I heard an interesting terminology’ child centric’ meaning the child’s well being at the center-fold and to make your child get prepared to face this world. Actually children thrive in a guided framework pattern instead of unpredictable patterns. They usually abide by rules and mostly stick to it and expect you not to change rules at a drop of hat, at your convenience.
In his beautiful comprehensive article, Dr.Steve Korner., Psychologist says listening is virtually impossible unless parents are able to constructively regulate their own emotions. Parents and children reciprocally exchange or catch emotions like cold or contagion (i.e. frustration, anger, sadness).  How Parents and Children can function as a Successful Team, Psychology information online.
For example Father is down with some illness Child’s scores in Exam may dip even though every possible help has been provided. If Mother is always on the verge of some Psychological turmoil and child may come up with destructive tendencies. So, not scolding or penalising children does not mean full care provided. Their emotional needs has to be taken care of as well as they have to be involved as an individual in all activities of one’s household. Proper attention matters, more than toys or gifts.
Not only toys are child driven things in our household, we cram our houses with things just demanded by our child or we saw in an attractive ad in a Shopping Mall. Wafers, noodles, pastas, soya products, pastries, cupcakes ……the list goes on for the sake of show off that our household is modern (like the one in TV Ad) refrigerators; cupboards will be filled with all available goodies (?).
One of tiny tot’s Mother was complaining of fussy eating. I asked what he takes in the morning. She elaborated he takes a big glass of milk at 7.15 am and skips his breakfast at 8- 8.15 am. I asked her to prioritize he cannot have both in one hour gap if he drinks milk without fuss then shift it to 10.30 am break snacks, but moderate breakfast is essential and milk alone cannot hold on till 12 noon lunch hour. You cannot just push through all things just because they are healthy into your child’s mouth is it not? They ask for so many things but actually take which is really essential for them only very few children gobble every eatable is it not?
Simple hints to trap your clever child:
1. Keep decisions what and when to buy in your own hands be firm and prioritize, once I bought some health drink since my second daughter asked daily for a month and she had half spoon on the very first day and it went to moths and fungi.
2. Fix adorable yet unhealthy foods for specific time, Noodles or pasta every month once in my household, Pizza done at home from scratch once a month or so, chips chocolates for celebrations or in birthday parties only, hotel food while travelling or occasionally, rest homemade foods and occasional indulgences. They quickly learn and adapt to this and will be looking forward to these occasions. No restriction for Ice-creams and biscuits they are fill-ups or as and when needed.
3. Chats can be prepared at home with some effort, again monthly once or so. Even Spicy Sweet corn or soups can be prepared easily at home.
4. Healthy breakfast is not bread and butter or cornflakes 7 days a week. Bread should not be included in diet, more than twice in a week, instead make habit of traditional breakfasts initially with force; perks or gifts then they will adapt to it, bread or corn flakes should be for emergency purposes only not regulars.
5. Wafers seem to be healthy but are too sweetened and should be kept as a bribe or reward, Cookies is better.
6. Adding variety and new food should start at 10- 12 months of age initially just to taste then teaspoonfuls they gag do all dramas feel hot/spicy but efforts must continue till they come to your terms. They say at least ten tastings are needed for a baby to accept new taste, so keep trying; this is true for older children as well.
To summarize Children are not individuals’ but part of family in all respects; functioning as a unit. They must be respected provided specific role as well as consulted in decisions should be aware of troubles parents are going through yet kept away from difficulties. They need cozy home with caring, attentive parents and material things will come in the last of the list. Take care have a happy weekend.


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