Beauty is frantically sought after asset of our time. Now almost everyone is purchasing beauty products like never before and clever business men are thriving on it. To my dismay my Patient who pleaded every time that she will give those 100 bucks next consultation was lamenting about not getting good care at a parlour after paying Rs. 400/- ! Beauty care is more important than medical care is it not?
My audience could be teens well! Maybe, does age really change our desire to look good and be admired? But is it really that desperately needed virtue? If we care to think of people like Dr. Abdul Kalam or even some veteran film stars we can get to the point I guess. Yes, first time everyone gives importance to your looks but any relationship even that of marriage cannot hold long on that alone. And there’s a cliché that beauties have no brains! It depends more on the same wavelength-literally(NTNU_TRONDHEIM) or as new research suggests brain wavelength that really matters.
In reality whatever celebrities suggest cannot be good guides for our beauty needs, agree? Since those looks are achieved by Make Up, arc lights and Photoshop. So are those pricey products worthy? Instead if your beauty needs are focused like darkening grey hair or fading a mark on face it makes sense is it not? Home-made beauty ingredients are far safer than those animals tested ones. Yes, I have made a promise not to use those labelled,’ clinically tested’ products which are tested on animals like rabbits eyes, guinea pigs and what not. I use homemade, simple (not so convenient) products. You can get them a plenty in the internet sites dedicated to them. Say No Animal Tested and Leather products.
Honestly can you really drink gallons of water as few celebrities suggest? We can make it conscious effort to be hydrated that’s it.
1. Plain Tomato puree (without seeds of course) is an excellent Sun screen and you can very well leave it on your arms while going out!
2. Sooji, sugar and even oats are together or otherwise are excellent scrubs.
3. If fruit is very soft and not feeling like eating it you can mash it and apply generously on your skin. Even freshly removed skins of fruits can be used to give you a “Fruit wash”. No guilt of wasting a fruit, hey wait do not use a rotten fruit!
4. Calendula lotion (1 part of calendula Q and 3 parts of water) is an excellent antiseptic and clears pock marks. Also Berberis aquafolium Q clears acne marks reduces acne. Proprietary creams based on these above mentioned drugs should and if suitable can use them. For lasting relief consult a Homoeopath for wholesome Health which is really makes you beautiful inward and outward.
I will get to this topic again with some more views and tips. But honestly answer me why you want to look good? Is it to make an impression or just to beam at your own good looks? Being dressed suitably for your body type, age, as well as to the occasion, with reasonable eye for details and a pleasant smile is all it takes to get noticed. It is not rocket science and is in your own attitude towards your own self. It is not in beholders eyes but as Aishwarya Rai famously said “If you think you are beautiful, you are!” If you are noticing only your shortcomings others also see them alone, got it? Have a beautiful Weekend.


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