Honestly! How much of Positivism?

We may have to introspect what is that absolute positivism,  which New age Gurus are  always advising of nowadays with workshops of their own. You may have to be your own guru for best and consistent results I guess. There is no one size fits all policy ; you must decide yours;

11454_499978956742512_187278342_n If everything is so picture perfect in life, then we all will cease to be Humans and become divine, is it not?

I read a story about a good old man telling,” When a stone is thrown in water it descends to the amount of force exerted on it rises as much as it sinks”. So, in life if one has difficulties or adversities which can be termed as amount of force which determines ones rise and fall. Have you ever seen a person who has never left his comfort zone achieving anything in life? Usually progeny of rich and most accomplished fall in to this category. They will sit on laurels of their predecessors alone, nothing of their own.

My point here is only one sided assertion cannot be obtained. Our mind cannot be always Positive thinking good or Persevere for excellence so on and so forth. It passes through phases of all negativities before it can settle into Positive mind set .Our choice lies in taking our mind energetically towards reaching that final mind set instead of getting stuck in negative phases. If we jump our adolescence phase of uncertainty, naivety and over consciousness about ones looks does that sound great! At least I am not for it, but after this phase of innocence, when we does not mature to next phase of that will create havoc, agree?

A person loses a beloved one he has to pass through shock, disbelief, guilt, anger and depression. We can share their anguish and say that they are not at fault in the happenings. But pressurising a person to surpass all emotions and to think positively will create turmoil which can lead to Psychiatric illnesses or mental breakdown. So unrealistic advises must be stopped by the doctors especially Psychiatrists who pin point Stress, negative emotions are to be blamed for all things when, they are not seeing results with Medication. But absolute stress free life as well as brimming with Positivism  is not possible, is it not.

I was surprised when someone referred to a Psychiatrist saying each negative thought during pregnancy will lead to defect in genetic pattern of baby. I will want to amend it; if you have Negative thoughts beyond your control which could be due to Hormonal changes noticed during that period or else all dormant features have surfaced due to high sensitivity during Pregnancy, you must get treatment and Homoeopathy alone can help. I stress alone because other drugs are considered not safe during Pregnancy. Still Homoeopathy should be taken under seasoned Doctor and strict no to over the top of counter drugs. But if you are creating unnecessary thought processes like imagining and investigating that which does not exist ; that should be controlled by yourself. Idle mind should not become devil’s work shop, medicines or Therapists  alone cannot help unless you help yourself.

One can say to a person who is in mourning or distress to overcome that as soon as possible, since Life is like a river it will not stop for anything. To take care of our beloved ones and to re-treasure what we have been left with we need focus on future; must take our difficulties and emotions into our stride. Self-pity or dazed mind set is not going to help in any way. We should ask ourselves, ‘now it’s over what has to be done next’; rather than why this happened to me?  With this note I wish you a great week ahead.



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