Is your’s Child driven or Child Oriented Home?

03122009710-001   Bringing up a child is in this era is very challenging or at least we think so. As if parents were never perplexed. But since globalization of feelings; Indian Parents are confused like never before, I guess. They are Ad driven and dreamy in approach and do things for the sake others, rather than prioritize according to their household needs or in the best interests of their children. For example Ads show that only so called Health drinks can make your child Taller Stronger and sharper and what er….? Honestly can we believe in those business driven tactics? If we know Milk is very good for health is it just after research confirmed Calcium richness or other benefits or there was credibility before this? Is it not necessary to know what goes into those drinks? They will surely alter to suit for longer shelf life, besides the Aluminum foils are used to wrap those food which causes poisoning which leads to constipation and other problems. Both of my Children grew without Health drinks and they are as normal as anyone of their age. If someone suggests to give a health drink cause your child is poorly nourished think about all these:
1. Usually children especially young ones feel full with those wheat based foods and will fuss over regular meals.
2. Few months or years after regular usage they will put on weight, it is common sense because malt actually useful for gaining weight, mostly extra pounds are unwelcome and unhealthy as well. Health is not directly proportionate to weight or height.
Instead cannot we prepare health drinks mix with ;Wheat, Jowar, Millets, Groundnuts, Cardamom, Cashews, separately dry roasted every fortnight or so and prepare the drink which tastes like kheer (if averse to sweet buttermilk can be added to boiled and cooled drink) and have it daily?
Someone jokingly said “we humans consume processed foods which even bacteria and fungus does not want to take!”, elaboration not necessary I guess, gluten is the new enemy for new age Nutritionists, but natural Atta; homemade chapattis, does they look that villainy?
If your child is very active, playful as well as friendly, good at studies and is Height or weight such an issue? You search any medical literature; best nutrition is obtained from natural food alone and supplements  as well as added nutrients are only for convalescents (recovering from sickness).
If Height or weight is actually a concern then, better you consult a Homoeopath and obtain correct guidance. Homoeopathic Medicines have helped to improve general Health and children have grown taller over years with them. Moreover, Parents who provide Homoeopathic Care to their  Children, vouch by the fact that the child is very Smart and active.

Alfalfa Tonic available in Homoeopathic shops has time again proved to increase Appetite, helps in healthy weight gain if necessary, removes tiredness, gives sound sleep moreover has no side effects. It is rejuvenatory when you actually feel tired  or overworked and it need not be taken regularly. Calc Phos 6x is also recommended for children whose bones are weak or calcium deficient and who have teething problems or less appetite.
Have a Happy week ahead and do read second part of this write up next week.


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