In modern days Communication is the most important aspect of our lives. Yet we are failing miserably in communication with our loved ones I guess. Or else why so much of uncertainty or hostility in day today lives causing Stress? We wear a beautiful persona on social media or at work place but does that translate for your good at home?
In Ramayan Valmiki while depicting Rama’s virtues says,”Satyam bruyat priyam bruyaat maa bruyaat satyamapriyam….” Speak truth;pleasant ones, do not speak unpleasant ones, still do not lie to coax the person . Ah! Tight rope walk is it not? With some effort you can master this. I try to be honest and highlight which looks better in that scenario rather than lie or telling bluntly that it’s no good. Remember, compliments which come your way spontaneously are genuine, if you are asking,’ how it is’ and the opposite one says ‘amazing’ it is likely that it did not make up to the mark. You need certain amount of courage to accept the truth is it not? So social media is deceptive as it lacks spontaneity, at times people tend to manipulate their feelings due to some obligation or out of pure sympathy for that distant cousin or hold on to something.
Persons vent their feelings non-verbally by body language, but I will not elaborate on this. Still you can communicate without words more effectively. I am not talking about shattering glass vases or throwing kitchen utensils. As someone rightly said, “No one remembers what you did but remember how you made them feel!” You remember the affection of your grandma and the ambiance right? Not that she forgot to give you that extra toffee kept aside in your name.
Ego is the root cause of all evils. But it is such an important aspect of our makeup. Yes, you cannot altogether throw away egoism and become saintly yet you can keep a check on its expressions. Always to be on alert, ‘whether this ego appeasement is going to help me in any way?’ could be one solution. A child wants chocolate and it is desperate about it but if you ask him to complete his homework and get the toffee he will surely do the homework. But an adult will say I am not in need of that altogether and go without that perk just to please his ego is it not? Sometimes adults will go to extremes just to please their egos and create hell for themselves as well as the people around them.
Prejudice is son of egoism which is the main reason for all communication glitches. It is a cloud which settles over and never lets you analyse real situation, keeping cool head meaning free or reduced assumptions or predetermined logic s. The things may not be what they appear to be.
For example People assume Homoeopathy is slow is only for old or chronic diseases. They can go to treatment for weeks on for those unyielding viral fevers orTyphoid with all those tired feel and no interest in daily chores as well as reduced appetite. But they besides hard proof of recovery from fever within 3 days along with no tired feel, good appetite and average energy fail to see the worth of Homoeopathy. It is amusing! Besides that unnecessary subsidy of holding on to those antibiotics or what so ever only few really appreciate the truth. This is prejudice of our collective consciousness I guess.
For good communication which gives you ‘feel good factor’ in life, brings on friends, keeps you happy in all circumstances, leads to happy marriage is achieved with honest talk, renewing your relationship with sincerity, not bragging about your achievements, catching the finer clues of boredom like yawn or shift in focus of listener or else restlessness should make you change topics for more interesting ones. Yet genuine wrapped up praise is a real Ice breaker. You can win most of the real circumstances with these checkpoints I guess. More to come till then have a great week ahead


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