Diabetes is attaining global epidemic proportions they say. It is talk of the town and each will politely refuse sweets on the pretext of ‘Sugar’ or to prevent sugar! But who should be blamed for all this pandemic? Public’s lack of health concern, Hereditary, suppressions by modern Medicine or something above all these factors?
I will not elaborate on common know how that ‘stress’ and unhealthy lifestyle causes Diabetes. Yet I want to pinpoint that good stress does not harm you but Stress combined with unhealthy sleep patterns, irregular meals and impending deadlines surely triggers it or any of the Hormonal imbalances. First of all Suppressions of skin problems with steroids surely leads to Diabetes or any Hormonal imbalance like Thyroid, Hypertension, obesity etc. Just dig deep and see any strong suppression is in the past, get treated with Homoeopathy, before it comes out as a Disorder like Diabetes.
Let us delve on good stress, that stress which results in a ‘feel good’ is good stress. Like participating in a race or competition, taking care of sick and on seeing the person smile amidst his agony is worth the toil, agree? But if you are swearing your Boss under your breath and struggling to deliver that before the deadline does it gives you any feel good?

People have a notion that diabetes is a separate entity and lab figures should be kept in control as if it is do or die situation and they go to any lengths to just curb Lab numbers at the cost of general health. See, I am not suggesting that Lab figures can jump to 500’s without harm; but I want to say only this; since Diabetes is a disorder not a disease and if unchecked for a long time, it will lead to other troubles like Retinopathy, Heart problems, Neuropathy apart from gangrenes. The prerequisite is in  good general Health, with lab values within normal range as well as’ reduced stress’ overall as well as about one’s health. If you avoid complete carbohydrates or sugars you may end up hypoglycemic or reduced sugar which is actually life threatening. So prudence should be used when dealing with this condition.
Homoeopathy surely has a great role to play in all stages
1. To prevent Diabetes if you have a family history.
2. Have been diagnosed recently or have a borderline values, complete recovery or maintenance with Homoeopathic medicines alone is possible.
3. In later stages of few years standing can be taken care of alongside Allopathic medicines.
4. If complications like Neuropathy or burning of feet, eye care, skin itching, kidney problems Heart issues can be treated according to individual needs.
5. Sometimes excessive Urination day and at nights will trouble diabetics it can be brought under control with remedies.
6. Boils or carbuncles in deep muscles or open wounds ulcerate and cause lots of pain in diabetics; it can be cured with total control along with allopathic medicines and if needed Insulin as prescribed by Diabetologist.
Diabetes will be diagnosed in few Pregnancies as well but do not panic. It can be controlled along with Dietary manipulations, exercise and Homoeopathic medicines which are safe as well as prevent complications and continuation of diabetes after delivery of baby.
Surely whatever your troubles seemingly unyielding or declared cannot be tackled give a try for Homoeopathy, It will mend obstinate, conquer unyielding and if not gives you benefit of improved Health with no side effects. Have a sweet week ahead.


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