Pregnancy is the most vulnerable yet blissful time of a woman’s life. Making them happy or otherwise due to numerous seemingly trivial symptoms which they experience is in our hands. And if Homoeopathically treated for the troubles arising during Pregnancy it will not only helps in all those minor but highlighted symptoms reduced but also helps in Constitutional (overall) correction.Its best time to improve immunity and treat long standing troubles and beneficial for mother n baby yet to be born.
It helps in making the baby, Healthy and free of genetic defects. It has been proven In many cases treated in this clinic that Children who got Homoeopathic care before birth have better immunity and are Intelligent too not to mention about their activeness! Yet Healthy woman could be treated with mere Homoeopathic supplements as well as correction in basic constitution, no overloading of medicines.Medicine only for needy and not one size fits all policy.
In first trimester or three months usual troubles will be dullness and mood swings. Pregnant woman is usually weepy at times and craves for unusual things. Unusual Cravings are seldom harmful and can be treated with medicines if needed.
Treatment may be case specific but mood could be uplifted with Biochemics like Kali Phos 6x. Vomiting sensation and Heart burn can be corrected with Nat Phos6X and Colchicum 6cNo one can really realize the agony of the woman since their Susceptibility has increased manifold and makes them on the edge. Mag Phos 6x and Calc Phos 6X will help to ease out. All above four phos in 6x can be taken daily as supplement till three months after delivery. Regular medication with Homoeopathy is recommended for genetic defects seen in previous births or strong family history.
If there is a tendency for repeated Abortions in a specific month say third month or fifth month It can be rectified genetically. You must understand one thing If Abortions are occurring It means some genetic defect on the part of the foetus (baby) and that should be corrected. Nature is very choosy and terminates not so normal babies on its own. In few instances abortion will be due to blood clot formation due to anti phospholipid which can be effectively treated with Homoeopathy( case ref: PREVENTION OF CONGENITAL AND HEREDITARY DEFECTS THROUGH HOMOEPATHY in the website issues can be resolved with treatment course taken for say 3-4 months with regular follow ups.
Constipation and Back pain apart from common troubles like cold, cough and headache even loose motions can be safely handled with Homoeopathy.For constipation Bio combination No.4 can help without side effects. Hypertension and Gestational Diabetes if not very severe can be kept at bay with Homoeopathy or else these medicines can be taken along with Allopathic drugs to improve quality of life and to reduce Allopathically unattended symptoms like jittery feeling, burning sensations if any, giddiness or numbness.
In Homoeopathic literature there are cases recorded where remedies have helped to bring about normal delivery as well as turning around breech presentation, so on and so forth. But Homoeopaths area is too restricted and only it’s at the discretion of attending Obstetrician to decide about the delivery of the baby. Still few specific Medicines in third trimester will bring on easy delivery reduce complications after child birth and can prevent suture infections.
Medicines in 9th month will corrects genetically both the mother as well as baby and also helps to ease out most irritating problems of fullness due to full grown baby and sleeplessness encountered in this month.
In nut shell Homoeopathy a Natural science which never goes against nature
helps to bring out the joys of Pregnancy to the fullest,
corrects defects in the womb itself,
can work along with Allopathic system to ease out few symptoms and
also helps to get the benefits of Nutritional supplements you are taking like Iron or Calcium and
also prevent Infections as well as Jaundice.
If there will be consensus with importance to mother and child care; all people connected to this arena work along for betterment of pregnant woman it could be a boon for our future generation is it not?





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