Medicines.

Safest Potency will be 6C to begin with. If you see 200 mentioned it could be used, but my earnest advice is not to take IM or 10M without Doctors supervision. These potencies have a potential of creating new symptoms and strong Coffee cannot eradicate them.

Patented products in Homoeopathic name give instant results and surely are safer ; more herbal than other products in the Market; but do not take WHILE YOU ARE ON SOME COURSE of Homoeopathic TREATMENT, it will mask symptoms and outcome may not be the desired one.

Jump in to the band wagon of Homoeopathy see the results on  your own, remove unnecessary thoughts and rumours have a happy Homoeopathic journey.  




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