Hairs are called crowning glory by cliché and they are; since it really matters a lot in ones persona besides its significance as Health indicator. Since Adolescents are obsessed with the fact that looks are most important and it assumes running behind a mirage of sorts, for them.
Ask your grandma does her hair turned grey in her thirties? Whether she started using shampoos to clean her hairs as young as 6 months of age? I think the answer will be in negative for both questions. She mostly used homemade Shikakai whole of her life. Then is it that tough to use Shikakai \soapnut powder in this era of so many Herbal\Organic shops? That’s what it sounds very simple yet you may have to spend one hour to get that powder done once in 6 months or so and need 10 minutes extra to wash your hairs with that powder\paste.
Time again it has been proved clinically that shampoos are no good of any brand or how much ever costly. Even baby shampoos are no different and herbals are little milder can be used occasionally, but Anti-Dandruff shampoos are worst enemy of your hairs. You need only few washes to obtain grey strands. And surely greying of hair as early as 16 years is not genetic nowadays but chemically acquired.
Plain unrefined coconut oil is best for your hairs but warming with curry leaves, mixing Amlaki and Henna powder or along with Shikakai is also very good, indeed you can make these home remedies freshly each time you need a hair wash, else can apply overnight and wash hairs in the morning. If you could spend some time on FB or WhatSapp; surely you can make some time for this most important aspect of ones looks, agree? Please do not buy any brand hair oils they surely are waste of money. When Hair problems are hormonally influenced what can any external thing do to modify that? Treatment must be internal as well is it not?
Homoeopathy helps in all aspects of Hair problems be it easily tangled as in remedy Borax or frizzy hairs of Graphites. Usually Nat Mur 6X or Kali Mur 6X can help to reduce hair fall due to external factors such as pollution, besides no health issues noticed. Few People are benefitted by Arnica Hair oils but it may not be a rule. This is also true for Jaborandi Q and Mentha piperatum Q other medicines which helps to get abundant hair growth. If they are not suited for you, side effects will be Headaches or mild giddiness or some new symptom you had never noticed before. But discontinuing the oil is enough to get rid of additional symptoms, they are not lasting ones.
But the truth is it needs simple yet not so convenient solutions to keep hairs in whatever way you want. As you know general health improving, intake of fresh fruits and veggies essential for good hairs by now since you may have gone through hundreds of beauty magazines. Still you may not be aware that hair fall is a serious issue and an indicator of some deep Imbalance usually hormonal, may be Anaemia or even Tubercular tendencies. If left untreated those not so perceptible troubles may turn into severe illnesses. Taking Homoeopathic treatment is very essential to prevent bigger issues like 1. In nut shell to have bouncy beautiful hairs switch back to natural ways of treating your hair instead of costly or fancy ones.
2. Take medicines or supplements as suggested for a brief period if it works well and good.
3. Still hair fall should never be ignored get treatment from a Qualified Homoeopath; only individualised treatment and prevent futuristic health Setbacks.
Even though this is not an exhaustive list, still it will serve purpose of regaining the old charm in your face I hope. Take care have a great week ahead


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